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Buster In Love!

June 18th, 2012
Buster In Love!

Well it has been a while since I have updated on Buster have had loads going on and also we had a much needed week away with the kids to Mallorca which was lovely.

So as we was going away our fab neighbour who pops in and feeds and keeps our parrots company looked after all our parrots, I was a little worried about Buster as even though our neighbours feed and look after our parrots to make sure they are happy Buster craves LOTS of attention and to be out nearly all day/evening I thought it best that I take him over to our lovely foster lady who foster’s rescue greys for us when we are full or if they need extra special attention or to be brought round from biting ect.

She is local to me and already has 2 greys of her own, Poppy an 18 month old girl grey she brought from a hand reared baby, and Cookie a rescue she rehomed from us a few years ago, as she is home all day long most days I thought Buster would be better off with her as she can have him out 24/7.

I dropped him off a week before we went away so I could keep an eye on how he is doing, he still was picking at his scabby patch causing it to bleed a little but nothing major like he use to do, it seems it clears right up then for some reason he will just pick at it make it bleed again and we start all over again, so I wanted to be sure the move didn’t upset him before I went, well I don’t know what I was worried about he bonded straight with Angela and not just her… she was able to handle him, stroke him straight away and he has been chatting away to her, I took round a fleece soft collar to hers before I went as I was planning on trying him with it as I think the patch heals then gets very itchy and that is when he picks it, I think if he cant get access to pick it then it will heal and once it is not itchy I am hoping it will break the cycle.

Well on return of my holiday Angela told me that not only does Buster love her but he is also falling in love with her female grey Poppy :) He has the collar on also and is doing well with it on.

So now we are in 2 minds what to do, as he is so happy there and in love we are thinking we don’t really want to move him again as he has settled in so well and is very happy and in Love, and Angela loves him to bits and has offered to give him a loving forever home which is great for him.

Here is a photo of him with his Warm comfy collar on

Buster Update May 2012.

May 13th, 2012
Buster Update May 2012.

Buster has been with us for a while now and he is doing really well, his scabby bit has dried up on a few occasions but then he will have a pick at it and make it look red and sore, he had a pick at it a few days ago and it did bleed but nothing like it has done before.

He is one fussy bird! he will not eat his fruit unless it’s grapes, he will not eat veggie mash or pellets or warm animalzone cereal, he is a very stubborn boy, I did catch him while I was out of the room having a pick at the cereal so that is good I made out I didn’t see it ;)

He has had a piece of orange and we are putting fruit onto a kebob stick to see if he will eat more.

He is chatting a little bit more loves being out of his cage and always say’s ‘NIGHT NIGHT’ in a really deep scary voice!

A lady who fosters came and met him the other day and he took a instant liking to her she could tickle him and everything took me a few days! little flirt!

Anyway he is a couple of photos of him.

Buster 2 Weeks In – Making Good Progress.

April 24th, 2012
Buster 2 Weeks In - Making Good Progress.

Well Buster has been here just over 2 weeks now and he is doing really well.

He loves to come out of his cage and loves nothing more than sitting on the door of his cage watching the goings about of our busy house!

He has also been really good with his mutilating and has hardly touched it which is fab, he has been eating his Tidymix well, has tried Animalzone Parrot Cereal which I gave him warm with a little bit of pure Honey in it to get him to try it which he did :)

I also got him to have some warm Vita Tea which he REALLY enjoyed and was drinking it for about 5 minutes.

I can see a difference in him I think he is still pulling is feathers and down out but as long as we are making progress on the mutilating I am happy and we can work on the feathers at a later date.

Below are 2 photos one from last week and one from tonight can you see a difference?

Meet Buster – Feather Plucker And Mutilator.

April 21st, 2012
Meet Buster - Feather Plucker And Mutilator.

On the 7th of April I collected a grey called Buster.

Buster is 8 Years old and belonged to a lovely lady on our forum who rescued him from a local rescue centre near her and he was in a awful mess with hardly any feathers and not very tame at all he was fed a diet of human foods like pizza and chips, within a few weeks she was able to stroke Buster like a cat and he soon began to feather up and look gorgeous again, It all went down hill when she went away for 2 weeks on holiday and they left Buster with her sister, who it seems Buster fell in love with big time and really bonded with her, once they had returned and Buster went home again the plucking got really bad and he didn’t stop there he mutilated his skin too to the point of it dripping with blood, he was taken to the vets a number of times, wore collars had skin scrapes done and ended up getting a infection under his wings from wearing the collar, so that had to be removed and he carried on, they tried diet changes and he is one stubborn bird he just wouldn’t eat so the vet advised them to carry on with the seed he was on to not let him loose to much weight, he would never come out of his cage when it was left open or let her tickle him at all very much which broke her heart, she even asked her sister to take him as this is what it seemed he wanted but as she worked long hours it wasn’t right or fair to do this so she contacted us after a really bad night when she came down to find he had picked himself so bad that there was blood all over the floor and perches.

When I picked Buster up she was so upset as she loved him so much and had tried so hard but it just couldn’t be her to give him what he needed I took him home got his cage out gave it a good clean to clean off any traces of blood and popped him inside.

It was rather late and as soon as I sat down we was greeted with a ‘NIGHT NIGHT’ in a REALLY deep voice it kind of freaked me out!!

We let him settle for a few days and I changed his seed to Tidymix which he ate with a bit of a strop and we opened his cage to see what would happen as he hadn’t come out for months(his wanting) and wow out he came straight away! :) not only that he stepped straight up onto Rick and my arm … Yay!!!

Here are a few photos of him –

I will be blogging about him and his progress his up’s and downs as they happen.

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Buster | You are here