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Rocky, Ruby, & Lady

January 3rd, 2013

Rocky -
Rocky is doing great, he is still eating well and is chewing and playing with his toys. He is still a very noisy boy, and paired with my other Amazon, they scream the street down, but that’s just the way I like it. He’s going through a moult, but is still his usual self. Other than that, there’s really not much to update on him at the moment. :)

Ruby -
Ruby is still her usual chirpy happy self, still whistling away, and is full of beans, she eats like a little piggy, and her feathers on her right wing are so much better and she only has one flight feather missing which is fantastic. I’m so pleased with her. :)

Lady -
Lady is still very demanding, she goes through her toys like a hot knife through butter. She still plucks her cheek and neck feathers, but we’ve come such a long way from where she was when she first arrived over two years ago. I’m very proud of her.

I cannot put into words how much I adore these birds, and they are a massive part of my life and my family. I wouldn’t be without any of them, not for the world :)

Poppy – Almost A Month

November 27th, 2011
Poppy - Almost A Month

Wow I cannot believe Poppy has been with us nearly a month!! How the time flies!!

Poppy is such a little darling, and is so gentle……. Well until she tries to pull my fingers nails off the tips of my fingers!! It’s a good job I don’t have Acrylic nails!! I’ve had much worse though :P
She was very unsure of her perches for the first few days and wouldn’t step on them at all, but she soon overcame that. I think she had wooden dowel perches previously so wasn’t used to the different textured perches I had placed round her cage.

When Poppy first arrived I made the decision to put her straight onto pellets, and started off by mixing two different types of pellets together to try and establish her preference. I started off by mixing ZuPreem Natural with Harrison’s High Potency Fine. I didn’t manage to weigh her for the first few days, as I didn’t want to upset her after moving home, but knew I needed to weigh her quickly because of changing her diet. She preferred the Harrison’s, so just for some variety I also added some fruity Animalzone pellets, which she enjoys munching on.
Poppy arrived on a Saturday tea time, and I managed to weigh her the following Wednesday, she wasn’t too impressed as she doesn’t like being handled and had to be towelled, but once on the scales she was fine.
I was very surprised that Poppy weighed in at a whopping 396g because to look at her, I’d have never of guessed she was that heavy, I expected her to weigh between 300g and 350g!! She has been weighed every week and yesterday she weighed in at 392g, considering there’s a 10 percent weight drop allowance which I set her starting weight at 400g, I’m over the moon that she’s dropped very little weight.

There have been a few changes this weekend, I had to move one of Poppy perches from the lower half of the cage up to Poppy’s feeding bowls, considering this is a perch that she has been on and slept on, she has not taken this change well, and wont step on it to eat or drink at the moment, but I’m sure she’ll come round.
I also made the decision to put some Christmas decorations up, because for the past two years we have had none because of the birds, which has not been fair on my children.
I thought through what I was going to have and where, I erected the tree where it would be positioned so Poppy could see it step by step, although she was a little shaky and weary, she was happily whistling away whilst watching what I was doing. There are no lights on the tree, as it is white, with teal coloured tinsel, so shouldn’t freak her out too much, in total there are two set of lights, one on each of my big walls and two lighted ornaments, so compared to previous years, it’s quite minimal. She hasn’t eaten much yesterday and today, but I’m hoping this is just a case of her getting used to the new position of the perches and and getting used to the decorations.

Next week will also be a trauma for Poppy because she’s booked into the vets for a Psittacosis, PBFD, and a once over, which will upset her even more.
Prior to this weekend, and the upcoming vet appointment, Poppy has settled in brilliantly, and is an absolute joy to have in our family.

Hopefully Poppy’s tests results will come back clear, and then she can be introduced to the other birds, she is very similar to my Amazon, so I’m hoping they will get on.

Another Rehome – Meet Poppy!

November 6th, 2011
Another Rehome - Meet Poppy!

Poppy is approximately 17 years of age, and had been with her previous owners for over 14 years!! After her owners had made the heartbreaking decision to re-home her through AGPC, Poppy’s details and information were passed onto me, so that I could collect her.
After being in contact with her owners for 2 weeks, and preparing for her arrival we collected Poppy on the 5th of November.

Poppy is quite a small Grey, she is a plucker, and has in previous years laid eggs. She doesn’t really talk, but loves to whistle and beep, she barks like a dog, and meows, and she does the fastest head banging dance moves I’ve ever seen!! :)
After getting her home we transferred her straight to her new cage as her previous cage was quite small, her new cage is full if different types of toys which Poppy isn’t used to, as her last toys were rattles and a hanging toy.
As it was Bonfire night I decided to put the telly on for her, and to leave her be so she could adjust to her new surroundings. With this being a massive change, Poppy felt safest clung to the bars at the top of the cage, we managed to entice her down to her food bowls but she didn’t want to eat or drink, and when it was bedtime she clambered back up to the top of the cage. I don’t think she has ever seen the types of toys or perches that I have place in her cage, and didn’t go on the perches at all.

After being with her previous owners for over 14 years, all that Poppy has ever known has now gone, and she is going to need lots of TLC to help her adjust to life with us. She is such a little sweetie, and I’m sure once she has settled down and gets used to her new life, she will become quite a character within our family.

Here is a Photo of the new cage, and of course one of little Poppy.

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