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Busby Warms His Feathers!!

February 20th, 2013
Busby Warms His Feathers!!

Well as it was such a lovely day yesterday Busby wanted to take himself outside into the garden to get some sunshine on his feathers, considering it was frosty in the morning I was very shocked to see how warm it was, so the kids all went outside to play in the garden as it was half term and I went to do a bit of gardening and after Busby had finished his warm cereal I took Busby out to catch some sunshine, he loves nothing more than to have the sun on his feathers.

He loves to either sit on his Java tree and watch the kids, or on the back of one of our patio chairs and it was the Java tree today.

Hoping it carry’s on and look forward to the coming summer for lots of fun in the sun! x

Busby Lets Himself Out!

October 29th, 2012
Busby Lets Himself Out!

Well after being allowed a lay in as little one slept in I got up feeling good I came downstairs and headed for the kitchen to make a cuppa and was welcomed with a ‘Hello’ coming from the floor!

Now Busby is his own little mind and chooses when he is out only time he is locked in his cage is when it’s bed time so I know he is safe and not being naughty!  How wrong was I!

He manages to get out of the bottom of the cage he slides the grill and tray open bit by bit until it’s big enough for him to slip out of!

Well he had a right fun time and totally enjoyed himself by the looks of it,  he had taken a dislike to our wicker washing basket and thought he would rearrange it!




As you can see he is really pleased with himself,  he then shouted “where’s my dinner” and started chasing my feet around!

Got to love them eh!

Buster In Love!

June 18th, 2012
Buster In Love!

Well it has been a while since I have updated on Buster have had loads going on and also we had a much needed week away with the kids to Mallorca which was lovely.

So as we was going away our fab neighbour who pops in and feeds and keeps our parrots company looked after all our parrots, I was a little worried about Buster as even though our neighbours feed and look after our parrots to make sure they are happy Buster craves LOTS of attention and to be out nearly all day/evening I thought it best that I take him over to our lovely foster lady who foster’s rescue greys for us when we are full or if they need extra special attention or to be brought round from biting ect.

She is local to me and already has 2 greys of her own, Poppy an 18 month old girl grey she brought from a hand reared baby, and Cookie a rescue she rehomed from us a few years ago, as she is home all day long most days I thought Buster would be better off with her as she can have him out 24/7.

I dropped him off a week before we went away so I could keep an eye on how he is doing, he still was picking at his scabby patch causing it to bleed a little but nothing major like he use to do, it seems it clears right up then for some reason he will just pick at it make it bleed again and we start all over again, so I wanted to be sure the move didn’t upset him before I went, well I don’t know what I was worried about he bonded straight with Angela and not just her… she was able to handle him, stroke him straight away and he has been chatting away to her, I took round a fleece soft collar to hers before I went as I was planning on trying him with it as I think the patch heals then gets very itchy and that is when he picks it, I think if he cant get access to pick it then it will heal and once it is not itchy I am hoping it will break the cycle.

Well on return of my holiday Angela told me that not only does Buster love her but he is also falling in love with her female grey Poppy :) He has the collar on also and is doing well with it on.

So now we are in 2 minds what to do, as he is so happy there and in love we are thinking we don’t really want to move him again as he has settled in so well and is very happy and in Love, and Angela loves him to bits and has offered to give him a loving forever home which is great for him.

Here is a photo of him with his Warm comfy collar on

Busby Being Helpful

May 23rd, 2012
Busby Being Helpful

Well as the weather was so nice outside yesterday I thought it would be a good time to go outside and do some weeding! Now when I say some, the whole garden has gone way overgrown after all the rain we have had.

So Busby came out to keep me company while I was weeding he loves nothing more than to sit and watch me busy out in the garden he will sit anywhere I put him he favourite spots are on the back of one of our patio chairs or he likes to sit on the Java tree we have in the garden.

I took him over to see our Blue Fronted Amazons Kerry and Jerry he was really interested in them, Only Jerry was out as Kerry was in her nest box sitting tight on some eggs which should hatch any time soon.

Here are some photos of him enjoying his time out in the garden.

Busby Play’s Fireman!

May 18th, 2012
Busby Play's Fireman!

Busby is such a little dude, he is a little grey with a MASSIVE personality he knows his own mind, he will not sit on the play stand he like to jump off and sit on his chosen spot which is the stair gate between our living room and dining room!! He will sit there happily until he fancies a stroll about or some food which he will then use his fireman skills to get down quickly as you can see below.

We have been learning some tricks too which I will video and blog about.

We all love Busby! x

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Paula | You are here