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Coco A Year On

October 31st, 2012
Coco A Year On


Well its been a while since my last update and also its near on a year since we collected Coco for re-home.
Nothing much has changed, she still only has eyes for Karl but im still able to use the buddy perch to take her anywhere and my fingers stay intact

She has also learned that i wont go in her cage to feed her dry foods till she climbs off the perch attached to the inside of her door, so happily moves and then waits till her bowl is filled, they never fail to amaze me on how clever they are and how soon they pick things up

She is still the super chewer she has always been and likes nothing more than a block of untreated pine in the bottom of her cage and will happily shred it to death in a matter of hours
we have invested in a aviary this summer and she has loved going outside with the others, and despite being a little over protective of her cage she shows no sign of this in the aviary and they all find their own space and get along fine

All in all she is doin well, like she has always been here :)

Coco May 2012

May 24th, 2012
Coco May 2012

Though my last update on coco wasn’t so long ago I just had to say how pleased I am with her!

Karl is her chosen one but she stil is a little stubborn for him when he wants her to step up out of her cage, she wont bite him but she just refuses, there’s no way no how he can get her to do it he has to wait for her to come out by herself.

So me beinG me i just had to test the “coco stick” (buddy perch) and see if i could get her out the cage as welL as put her back
and guess what ?? SHE DID IT :)

So now Coco gets loads more time out the cage as befor if i let her out whilst karl wasn`t around she would come out and run under her cage and then I couldn’t entice her out well if i wanted to keep my fingers that is!!

Coco was hatched 19yrs ago this month (may) and not knowing a exact date we have decided she can share mine and peach`s(one of my other greys) birthdays.

Coco is my little destroyer so im sure come her birthday she wil apreciate a good shredable toy , until then i wil continue amusing her and the rest with anything they can destroy with pleasure

Coco`s Update April 2012

April 27th, 2012
Coco`s Update April 2012

Though its only been a couple weeks since i last updated i feel this past 2 weeks mine and Coco`s relationship has improved she is now letting me take her anywhere around the house via the buddy perch, so this has made simple things like a shower a lot easier for me to do instead of waiting for Karl to come and offer a hand , so just today she has been able to come in the bathroom whilst i had my soak in the bath, something the other girls do but she had been missing out on.

Every time she steps up onto the perch she offers kisses and then does her special dance she does just for me she now even gets a lot more out of cage time than she did as now i know i can get her out by myself and also return her with ease and no stress for either of us she continues to love her chewable and shredable toys and her beak now looks a normal length just like the others and just these last few days i can go into her cage to give food without her running the perches at mad speed just to come take a chunk out my flesh all in all i think we begining to become friends!

An Update On Coco.

April 9th, 2012
An Update On Coco.

Well how time flies!

Coco has now been part of our flock for 5 months she has finally been moved officially into the birds room and can now interact/watch the other 4 to her hearts is content though it is now a wild guess who it is calling to the other rooms for me as she has stolen Casper`s voice and him hers too!

She resides next to Peach who is our calmest grey and also a plucker whether it coincidence or not but since Coco and Peach have become neighbours Peach`s pluckin has lessened a awful lot.

Coco will stil let her legs grow fully feathered and the next morning strip them bare, i guess she prefers the naturist look,but feathered or not she is adorable, and recently iv been known to even get kisses from her too which a couple months ago i would of never thought possible
she no longer stikes the cage when i approach or even touch it and im now allowed to feed and water without bein struck at she loves her showers in the human bathroom and will even then step up for me to remove her.

Any other time though i have to use the protection of a buddy perch , but at the moment this works fine for the both of us just last week we had some really warm weather and this was the first time Coco had been put outside to enjoy the sunshine along with the rest, i bet my neighbours think i own a zoo with all the chirping and whislting going on, god i love em all so (the greys that is not the neighbours):o)

Anyway ill leave you with a few pics xx

Coco`s Update Jan 2012

January 29th, 2012
Coco`s Update Jan 2012

Well its been 11 wks today with Coco, though it seems like she has always been hereand yes you guessed it we decided we would become her new forever family she is such a happy bird and a delight to have as part of our flock we have converted her onto a pellet diet and she will eat any veg, fruit, pulse sprout or nut you give her.

She loves to shred and she can get through a pine toy within a few hours she is still in love with Karl but is getting less and less aggressive with the rest of us as we approach her cage and i mostly get a head tickle each morning when i uncover her.

Her vocabulary is pretty good and we have soon realized it does`nt take her too long to pick up new words so you do have to be careful as to what you say around her

Havin Coco has taught me something huge when it comes to my greys, and no matter how much in the past iv been told it has took this little bold bellied birdie to teach me that pluckers can be happy and i thank AGPC for allowing Coco into our lives

ill leave it there with a few pics, final one being of the whole Beaker flock.

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Coco | You are here