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Apologies For My Absence.

May 30th, 2012
Apologies For My Absence.

Well, thats it, Bailey has been with me for a whole year now and my how the time has really flown by. (yes yes, pun intended)
I have loved having her here in my life and haven’t ever regretted re-homing her for one second.
Bailey is an absolute delight and joy to behold and is forever entertaining with her singing, calling out, answering the phone, making animal noises etc… It seems like almost everyday she has learnt a new word, phrase or noise and I’m constantly amazed.
She answers the phone, sings the Eastenders theme,, call out for you with a cheery ‘yoooohoooo!’ asks you ‘what’s the matter with you then?’ and shouts at characters on TV.

Bailey is 3 years old and is such a happy, contented bird. She never seems to get the hump and she rarely tells me off if she doesnt want to be touched.

I’m currently having the floor of my front room tiled so that she can join us in there whenever we are there. I hate leaving her in the other room and I don’t think she likes it much either.
Although she can hear us, she puts on a little show for us in the evening as if she is ‘showing off’ or reminding us that she is still there and she’s on her own!

Yep, she is an absolute delight and has already learnt to cry like our new Grandson Billie-Jo.

Street Cred Or The Terribly Two’s?

November 3rd, 2011
Street Cred Or The Terribly Two's?

Well, Bailey has been with me now for little over 5 months and I think she’s settled in well. After her Houdini’ trick where she flew out of the window and escaped for four agonising days, I think she’s become a bit more ‘street wise’ after mixing with the other big birds in the ‘hood’. This escapade did set her back a bit and she has become a little more ‘detached’ from us. However, she still flies to land on your shoulder (or my head) if we’re standing up in the Kitchen or leaning against the work surface, but still wont step up at all or step onto our shoulders if we offer it to her next to her cage. She does like to land on my laptop lid which is annoying as her claws will go right through the screen (not sure how I could explain that one away with the laptop insurance? Is parrot damage covered?) so I try and move her off offering bits of treats but she has none of it and just flies back to her cage.

She comes out everyday, but will never play. All she wants to do it sit on top of her cage singing, squawking, barking at the dogs, demanding a bag of chips and chatting to me or to herself. I’ve hung some of her toys to the outside so that if she changes her mind, they are there for her.

Her favourite place to sit is on top of the kitchen cupboard where she has a great view. Here she just sits and sings etc too.
She is obviously happy and is eating well and drinking plenty of juice and water. She gives me so much pleasure and so many laughs at her antics and the things she says. Her latest phrase is ‘Peanuts, peanut, peanuuuuuuuuuts!’

I’m not sure what has happened to my last diary entry, it seemed to disappear after I posted it? So apologies for that.

Here is Bailey as my latest fashion accessory.

Baileys Recent Adventures!.

August 31st, 2011
Baileys Recent Adventures!.

Well, as some of you know, Bailey recently escaped and was missing for a few days. Those days were the most scary and I never want to have to go through that feeling of loss and devastation ever again!! Needless to say, there is a lock firmly fixed on her cage now.

Very VERY luckily she was found by some young lads who were playing cricket at the local pitch which is only about 300 yards from my house. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have her back and know that not all stories end this way. My heart goes out to those owners, it really does. She was only away for a short while and she doesn’t appear to have suffered at all and looked in fantastic health when I picked her up. She was very quiet and indeed so quiet that I kept questioning whether it was actually Bailey. I recognised the scar across her beak, but until I could get her to speak, I couldn’t actually be sure. I need not have worried because the second I got her into her cage, she asked me ‘wanna a bag a chips, do you?’ Yep, that’s my Bailey alright! Ha Ha!!

Well since she’s been back, she’s certainly more than made up for the silence during her absence and seems to have learnt new words and phrases while she was away. Most I cannot decipher, but she has started calling for Tyler who is my youngest son. She also seems to be experimenting with different foods and before she wouldnt even try a walnut or brazil nuts, but now she loves them.

Me, well, I’m just delighted that I have my mate back again. I know I havent had her that long, infact its only 4 months, but I am so attached to her and love her so much. she has brought so much joy (and noise) and love (and mess) and absolute happiness to my days and cant remember how my life was without her. She is such a treasure and I love her dearly.

My Exciting Week!

August 20th, 2011
My Exciting Week!

Well, goodness me, where do I start? On friday 12th August, I made what could have been the biggest mistake of my life. I managed to fiddle about with the latch on my cage and let myself out. I thought I’d have a quick flight across the kitchen as usual, but imagine my surprise when the back door didn’t stop me going outside as it usually does!!

I gave myself such a fright that I actually poo’ed myself mid flight and that’s not like me at all. I usually have more manners and only poo on the work top in the kitchen!

Well, I soared up and up and up until I was so high up that I completely forgot which direction I’d come from! I landed in a large tree and hid myself deep inside the branches. I was terrified!! I could hear my owner calling me, but I couldn’t move, I was petrified! I know she went out looking for me until long after dark that night because I could still her calling me. I dare not call back to her because there were some huge black and white birds in the tree with me and they didn’t look that friendly to me. I said hello to them, but they didn’t answer me? I eventually fell asleep, but in the morning, I tried leaving the tree, but there was all this water pouring out of the sky. I’ve had some lovely showers in the past, but this time I got really, really wet!!!

I stayed in the tree again for the next two nights, but on monday morning, two of those black and white birds got really rowdy and were arguing over some shiny things that one of them had brought back to the tree so I decided it was time for me to leave. I could see my cage in the garden of my house, but my owners dogs were out there nearly all day barking so I daren’t go down. I flew around for a while then ended up on a large area of grass where little people were hitting a ball with a long flat stick thing. I thought it looked fun so I flew down to join in. I kept flying back and forth back to the trees and then back to this young lads shoulder. He seemed friendly because when I said ‘Hello’ he said ‘hello’ back. I’d been flying back and forth and was really enjoying the mayhem I was causing when suddenly I was grabbed and put into a brown box and taken off to a cage that was outside? There was another bird in the one next to me who must have been a bit daft because they said ‘hello’ to me so many times over and over and over again? How weird.

I was starting to get a bit hungry but all they had for me to eat was sunflowers seeds and my owner keeps telling me that they aren’t very good for me? I liked them though and ate loads of them. I miss my pellet food though. I stayed there one night and then very early the next day, my owner came for me! Yaaay!! I’m going home!! She put me back in the box again and then we went in a funny car thing. When we got indoors, she put me back in my own safe, toy filled cage and I told her I loved her very, very much and I was sorry that I’d flown away. She must have misunderstood me though because she said ‘why do you want a bag of chips Bailey?’ Funny aren’t they humans they never seem to understand what we’re saying? I’m enjoying being back home. I’ve had loads of treats and loads of cuddles too which is lovely. I don’t think I’ll venture out that far again. It was exciting, a bit scary too,

but boy its great to be home!!

Baileys Got Herself A Routine!

July 14th, 2011
Baileys Got Herself A Routine!

Every morning she comes out for a couple of hours so that can give her cage a good clean out.
I sit on a chair in front of her cage so that I’m just at the right height to reach everything and fill up her buffet ball and her food and foraging bowls. In the meatime, she hops in and out of her cage emptying the ball that has taken me ages to clean and fill up and she chooses a piece of fruit and climbs out and up onto the top of the cage to eat it.

I continue cleaning, wiping and drying all the surfaces etc while she hops in and out taking treats as she wants them.
Then as I’m finishing her cage, she comes and sits on the door literally inches from my face and says ‘Want a shower? Bailey want a shower?’ It’s really quite comical the way she almost demands her shower even though she isnt particularly keen on them.
I give her a shower and then its time for a quicky ‘dry by flying’ session and for her to go back in for the rest of the day. A monkey nut is waved temptingly in front of her face and you can see her shoulders sag. She knows that she must now go back in…..for good. (well at least until the evening anyway, but for her it must feel like an eternity!)

The monkey nut is then placed in her bowl and she eyes it suspiciously with her head pressed up against the bars until finally giving in and going in to get the much desired treat knowing full well that the door will be shut behind her.
I always have a pang of guilt that she has to be put away. I love seeing her climbing around the kitchen on the cupboards and swinging from the door frames and her being put away is as painful for me as it is dissappointing for her.
Once inside with the door shut, she starts playing with all of the toys I’ve replenished with cardboard chunks and willow sticks etc and she comes alive again and it seems that I am forgiven!!

Putting her away was once fraught and terrifying experience, but the lure of the monkey nut is too much for her and she goes inside happily now knowing there is a lovely treat waiting for her. I’m so glad we worked this routine out between us and I hope it will always work for us.

Love Jennifer and Bailey.

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