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Billy The Timneh Update

February 21st, 2013
Billy The Timneh Update

Its coming up 2 years in June since Billy joined our family. He gives me a lot of pleasure with his chatting and he learns new words slowly. I’ve been calling him my best boy,now he says bill best lol…

Billy and Bella come out together now and do their own thing. As you can see by the photo billy has completely taken over the sofa!

He plays with toys but is obsessed with my feet, which is a bit of a problem as he spends a lot of the time on the floor.

He flew for the first time last week on his own without being spooked which is amazing he is becoming more tamer by the day although I’m still taking my time, he has stopped lunging to bite and is happy for a head rub out of the cage.

Im hoping he doesn’t use his new flying skills to fly at me to be nasty, I don’t think he will but lets hope not.

He is a very happy bird and interacts well with Bella. Bella has copied him a lot, she even flaps her wings ‘good morning’

Keep up the good work Paula and Rick you are doing a great job. I am very happy with Billy and I think Bills pictures show he is a happy birdy enjoying his new life with us.

Fred: Nearly Two Months On.

September 8th, 2011
Fred: Nearly Two Months On.

It’s nearly two months since Fred has joined our flock. He has moved into a brand new Montana Palace cage which he shares with Riddle (with the divider in, of course). At first I was quite scared because Riddle just wanted to have a go at Fred but after a couple of days that was the end and there hasn’t been an argument since.

I bought a load of toys for Fred and though he’s not really interested in most of them he took a really likening to the willow sticks and one of Riddle’s old toys, the Shred-It. He managed to go through an entire roll of paper in just a couple of days, so I’m glad he found something he really enjoys. I will have to bulk buy the paper from now though, I think!

Note: The dowel perch is one of many, and it came with the cage. I thought there’d be no point throwing it out when he now has 6 others!

Fred has started to mimic Riddle’s copy of my sneeze. It’s an awful noise, but so funny when Riddle blesses him afterwards!

In the time since he’s been here I’ve managed to get tickles from him, and also a massive bite. Hey, you win some you lose some, right?

I hope that one day he will trust me enough to accept contact out of the cage, though he has given me handshakes (out of the cage) before.


Our New Friend Fred!

August 1st, 2011
Our New Friend Fred!

We went to meet the lovely Paula and Rick just over two weeks ago to pick up our gorgeous new friend Fred. It seemed like everything was against us at the time because I don’t drive, couldn’t find a lift and had literally just moved in to my new house, had no internet and my phone was playing up. Luckily at the last minute I found someone to take myself and Chris to Reading. Unfortunately Paula and Rick were stuck in horrendous traffic on the way to meet us and the person driving us was having a panic because she thought she was going to miss her holiday flight. Luckily, before she decided to drive away (which we were not impressed with) I got a text and we spotted Rick driving in to the car park.

Can you fit a 5ft parrot cage in a Ford Fiesta? Yes you can! “Where there’s a will there’s a way”

The first time I saw Fred I was in awe. I’ve always wanted a Timneh and he was perfect, even more gorgeous than his photos. Once we had managed to get everything in to the car we set off and made it home relatively quick. Poor thing must have been on the road for so long.

We got home and left Fred in the travel cage for about an hour to settle in. After that we set up his cage and put him in. We left him alone for the rest of the night as he was yawning a lot and must have been knackered.

The next day I made Fred and Riddle some mash (including pellets) and Fred happily ate it all. I put it in a buffet ball which he seemed to love and play with a lot. When I took the buffet ball out for cleaning, I had an idea. Using a spoon, I put some pellets on to the cage mounted plate and he instantly started eating them from the spoon, then from the plate. I had already ordered a big bag of Tidymix but was incredibly happy that in such a short time Fred is now on pellets. He still gets Tidymix as a treat but seems to prefer Harrisons.

We opened Fred’s cage and he climbed out, had a fly around and went straight back in. We have left his cage open a lot but he isn’t that eager to come out yet and when he does he doesn’t stay out for long.

Fred\'s \"high four\"!

It took him a week to start talking, before that we had only heard little kissing noises but now he talks and says “hello” in all different ways as well as “go away” “you’re a manky bird” “good boy” and others in a cute old man voice! He whistles and makes other interesting sound effects. He has copied some of Riddle’s sayings now and between rooms they repeat things back and talk to each other a lot. It’s really lovely to watch/listen to, and amazing because you couldn’t get more different with these birds. They are total opposites.

As we speak, Fred is climbing all over the outside of his cage. He flew over briefly but quickly went back to base. He’s a really great flyer and doesn’t seem too shy of new things. He has all the toys and food we’ve given him. He doesn’t care if you put your hand in his cage to change toys and even takes food from your hand. I am able to touch his feet and beak but he lets you know when you’re too close by shuffling away. I don’t want to jinx anything but so far, I’ve had no bites as it’s very easy to read his body language.

I absolutely love him and am so glad he’s a part of our flock. He has really symbolised the settling in to our new home as we’ve all gone through a similar experience at the same time.

A huge thank you from myself, Chris and Riddle to AGPC for giving us the opportunity to re-home such a wonderful creature.

Billy – 1 week on

June 19th, 2011
Billy - 1 week on

Well it’s taken a week for Billy to start settling in properly, he was very quiet for ages, but last night he was dancing and singing along with me to ‘Town called Malice’. He is eating really well and interacting with Bella a lot more, they are constanly talking to each other. I cant wait for them to meet and hopefully gain a lifelong friendship.
Billy is managing to eat me out of house and home, i need to go shopping again for more veggies to make more bread, he loves it. He is settling at night very well too, not a peep until he is uncoverd which is fab.

So far so good, I will take some more photo’s and share them later in the week.

He has also said a few words, goodboy, mummy (well that’s what i think it is) but the dancing is fab!!

Here Is Basil – Another Timneh!

June 14th, 2011
Here Is Basil - Another Timneh!

Timneh overload at the moment we collected another Timneh called Basil at the weekend.

Basil has come from a lovely lady that due to her illness has had to rehome him she has had him for 22 years so this was such a very hard thing to do for her but she knows it had to be done and was happy to find us and is looking forward to following Basil progress in his new home.

Basil has settled in really well, he mainly hides under his paper and laughs from under it, makes Zombie noises at night from under the paper which make us laugh loads and is kind of freaky!

He has been very vocal and whistles lots one of the more talkative Timnehs i have met for sure!

Here is a photo of Basil hiding under his paper, it’s so cute!

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