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Meet Scrim – AGPC Newest Rescue

February 7th, 2012
Meet Scrim - AGPC Newest Rescue

On Sunday 5th Feb 2012, Stevie and I collected a lovely CAG, she’s almost 17 years old.
She needed to be re homed as her owner has health problems.

She traveled very well from Preston to Glasgow and “beeped” all the way while we traveled.
She is a timid birdie and slightly nervous.

Once we got her here, I got her out of her cage so she could stretch her wings, she put her head down and I gave her lots of tickles.

She has had a very bad clip many years ago and her feathers have never grown back.
She did try to fly but she had a very graceful crash landing on our floor, poor thing, but she was unharmed and was very happy to be picked up.
She also has a few pressure sores on one of her feet, but they are not serious, she just needs different perches.
She also has a slightly long beak, but that again will trim down once she starts to rub it on good perches and chews wooden toys etc.
At the moment we are in the process of introducing toys to her as she needs to learn how to play with them, we popped one toy in her cage and although she has not played with it, it has not stopped her traveling about the cage, and she does go near it so I’m sure she’ll start to play soon.

I’ve also introduced her to Animal Zone Pellets and Mash/chop. which she’s enjoying.

Her previous owners said she does talk, but far we’ve not heard her talk, but she does beep and whistle.

She will be moving to her new forever home at the weekend, she’ll be going to live with PamH and her husband Jim, Pam is a member of this forum, Pam has decided to change Scrims name to Topsy, so from now on we’ll be using her new name.

I know she’ll be very happy when she moves to Pam and Jim’s and will be spoilt and loved so much, she’s a very lucky birdie to be getting Pam and Jim as parronts.


Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Scrim | You are here