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George Is Improving.

April 17th, 2012
George Is Improving.

Wow well, this week so far has been mega interesting with our George. He has made some massive leaps forward. He has tried different veggies and he has tried mango which he liked. He doesn’t seem too keen on apple though.

He has started to enjoy showers and he has one every morning along with the other three boys.This morning (Tuesday) I actually managed to spray him with his cage door open, his feathers are so dusty so it helps to reduce the dust and he must feel much better for it. He certainly seems to benefit from it.

He has also ventured onto Charlie and Dexters cage, only for a minute or two but he did it. Then he was sat on his perch in his cage when Dexter startled him and he jumped out of his cage onto the floor. So…I sat with him and he just crawled up me, I couldn’t believe it!! He climbed up me, sat on my shoulder for a while taking in the view and enjoying the heat of the sun on his back coming through the window. He then gave me kisses while he was sat there. Totally unbelievable it was!! Then I needed to get him down as I had to somehow get him back to his cage without scaring him, so, I got a cushion and said step on, he stepped on to the cushion and I managed to carry him back to his safe haven (his cage) and then closed the door!!!

He got a couple of treats as did the others and then he started to tuck into his food.

His confidence is growing a little bit each day and we are so suprised by the things he is doing. He still doens’t make a lot of noise like the others and he isn’t all that bothered for toys but he had a little play last week and the odd chomp on his wooden toys but that’s it. But still he is doing great and we are really proud of him.

I will update again as new things happen.

Update on our New Grey George

April 11th, 2012
Update on our New Grey George

Well George has been part of our flock for almost a week now.

In that time I have managed to build up more trust with him and his self confidence is building every day. Each morning our three greys are let out for around three to four hours. They can do as they please and George used his time to go into Charlies cage to pay him a visit and eat his breakfast! We found it so funny.

George almost enjoys a shower with all the other birdies now too, the first few days we had growling and screaming now….nothing which is fantastic. We are still trying to build enough trust between us for me to put my whole arm into the cage, I’ve got my hand in but just now that’s far enough for George, that’s fine we will work at his pace. He gives me kisses through the cage, and we have had the “move like jagger” tune too which was so funny.

George has yet to play with his new toys but in the last few days he has at last ventured from his water bowl onto the lovely new perches I put in for him. I’m hoping they will help to reduce the length of his beak and make his nails less sharp. He has a good appetite on him and between him and his brothers they are eating us out of house and home!

He has settled into our home well considering he is such a frightened and nervous little grey. We will continue to work with him and love him as much as our other birdies as he is one of the gang now and we just adore him. Charlie thinks he’s lovely and he will often sit on his cage asking George for a kiss.
We would love to find out at some point if George is a Georgina but at the moment I would like to keep all my fingers so collecting feathers for DNA seems miles away but it doesn’t really matter wether he is a she, so long as our little George is as happy as he can be, as he deserves to have a long and happy life.

Welcome to our family George. :) ) xxx

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Doodah/George | You are here