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Meet Billy-Boy – New Rehome

May 9th, 2012
Meet Billy-Boy - New Rehome

On Sunday I went and collected a lovely grey called Billy, he is 7 years old and quite a funny big guy.

His old owners had made the very hard step to rehome him as she has now gone back to working full time meaning Billy was left on his own for long periods, he is a very independent grey and spends nearly all of his time out doing his own thing. She was very upset at letting Billy go but knows it for his best as he will have company all the time.

He is also a chewer! and will do something naughty and tell himself off while he is doing it so you know he is! Clever boy!

He has been with us a few days now and has settled in fine, I am just getting him use to a new cage as his old one was a little small, and he seems to love it! He has been in and out for a couple of days while i am getting him use to it, He loves his swing and will sit there swinging himself or letting me tickle him while he is on it, Lazy boy he loves a good tickle and will accept me touching him already which is great.

Today I am letting him sit out on his stand as he seems to have settled really well so will update the blog with how that goes soon too.

So far i have been asked “Do you want some peanuts?” a few times and him saying 1 a lot.

He is a lovely grey he loves his pink lady apples (the only apple he will eat) Banana in the morning, red grapes and a blood bath (pomegranate)

Here are a few photos of Billy … Enjoy x

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Billy-boy | You are here