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George + Bobby

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George + Bobby

Georgie Update

November 13th, 2011
Georgie Update

Hi all,

An update on Georgie the grey we rehomed around 18 months ago, as you may know Bobbie the other grey that was with Georgie sadly died suddenly but a positive came from that in Georgie totally coming out of her shell.

She is such a happy bird and although she hardly says anything other than “your warm” and “nice” she happily whistles away and does her tap dripping noise, her favorite past time is to come out of her cage and wander around the house on the floor, she doesnt seem to want to fly although she can, she will sit near to Lulu on the java tree but not too close or she will will go for Lulu.

Georgie looks like a really healthy happy bird and surely is a massive part of our family,

Update on Georgie and Bobbie

January 23rd, 2011
Update on Georgie  and Bobbie

Hi all,

Well sorry it has been a while since i updated but had loads of serious stuff going on regarding my parents who are both really poorly.

As a couple of people know Bobbie unfortunately died about a month after we got her, she was absolutely fine and had been fed the same as Lulu and Georgie, i came in from the kitchen after just seeing her sitting on her perch and when i came back a couple of minutes later noticed she was laying on the floor of the cage, she was dead but had only just died, she did have a slight sort of noisy breathing which Paula and ourselves had noticed, we wrapped her up and buried her in the garden, very worried as to how Georgie would react as they had been together in the same cage for 20 years!!!

Surprisingly Georgie has been a totally different bird since, she has come right out of her shell, she is more noisy, whistling and climbing around her cage like she never did before with Bobbie, she used to eat and regurgitate for Bobbie and just sit there on the perch not really doing much at all, just the occasional “YA WARM” and tap dripping noise, she is sooooooo vocal now and today said a different word for the first time “your Goooooorgeous”

She does funnily enough seem much happier without Bobbie!!! she is in her cage right next to Lulu so she has still had company, she is doing great and Lulu the little sod takes her off to a tee!!!

Hope that updates you all sorry it has been soooo long.


Georgie And Bobbie’s New Home

December 7th, 2010
Georgie And Bobbie's New Home

Well, an update here on rescue diaries, Have had Georgie and Bobbie a couple of weeks now and they are well settled in, they are fine out of the cage with Lulu around also, they don’t seem over mad on flying i have noticed and certainly Georgie climbs out of the cage, flies to the floor and wanders around on the ground, SHE does fly and maybe will a bit more once his sat nav of the new surroundings are logged in properly with HER, Bobbie also only flies when she has to, i’m used to Lulu flying everywhere all the time its sometimes like rush hour at Heathrow with her!!!! will keep you all updated but everything has gone brilliant so far!

Georgie And Bobbie Have A New Forever Home!

November 19th, 2010
Georgie And Bobbie Have A New Forever Home!

I have some great news on Bobby and Georgie, after having there test results back and them both being all clear and both being female we have found a great loving forever home for them with a great member that has one African Grey called Lulu.

His name is Les and he had a baby grey from us a year or so ago and was looking at making his flock bigger and i know how well loved and cared for Lulu is so i thought that would be the perfect place for the duo!

Les came and collected them last night and i hear they are already getting on fab with Lulu and enjoying loads of time out of the cage, but i will let Les update you with the photos i have seen them and they are great, they look so happy and settled.

Thanks again to Les and his family for taking them on and giving them the perfect forever home!

George + Bobby Settling In!

November 8th, 2010
George + Bobby Settling In!

Sorry it has been a little while since i have updated you on how George and Bobby are doing, i am feeling really tired what with being due our baby in just over a week! I have been looking after the birds and sleeping as much as i can with children at home!

Anyway they are both fine and happy and settling in well, they like to be near each other sometimes and away from each other at others! I am wondering if they are a male and female as they act like a old married couple at times!

George is very friendly and has been saying the following things ”Your Gorgeous, Hello Bob, You Warm? You gonna have a wash!! Got any chips! You wanna shower!” and a few other things too.

Bob is a little more nervous and snappy, tries to bite me when i change the food bowls and say’s ”Go on get out of it!” he also says ”Hello Bob”.

They enjoy having time out of the cage and i got some photos of them having a clean of each other the other night and Rick holding Bob!

Rick handling Bobby!

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > George + Bobby | You are here