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Izzy (Baby)

September 7th, 2012
Izzy (Baby)

Well I really don’t know where the time goes!

Izzy has really settled in well and is enjoying her new home. Izzy loves mimicking us and Ozzy our other grey and sometimes even I’m not sure which one of them is calling meI She loves chewing on her wooden toys and can’t get enough of them.

Although we haven’t had a brilliant summer I have managed to get them both out into the garden whilst having friends round and who were entertained by both of them!

Well that’s it for now, will update soon.


Baby Becomes Izzy!

December 13th, 2011
Baby Becomes Izzy!

Well so much has happened since Baby became a new member of our family.

Baby has had her name change to Izzy which she responds to really well, she has been converted to Harrisons pellets and she is confident in exploring the rest of the house with Ozzy.

The best bit of news is that Izzy and Ozzy have become friends! I was worried at first that Ozzy may be jealous of our new arrival but I had little to worry about as they accepted each other very quickly and were even sharing each others cages and food.

They are very good company for each other and chatter most of the day. Izzy is still having a few problems with her flying techniques but I’m sure with Ozzy showing off his flying skills this won’t last for long!

Well thats all for now.

Next time I will post some photos of them both.


Baby Settles Into Her New Home!

October 23rd, 2011
Baby Settles Into Her New Home!

Hi, my name is Linda and I live with my husband Geoff, my son Tom, and Ozzy my male african grey in Somerset. We are all over the moon about our new addition to our Family. Its been nearly a week since Pat safely delivered Baby to us and its been both busy and exciting with us all getting to know her.

She is absolutely gorgeous and is a respectful lady. The way she preens to the way she eats with etiquette is all very funny to us compared to Ozzy who’s habits are somewhat less delicate than Baby’s. They both seem to be in a world of their own around each other, at first Ozzy wanted to pronounce his dominance but he quickly snapped out of that after baby gave him a polite squawk. Today she came out of her cage for the first time, we have tried to entice her out before but she was relentless to come outside her cage. But finally today after some funny flying she braved life outside of her cage and spent time enjoying being taken for a tour of the house.

Thank you Paula for giving us Baby.

We will keep you posted on Babys new life with us.

Meet Little Baby!

October 17th, 2011
Meet Little Baby!

Baby came to us because she needed to have a new home, her beak was quite overgrown and her nails like needles, but after a trip to the vets she is a real glamour Baby lol.

She was very quiet while we had her here, just the occasional “whoosh” as we went past her cage or picked her up, I think she was a bit overwhelmed with Charlie and Penny but I’m sure she will learn to love Ozzy in her new forever home.

She is one lucky little lady, a lovely new cage and toys waiting for her and if she did but know it, she is about to be spoilt rotten lol. I have to say that was one lovely transaction, Baby’s old owner was doing the best thing for Baby when she realised that it wasn’t possible to look after her any more and then off to the vets for beauty treatment and on to her new owner who is more than happy to take her on.

So good luck to Baby……..I’ll hand this Blog over to Linda, Baby’s new mum

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Baby | You are here