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Cookie Stands His Ground!

October 6th, 2011
Cookie Stands His Ground!

Hello Angela here Cookies mum,i dont seem to be doing this right as i am useless with computers i some how put in reports about cookie but not in the right place, so please bear with me i need to get help from someone who knows what they are doing,if i had a brain cell i would be dangerous!!

Anyway if anyone is lucky enough to read this Cookie is doing very well and i really hope this herbal treatment continues to help the plucking so far so good! He loves to be out of his cage and can run very fast when he has to go back in to his cage, so with those little legs going ten to the dozen and of course quite a few nips we take about 20 to 30 mins to get him into the cage.

Cookie and poppy come out together now but young poppy is rather a bossy little madam and likes to show Cookie who is boss,but now cookie is starting to stand his ground which is good! I also put poppy in her cage and give cookie some peace,mind you they both talk so well to each other in fact some days they dont know when to stop I love it :)

Must go now as cookie wants to come out,bless him,

Bye for now will update again soon

Angela,cookie and poppy.xxx

A More Feathered Cookie!

September 26th, 2011
A More Feathered Cookie!

Hello again from cookie,well its been a little while since i was started on this new treatment to stop me from plucking and i have to say i am getting some new feathers!!

Yes cookie is doing well and i think we may have cracked it,i found a remedy from northern parrots and thaught i would give it a try.Its called PLUCK NO MORE,NATURAL HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY-177ml it does cost £34-99 and depending on how severe the plucking is can take a few months,you put some in the drinking water and some with water in a spray bottle and spray the bird up to four times a day and let them dry naturaly,but while you are giving this treatment you dont give the bird any fresh fruit or veg.

I have just used the last of my first bottle and judging by cookies new growth i hope we will need only one more bottle,he does feel so soft and is not scratching as much as he did when he first came to me,i also give poppy and spike the odd spray and they quite like it.

It is also good for dogs would you beleive?.

I do hope this information does help any of you who are in the same situation,

Will try and add up some photos

Luv cookie and Angela.

Cookie Update!

September 1st, 2011
Cookie Update!

Sorry its been a while since i left news of cookie but my computer has been down,well cookie is still plucking oh yes he had me fooled and i have desperatly been trying all sorts of things to stop it,he is constantly out of his cage,but it is realy habit now.

I have just started using a new liquid which has been used for some time in america and they say it takes up to five months (in realy bad cases)you measure out some to go into the drinking water,also some to go into a spray and saturate them four times a day letting them dry naturaly so will give this a try and keep you all updated.

Cookie is so sweet and likes to be out of his cage as much as possible and is starting to realy bond with me,he and poppy come out together and do a little sparring but nothing serious,they constantly chat together,call ,squark sing even,though not so well i might add but hey what the heck we enjoy it.

Cookie and poppy love to help mum to eat her lunch,tea,stealing my cooked veggies and fruit, but when she is ironing we have the best time cos we scream and yell but she cant escape cos shes stuck in the corner behind the ironing board tee hee,well she has to say goodbye now cos i need my last good spraying so i am nice and dry before bedtime,so will be in touch soon

Cookie xxx

Cookies Update!

July 1st, 2011
Cookies Update!

Cookie is a lovely boy,he has been with me for a couple of weeks now and is still surprising me with new words,but now he is spending more time out of his cage ,getting him back in is getting difficult.HE BITES,oh yes my gentle boy becomes quite a little devil for a while.

I must admit i do have a bit of a giggle,although he has managed to get me twice,then he had a giggle.He and my poppy are calling to each other and its lovely to just sit and listen to them both,and i am so pleased to say cookie has stopped plucking fingers crossed so keep a watch oiut for the next update i will add some photos soon too.

Say Hello To Cookie!

June 15th, 2011
Say Hello To Cookie!

Another one of the rescues from the weekend is Cookie the African grey.

Cookie is 4 years old and was rehomed as his old owner couldn’t spend as much time with him as what he craved due to having to work long hours, so she made the heart breaking choice to re home him so he could have the attention he loves.

Cookie has started to pluck and has plucked most of his cheast feathers and a few from the top of his wings out too, he still has the down feathers left so i am sure in time he will grow these back.

Cookie loves to be out and say’s “It’s all right!” quite a lot! He is also a good flyer.

As it was so sunny the other day i popped him into a carrier and took him out in the garden to get a bit of sunshine on his feathers which he really enjoyed!

Here is Cookie!

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Cookie | You are here