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Blue Fronted Amazon

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Blue Fronted Amazon

Devastating News

April 4th, 2013
Devastating News

It is with a very broken heart that I’m writing Rocky’s last blog, as my beautiful boy sadly passed away on the 10/03/2013.

Rocky had suffered a heart attack during the course of Saturday night, he was rushed to the vets when found in a state first thing Sunday morning, but sadly he passed away at home a few hours later.

I’m absolutely devastated as I loved him to pieces, and I’m am missing him dearly.

I promised Rocky a forever home FOREVER, so he is being cremated, his ashes will be placed in a casket and he will return home next week.

I’m gutted that he was only here for 12 months, but I am very privileged and humbled that I had him.
I can honestly say that he made massive progress during the year he was here, and that he seemed so happy, and loved my other Amazon to bits, I’m so sad that she has lost her partner.
He was so beautiful, I will never forget him, he will always live on in my heart.

R.I.P My Beautiful Boy, Fly Free

Rocky, Ruby, & Lady

January 3rd, 2013

Rocky -
Rocky is doing great, he is still eating well and is chewing and playing with his toys. He is still a very noisy boy, and paired with my other Amazon, they scream the street down, but that’s just the way I like it. He’s going through a moult, but is still his usual self. Other than that, there’s really not much to update on him at the moment. :)

Ruby -
Ruby is still her usual chirpy happy self, still whistling away, and is full of beans, she eats like a little piggy, and her feathers on her right wing are so much better and she only has one flight feather missing which is fantastic. I’m so pleased with her. :)

Lady -
Lady is still very demanding, she goes through her toys like a hot knife through butter. She still plucks her cheek and neck feathers, but we’ve come such a long way from where she was when she first arrived over two years ago. I’m very proud of her.

I cannot put into words how much I adore these birds, and they are a massive part of my life and my family. I wouldn’t be without any of them, not for the world :)

Lady, Ruby, & Rocky

November 9th, 2012

Lady -
Lady is doing great, she’s enjoying chewing her way through her never ending supply of shredding toys :) I know our supplier has some of Lady’s favourite style of palm and paper toys in stock, so Lady will be a very happy bunny when I place the next order :)
She still doesn’t like the ceiling toys, but she will still carry on with her day regardless, and flies around them when she needs to.

Ruby –
Ruby is going through another moult now that the heating is on, so she’s a little grouchy, but she is coping very well, bless her.
I’ve given her a little pot with a different variety of chewable toys to encourage her to forage. I have placed the pot on the bottom of her cage, and she has chewed her way through most of them already :)

Rocky -
Rocky is still as noisy as ever along side my other Amazon :) He has now mastered manoeuvring around one of the Java stands, and he is now out most of the time which is fantastic. The only time he goes in the big cage is to give his feet different textures from the smooth branches of the Java stand. He ventures onto the sisal spiral rope by his tree, he doesn’t go too high, but seems to enjoy chewing the rope more than climbing on it!!

There are big changes ahead next year as we are looking to move property, and we will be looking for somewhere that suits all our needs. I have my fingers crossed that we’ll be able to find a new home with a bigger room for the birdies to play :)

Rocky Doing Great!

September 19th, 2012
Rocky Doing Great!

Rocky is doing great, he and my other Amazon are getting on well, and they both now preen each other which is lovely to watch :)

He still hates me, but hates the hubby more so. I will get tickles, and he will step up to me (with a bit of a fight) :P
I think he is beginning to understand that I have no fear, regardless of how much he bites or strikes. It took my other Amazon about 18 months, so I’m not phased at all. It’ll take as long as it takes. He’s pretty good though, and he does make me laugh, especially when he gets all excited and charges at me, then blows me a kiss then says what??!!
Such a cheeky boy!!!

I’m really glad he gets on with my other Amazon, it really does make a difference, they have their moments, but overall they make a lovely couple :)

Oh, and he’s now over 600g in weight :D
The goal now is to try and get him up to 650g :)

Rocky – Love Is In The Air

August 7th, 2012
Rocky - Love Is In The Air

Rocky is doing very well, he’s is eating well, playing well, and screaming extremely well. He still hates the hubby and I, but we don’t mind. He seems very settled and happy :D

He shares his cage with my OWA who is very timid around other birds, but other the past few weeks she has learned to realised that Rocky is a friendly boy who won’t cause her any harm. She has become more confident with Rocky and has even started preening him!!! It’s soooooooooooooooo lovely to watch :)

Poor Rocky was a little unsure of what my OWAs intentions were at first, after all he’s spent the last few months being growled at and being bitten by her because she was so scared of him, but he’s slowly starting to relax when she approaches him, and thoroughly enjoyed being preened by her yesterday :)

I’m so glad I put them together, because my gut instinct told me they would get along eventually, and my gut was right :)

I think this is the start of something beautiful :D

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