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Bobby – Ducking Bar-Steward!

September 16th, 2011
Bobby - Ducking Bar-Steward!

Well it has been a few weeks since Bobby came here and all I can say is well he has well and truly settled in!

Today I was greeted by the usual ” Hello Bob, Bob, Bobbbbbyyyyyyyyy!” and while getting on with my housework he was chatting away to me but then to my horror he shouted “f***ing B***ard!!” followed by “ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Also he has been saying F***ing Hell!! I am ignoring him when he says these and saying “What you doing ” instead to see if he will change and say that instead….Time will tell!

Well I was a little shocked as he had been very polite up until today but it normally does take a little while for them to settle in and become relaxed!

Bobby is a real happy grey and nothing really bothers him at all, he has let us both stroke him and also other family members so that is really good :) He enjoys his fruit and Veg and goes crazy for warm whole meal pasta and is a dunker when it comes to things you give him like his palm oil on whole meal toast he takes it straight over to his water bowl dunks it in then sits and eats the lot… very sweet!

He enjoys his time out of his cage and would happily stay out all day long and he is a good flyer too but is quite happy sat up on top of his cage.

Here are some more photo’s of him –

Meet Our New Rescue – Bobby!

September 10th, 2011
Meet Our New Rescue - Bobby!

I would like to tell you all about our latest rehome to join AGPC his name is Bobby.

Boddy is about 6 years old as far as his old owners can work out, he is a bad plucker and shredder of his feathers. His old owners just didn’t have the time to spend with him and let him out as much as they wanted to so they thought it would be best to rehome him to us.

Bobby spends most of the day shouting, “Joesph” “Hello Bob Bobbyyyyy” “Bob this and Bob that” “Tickle” ” Come on then” barks like a little dog and laughs, burps and farts! He is a little wary of being stroked or tickled, loves coming out of his cage as soon as you open the door he is straight out, he loves Pear is now on Tidymix and some pellets mixed together.

He is a lovely bird who is looking for a forever home with someone that is there most of the time so he has company.

Here are a few photos of the cheeky chappy!

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Bobby | You are here