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The Lovely Luckie’s Progress x

June 21st, 2012
The Lovely Luckie's Progress x

Well here we are 3 months in with luckie.She has settled so well into our famliy routine.When the sun is out ( which is not very often ) we put her cage in the garden where she sits with us singing and talking.

We have two places for her in our sitting room.In the daytime she is next to our patio doors and in the evening we move her to the other side of the room where she enjoys the telly with me.

Her party trick is opening my can of 7 up and also a can of beer.She counts to ten with my children and also sings the eastenders theme tune.

This weekend i have just treated her to loads of new toys for her cage which she is really enjoying.

She seems a very happy lady and we all love her dearly. X


The Lovely Luckies Progress x

May 8th, 2012
The Lovely Luckies Progress x

Well here we are,five weeks in with the lovely luckie and the lovely lady has settled in a treat.

She loves the my children and quite likes my pet shar-pei huggy as well.She is a very quick learner and has settled into our routine already.

She calls my wife sharon to do her evening meal of warm fresh vegtables which she loves.She also shares my breakfast with me in the morning and is a very bubbly girl first thing in the morning.

Luckie enjoys sitting behind me on the sofa while watching the telly and calling my dog.Everyday there is something new she has picked up and has my wife and myself in stiches.so all is going well and she is so happy, As i am with her all day and into the evening when she tells me “luckie go nite nites c,mon bedtime put my cover on” amazing same time every night.

So i have to watch most 2nd half’s of a footy match upstairs so we are very pleased and happy just like the lovely luckie x

The LOVELY Luckie X

April 19th, 2012
The LOVELY Luckie X

The lovely luckie rescue grey arrived with us via the very helpful Paula on April 7th 2012.

Well what can i say about the very clever cheeky girl after a very quite couple of hours she came right out of her shell with her very large list of words and phrases.

It will be two weeks this coming saturday and she has settled very well shouting my wifes name and giving my dog the run around which is really funny.

Both my children love her and i find her great company for me,as i am home 24/7 due to illness.

As i sit here writing this post she is telling me its “BED TIME CMON SEE YOU IN THE MORNING”so so funny.

I would like to thank Paula for bringing this ray of sunshine into our home.

I  will keep you updated on the lovely lady’s progress.

The New Girl On The Block! – Meet Luckie

April 4th, 2012
The New Girl On The Block! - Meet Luckie

Last Friday I set off to collect Luckie from a lovely guy called Mark.

Luckie was his mums grey and she sadly passed away and was being cared for by Mark and a family friend, Mark works full time and feels I was unfair on Luckie to be left on her own so wanted her to be with someone that will give her daily attention.

Luckie is really light and she is a big grey, she danced when I walked in and came straight out of her cage for Mark, her little treat which she likes to get herself by opening the jar is a pistachio nut rather sweet to watch!

It was a lovely day when I got home so Luckie sunned herself in the garden for a while and caught a few sun rays which she seemed to love, and listening to the other birds in the garden you can see below

Luckie has settled fine, very chatty shouting Marcus, Hello Mate in a very cockney accent, Want some, Night night, Oooooo, Nice, Whistles the Mc donalds tune and loads more, she loves being out of her cage and is a fab flyer likes to sit looking out of our window on top of the sofa!

Luckie will make someone a wonderful grey x

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Luckie | You are here