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Billy The Timneh Update

February 21st, 2013
Billy The Timneh Update

Its coming up 2 years in June since Billy joined our family. He gives me a lot of pleasure with his chatting and he learns new words slowly. I’ve been calling him my best boy,now he says bill best lol…

Billy and Bella come out together now and do their own thing. As you can see by the photo billy has completely taken over the sofa!

He plays with toys but is obsessed with my feet, which is a bit of a problem as he spends a lot of the time on the floor.

He flew for the first time last week on his own without being spooked which is amazing he is becoming more tamer by the day although I’m still taking my time, he has stopped lunging to bite and is happy for a head rub out of the cage.

Im hoping he doesn’t use his new flying skills to fly at me to be nasty, I don’t think he will but lets hope not.

He is a very happy bird and interacts well with Bella. Bella has copied him a lot, she even flaps her wings ‘good morning’

Keep up the good work Paula and Rick you are doing a great job. I am very happy with Billy and I think Bills pictures show he is a happy birdy enjoying his new life with us.

George – In His Forever Home x

February 17th, 2012
George - In His Forever Home x

Well, I would like to introduce myself, my name s Karen and I recently became George’s new mummy.

George is definately a very inquisitive boy, loves to whistle, play with his toys and has started to say more now.

I have been getting him used to the household routine and he is absolutely lovely.

However this morning George decided to perform his mating dance for me and throughout the day he just regurgitates, drops his wing, rolls on his back, I can do anything with him.

He has started to repeat words we say and spent the last two hours saying “hello” “nite nite”. So early days yet but he is fitting into the family just fine.

I will work out how to add photos and videos so I can keep you all updated with his new antics.

Off to bed now with George shouting nite nite, and my hahns macaw shouting,bye bye, lovely and quiet lol.

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > KarenB | You are here