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Blue Front Amazon

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Blue Front Amazon

Ruby, Lady, & Rocky

January 17th, 2013
Ruby, Lady, & Rocky

Ruby –
RUBY CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
When Ruby arrived, she had plucked her wing so bad that she couldn’t fly, she could only fall with style. Twice in the last 2 weeks she has flown, once from the floor, and then yesterday, from one cage to the other which was a good 8-10 ft. I knew she would do it at some point, as she has always exercised her muscles and wings which has kept her a strong little birdie. She prefers to climb though, but at least she can fly if she wants which is brilliant!! :)

Lady –
Lady is still doing well. She has finally ventured onto the table top stand that I have on a shelf in front of the window which looks in from the kitchen through to the parrot room. She seems quite impressed that she can get right up to the window to see what we’re doing, if I wipe a cloth over the window she chases it and beakbutts the window and generally has a hissy fit because she can’t get it! :)
Next to the stand is a large foraging bucket which has bits and bobs of old toys, foot toys, wicker balls, and large beads etc etc etc, she has been enjoying rummaging through it to chew whatever she can, resulting in a right old mess for me to clean :)

Rocky -
There’s not much to update on Rocky really, he’s still climbing well around the trees, and likes to have a swing on the hanging spiral rope. He is preening my other Amazon more, and pines after her if she flies away from him. He still can’t fly, and if he falls, he falls like a lead balloon, but the fact that he is climbing with more confidence every day hopefully means his muscles are strengthening :)
He’s still a noisy boy, it’s my other Amazon who is the loudest though, but my word when the pair of them get going it’s deafening!!! I wouldn’t have it any other way :D

Rocky – The Little Piggy!!

June 10th, 2012
Rocky - The Little Piggy!!

Well, I think we’ve finally cracked the whole eating or not eating saga, Rocky has decided he is a Harrison’s birdie!!! :)

He’s been tried on a variety, ZuPreem, Harrison’s, Animalzone, and for a while he appeared to like the Animalzone, but then after a few weeks he didn’t seem to be eating as much. So I decided to add some Harrison’s High Potency Fine with the Animalzone, and notice he was eating more of the Harrison’s on each feed. I now offer him the the Harrison’s, but because he shares a cage with my other Amazon, he has the option of eating Animalzone and ZuPreem if he wishes, as that’s what my other Amazon eats.

So far, he is eating better than I have ever seen, and on one occasion I had to top his bowl up with MORE FOOD!!! :)
Since his eating has improved he is not as noisy, which could also be down to his hormones settling too, but there’s definitely less noise, he’s still a noisy boy though!! :P

Rocky loves his cage mate, he still hates me but adores my other Amazon, so I’m pleased regardless. He has such a great character and can be so funny, even when he’s trying to rip my face off!!!
He now has Java stands to play on, 3 to be exact, he struggles with larger branches as he needs to build his muscles, but on the smaller branches he’s fine, he just needs to learn to manoeuvre around the stands to get to food bowls. I’m sure in time he will figure it out :)

Overall, he is doing great, I’m very proud of him, he’s such a gorgeous boy, he’s forgiven for all his aggressiveness because he is such a stunner, and I think he knows it too!!!!!! :P

Rocky The Rock Star!

April 6th, 2012
Rocky The Rock Star!

Well, Rocky has been with us almost a month now, he has settled in really well.
He has been cleared of PBFD and Psittacosis, but the vet did confirm that he is underweight.

I have managed to convert Rocky to pellets, but he really does need to eat more, some days he eats really well, and other days he eats very little, but it’s a working progress, and we will keep trying. My vet seems to think he will be fine, so it’s just a case I’ve getting him to try more foods, and finding out what he likes.

Rocky hasn’t really taken to me or my hubby yet and is quite grumpy with us when he wants to be, which is no different to what my other Ammie was like when we first got her, so I’m not phased much to his disappointment :P
He seems to like the kids, and he loves the animals, especially our dog, he will climb down from his cage and follow her round the floor shouting hello :)
He can be handled, but at the moment it’s on his terms. He does have a habit of biting though, mainly on the face, it’s not hard, but because he does it over and over again, it can hurt. Luckily I have a little trick to stop him from doing it, so time will tell if he stops the biting. I have also managed to do some short sessions of Step-Up with him, which he does great, and I have also started doing some flapping exercises with him to help build his muscles as he is too weak to fly.

I took the plunge and have introduced him to my other Ammie, for Rocky it’s love at first sight, unfortunately my other Ammie is petrified of him, but hopefully she will realise in time that he is a gentle giant where she is concerned, and will accept him. He really does like her, and tries to show her by blowing her a kiss, and errrr by getting quite frisky!!!!! :o Lol

I don’t think Rocky is very noisy at all, he does make more frequent noises than my other Ammie and can get loud, but on the loudness scale my other Ammie wins hands down!!! :P

Overall he’s settled in well, and seems to be happy and plays with his toys really well. I hope he manages to build a bond with my other Ammie, because I really think that a birdie pal is just what he needs.

I think he’s great, and have nick named him Rocky The Rock Star, he has soooooo much potential, and I cannot wait to see him progress!! :)

Rocky The Blue Fronted Amazon Has A Forever Home!!!

March 1st, 2012
Rocky The Blue Fronted Amazon Has A Forever Home!!!

Rocky has been with an AGPC foster carer for almost a month now, and reading his story broke my heart, so we have offered him a forever home to join our family and flock, and as long as everything goes according to plan, we shall be collecting him on Saturday!!! :D

I am no stranger to the noisy world of the Amazons as I own THE LOUDEST of all the Amazon parrots, which is the beautiful Orange Winged Amazon :)
I have a massive soft spot for Amazon parrots, they really are wonderful birds, with fantastic personalities, they may be a little noisier than some, but that doesn’t bother me not one little bit, and as an added bonus, I live in an end terrace, so not an issue for my neighbours either :)

Rocky is already a very spoilt birdie!!! He has a brand new cage and a whole load of new toys on order which will be here on Thursday, and I cannot wait to set up his new home.
He will be quarantined on arrival, and will then have a trip to the vets in a few weeks time. Although he will be away from the other birds, he will still be able to hear and see them through the window, then after quarantine and clear test results, he will be moved into the parrot room along with the others :)

It has been said that Rocky prefers men, and that’s fine, my other Amazon prefers men too, but has learned to trust accept me as her main carer, and hopefully Rocky will learn this too.

It’s a new start for Rocky :D
I cannot wait to meet him and bring him home :D

Meet Rocky – Blue Front Amazon

February 9th, 2012
Meet Rocky - Blue Front Amazon

Last week I collected a blue front Amazon called Rocky from a lovely lady, Rocky was her husbands bird who sadly passed away a year and a half ago.

Rocky is 16 years old and believed to me male (i think he is too),he is quite a large bird and he was very bonded with her husband and since they lost him they haven’t been able to get close to him, they use to have a African grey too who sadly passed away just after he did , due to a broken heart it is believed and Rocky has also missed her, so has been pretty moody and down, he loved the dog and they use to sing together,

She wanted Rocky to be happy and asked for us to rehome him.

Rocky has settled in well and has said Hello a few times and loves to be out of his cage.

Here are a few photos of him and I will keep you posted with how he is getting on…

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