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Britney Moves To Her Forever Home.

December 13th, 2011
Britney Moves To Her Forever Home.

After being wih me for a week, Britney has moved to her forever home.

She has gone to Glynn and Karen, AGPC forum members where she will have some feathered company in the shape of Marley.

Britney seemed to bond with Karen on sight, which was lovely for them both, I could tell Karen and Glynn fell for her immediately – let’s hope Marley feels the same !!

I left them all very happy and looking forward to setting up her cage with new toys and perches.

She is one lucky girl. I will hand the blog over to Glynn and Karen who will update regularly

New Rehome Meet – Britney Bird!

November 21st, 2011
New Rehome Meet - Britney Bird!

This is Britney.

I collected her from her owner who is leaving the country for a while and so is unable to look after her and didn’t just want family to pop in and feed her. He wanted her to go to a living family who could give her the attention and time she deserves.

Britney has some plucking issues which I am hopeful will improve with lots of attention and new shredding and foraging toys and a change to her diet.

She settled with me straight away and took to all family members, male and female. Within days she was eating pellets and shredding to her hearts content. She is a good talker and has some strange noises that I can’t quite make out
The search is now on for a perfect match for ‘Britney Bird’ as she calls herself, and whoever ends up with her will be very very lucky.

It’s a pleasure to be her foster mummy.

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Britney | You are here