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Update On George May 2012

May 22nd, 2012
Update On George May 2012

Well another couple of weeks have passed and George is slowly making progress. He’s now letting me remove his food and water bowls without throwing himself at all. We sometimes get a little growl but usually he’s ok about me getting them out and putting them in.
I treated him to a beak buffer from Scarletts to try and encourage him to reduce that beak, it’s still huge and incredibly sharp. I have noticed that he is having a chew on the beak buffer which is great. He is also playing a little bit more. He has totally destroyed the centre of a coconut slice toy and he’s really enjoyed doing it too!!

He has also had a tiny chew on some wooden beads on his toys, I’m hoping all this will help his beak and encourage him to see that he can have fun with toys.

He still loves Charlie and because their cages are next to each other they often sit trying to kiss each other through the bars and they try to preen each other too. I’m still allowed tickles at night time and I now get tickles every morning too. His head goes down and he let’s me tickle until I’ve had enough of tickling then he likes me to stroke his wing at the side. His talking is really good but again he only chats at night when Sandy has gone upstairs to watch football.

He’s now saying, “tickle, kiss, come on, come on then, hello sweetheart, hello Georgie” he will also kiss me through the bars if I ask him.
He really is making progress.

Although it’s small steps I’m really impressed that he feels comfortable enough to chat away at night as it’s lovely to sit and listen to him to what he’s picked up from us.

He’s really enjoying his showers now and his feathers are much improved. He seems to be moulting the odd tail feather and the odd chest feather, they are moulted out and not pulled out as the quill in intact and not chewed at all.He’s enjoying his diet of vegetables, chop, mash, Harrisons, AZ parrot muesli and he loves parrot cereal warm first thing in the mornings.

He’s a really wonderful bird and he fits in lovely with our other birds. He’s one of the family and I’m so glad we have the time to spend with him to watch him grow and develop into confident bird.

We love him to bits!

Doodah Becomes George!

April 8th, 2012
Doodah Becomes George!

Monday 2nd April we travelled to pick up a 2 and half yr old grey named Doodah.

Doodah had been part of the same family since he was a baby and had been loved by them all somewhere along the way he had begun to lost the bond with his owners and this was heartbreaking for them to see, he was well cared for and provided for and certainly loved but they felt he lacked in the interaction they so wanted to give,and so they made the heartbreaking decision to rehome him to the AGPC and hoped he could someday learn to love someone else the way he once did them.

When i bought him into our home i decided to give him a complete change inc a new name of George i also gave all new toys and perches but kept the one he saw as his comfort zone, where he seemed to retreat to if anyone he felt unsure of entered his space the only person he really seemed to like was our 7 yr old sonhe seemed to feel rather nervous and certainly uncomfortable around the rest of us so all his day to day care was led by our son, he chatted with him and did al the feeding and watering and even sat by him whilst i did the cleaning.

George had always been on a seed based diet but after the first spoon full i refused to give anymore and instead fed a pellet which George willingly took to in a instant.

I had originally thought George would be a long term foster as the road to learn to accept a adult was going to be a long one until on Wednesday only a couple days after George arrived a friend of mine from AGPC came to visit, again it was her daughter George excepted but them i couldnt believe my eyes when George allowed Jo into his space and also took food from her hands he even began to play on the floor but that was until i again entred the room
it seemed that little George had selected his own new mummy so the very next day i delivered George to his new forever family it seems like it was a match meant to be!

So on that note i will hand his blog over to his new mummy Jo.

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