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Angus The Mummy’s Boy

June 8th, 2012
Angus The Mummy's Boy

Well he’s still a mummy’s boy, but so much so that he seems to want to keep me all to himself and has begun to start flying at anyone, bird or human who comes anywhere near me.

Occasionally I have to let him come out on his own because of this – but he doesnt seem to mind that. He has enjoyed being out in the sunshine over the last few weeks and being sprayed with warm water and he’s certainly entertained the neighbours barking like a dog, doing bombs and knocking on the door. Thank heavens he didn’t use some of the other words he knows.

Here are a few photos of him

Oscar’s Update May 2012

May 1st, 2012
Oscar's Update May 2012

Oscar loves Shaun. That’s really all I have to tell you !!

The 2 of them have bonded so strongly it’s lovely. He doesn’t seem to like anyone else at all – especially me but occasionally when shauns not in I have a little breakthrough. I have had one tickle through the bars which didn’t result in blood loss.

I picked him up from the floor, thinking he was Angus and he stepped up – but I spoilt it when I panicked once I realised it was Oscar and he flew off. Then he flew into the kitchen a few days ago and couldn’t find his way out, so I had to be brave and pick him up again. I got all the way into the next room before he savaged me – now that’s progress!

He’s so funny and we have a love – hate relationship. I love him, he hates me.

Here are a few photos

Angus Has Spring Fever

April 28th, 2012
Angus Has Spring Fever

Angus is most definately the ‘bad boy’ of the flock. I think he must be suffering from ‘spring fever’ because he has Moments where he loves me – he tries to feed me, drops his wings and makes his baby noises then WHAM he’s trying to bite my finger off. His talking is amazing and he seems to pick new words up daily. He chats to the others now and will answer Gary with a “woof woof” when she asks him what a doggy does. He also encourages Gary to sing by telling her “opera Gary” and when she obliges he tells her “that was beautiful”

He is still arch enemies with Oscar, but they tend to ignore each other when they are out. I had to let them out separately for a while as Angus got a bit bossy and Oscar seemed scared of him, but that seems to be better now and they can all come out together again.

Despite his bossy, bitey, naughty behaviour I love him to bits and I wouldn’t be with out him.

Here are a few pics of my handsome boy.

2012 – Angus Update

January 17th, 2012
2012 - Angus Update

Well Angus continues to be happy and settled. He had a bit of a wobble when Oscar arrived and took his place as top bird, but he has accepted his new place in the flock with just the occasional revolt.

No one was allowed to sit on the playstand with him, but he’s now accepted that if he doesn’t let Oscar sit on there, it might mean a bit of a fight.

Angus has also changed allegiance, he’s always been my bird, but recently I’ve had the odd nip from him when Shaun is around, and Shaun has had the drooped wings and baby noises.

Angus has a massive appetite and when all 3 cages are open and the birds are out having some exercise, he will nip into the other cages and steal the tastiest bits of food

We love him!!

Angus Lastest Update.

November 1st, 2011
Angus Lastest Update.

Angus is now part of a 3 bird flock since we have had a new addition and as yet I don’t think he’s sure what to think of a bird who dares to stick up to him!
One think he has done is dorm a double act with Oscar. Angus has perfected the sound of someone knocking on the door and Oscar shouts “come in” Angus shouts “Rachel” and Oscar shouts “what?” the other things hey shout to each other are not printable, but Angus is no longer the best swearer in the house !
He continues to love chewing all things wooden and guards his favourite toys by sitting on them and hissing. He still won’t let Gary sit on his play stand – but he can’t stop Oscar so has to share whether he likes it or not.

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