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Update On Roxy

December 10th, 2010
Update On Roxy

Well Roxy has settled in so well shes started plucking again but not too bad we are trying to take her mind off it.

I went out other day and bought her a twirler swing she doesn’t like it one bit she keeps shouting No to it and biting at the wooden balls on the end of it.

Roxy can now shout Alfie, Bed time, Come on, Now give up!! She makes me laugh so much and the lace wouldn’t be the same without her!

Roxy After Bonfire Night!

November 11th, 2010
Roxy After Bonfire Night!

Finally the fireworks have settled down :)

I haven’t seen little Roxy pluck in two days so fingers crossed she will stop again as i write the little princess is tucking into her mash there isn’t a thing she don’t like she loves sharing her mash with little Alfie but wont share it with poor Jem :( .

She even ventured into little Alfie’s cage last night and had a play about until she jumped onto Alfie’s swing which he didn’t like so they started beaking so had to remove her didn’t know whether to leave her in there or not in case one of them hurt each other.

Roxy sits on top of her cage and preens Alfie i wonder if she is falling in love with him, they are inseparable at the moment.

Roxy is coming out with all sorts now she shouts “ruby sit give paw”, “aww bad girl”, “wee wees”, barks at ruby which then sets ruby off ,” come on bedtime”, “I’m watching you” that’s my fault because i say that to her when she goes to chew my blinds.

Shes a pleasant little girl we are doing wonders with her stepping up i still get a few bites off her but that’s to be expected shes all for my hubby,my friend Maggie,and my dad but i don’t mind shes a real tart for the boys.

Roxy Doesn’t Like The Fireworks!

November 7th, 2010

Finally bonfire night is over but it hasn’t stopped yet with fireworks little Roxy has been a nervous wreck shes started plucking again due to the fireworks but hopefully they will stop with the fireworks in a few days.

Roxy is happy to sit on my shoulder now and chatter away,Ive manged to get her to step up now shes still a little hesitant to do it but persuading her with a treat works she really is a little darling she will lay there on her back and let you tickle her tummy while shes laid there cooing.

Last night we managed to file her nails so they arn’t as sharp and she did well after biting me a few times she got used to it we are awaiting her parcel of new toys to come she will also be getting a new cage shortly as i think her corner cage isn’t big enough for our little princess.

Shes still ruling the roost she puts little Alfie and Jem in there place she will not allow them to stand on her cage but its alright for her to stand on there cages you can definitely say shes queen of the manner and what she says goes xxx

Roxy Meets Her Friends!

September 19th, 2010
Roxy Meets Her Friends!

Well Roxy is staying with a friend of mine who already has 2 greys, one which plucks the same as Roxy does so she can get all the best care on getting her better, she didn’t really get on with our grey Mai and i think it stressed her out being near her as she started to pull all her neck feathers out again, and what with our baby due in a few months i thought it would be best to let my good friend Crys take Roxy in and give her the special treatment for plucking that she needs.

She has settled in really well and loves her other greys Alfie and Jem so much which i am really pleased about she even rules the roost there! :) So she is really happy.

Here are a few photos of her -

Roxy and her new friends!

Update On Roxy!

July 30th, 2010
Update On Roxy!

It has been a while since i have updated you on Roxy as we have had lots going on at home, we are expecting a new baby in November and had had a few problems with the baby which fingers crossed are all going on now, then Rick my husband got knocked off his motorbike last week and has been off work with a broken wrist and on crutches so all been going on!

Anyway back to Roxy she has been fine she has plucked a few more feathers from around her neck which i didn’t think was unusual as being moved can sometimes make the problem carry on for a bit but it normally stops, she is enjoying her time out, getting a little better with learning to step up and not fly off your hand as soon as she gets on it which is good loves a nice tickle and is doing lots of dog noises and barking and whining!

She still enjoys her mash but like to chuck her bowl on the floor a few times a day cheeky monkey!

Here are a few photos i took today -

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Roxy | You are here