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Billy The Timneh Update

February 21st, 2013
Billy The Timneh Update

Its coming up 2 years in June since Billy joined our family. He gives me a lot of pleasure with his chatting and he learns new words slowly. I’ve been calling him my best boy,now he says bill best lol…

Billy and Bella come out together now and do their own thing. As you can see by the photo billy has completely taken over the sofa!

He plays with toys but is obsessed with my feet, which is a bit of a problem as he spends a lot of the time on the floor.

He flew for the first time last week on his own without being spooked which is amazing he is becoming more tamer by the day although I’m still taking my time, he has stopped lunging to bite and is happy for a head rub out of the cage.

Im hoping he doesn’t use his new flying skills to fly at me to be nasty, I don’t think he will but lets hope not.

He is a very happy bird and interacts well with Bella. Bella has copied him a lot, she even flaps her wings ‘good morning’

Keep up the good work Paula and Rick you are doing a great job. I am very happy with Billy and I think Bills pictures show he is a happy birdy enjoying his new life with us.

Billy – 1 week on

June 19th, 2011
Billy - 1 week on

Well it’s taken a week for Billy to start settling in properly, he was very quiet for ages, but last night he was dancing and singing along with me to ‘Town called Malice’. He is eating really well and interacting with Bella a lot more, they are constanly talking to each other. I cant wait for them to meet and hopefully gain a lifelong friendship.
Billy is managing to eat me out of house and home, i need to go shopping again for more veggies to make more bread, he loves it. He is settling at night very well too, not a peep until he is uncoverd which is fab.

So far so good, I will take some more photo’s and share them later in the week.

He has also said a few words, goodboy, mummy (well that’s what i think it is) but the dancing is fab!!

Billy Comes Home!

June 13th, 2011
Billy Comes Home!

After considering taking on a baby grey a while ago with much thought and some input from other members i decided not to get one and maybe give an older bird a forever home.
Paula had posted that they needed foster homes in the south. This was my chance. After speaking to Paula we decided that I would receive Billy on the sunday, this was Friday. I texed hubby and asked him first, and he said yes. After an anxious excited wait Billy came on sunday.

He is currently in quarantine in our kitchen away from our other Timneh Bella who was also a rescue and is now 9 and a half. Billy is approximately 20/25.

It is now Tuesday morning and Billy is doing really well, settling at night after being covered, and he is eating like a horse. Fresh sweetcorn, broccoli, birdy bread, mash (not so keen on that) runner beans, potato,courgettes and he hasn’t touched one sunflower seed since he’s been here. Like all greys he loves a monkey nut but at the moment they are strictly limited to 1 a day and out of the shell. I will keep these and the odd sunflower seed for the day we let him out, and bribe him back in with these and training only.
When i uncovered him this morning he flapped his wings and bobbed his head, this is him saying hello which was cute as! He is still very quiet, few whistles but not much else, overall very quiet, but im very aware this will change lol. He has eaten brekkie this morning and is now sitting on his perch having a little preen.

Billy The Timneh!

June 12th, 2011
Billy The Timneh!

After a very wet busy sunday collecting another rescue i would like you all to meet Billy!

Billy is around 20-25 years old and has lived his his current owner for about the last 8 years and he doesn’t feel he was giving Billy the time and attention he craved so contacted us for help to re home him with someone that could give this this.

He has stunning colouring to him with sort of a brown ting to his feathers and he is in really great condtion.

We was lucky enough to match Billy to a lovely lady who is on our forum who already owns a female Timneh so she has taken him on and after a month or so once he has settled she is going to slowly let them meet and fingers crossed they become best of friends :)

Once we collected Billy he was Whistling away in his travel cage seemed very happy and not at all worried

I will now hand this blog over to Karen, Billys forever home fingers crossed they get on ok.

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Billy | You are here