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Testimonial From Syd’s Old Owners

May 17th, 2011
Testimonial From Syd’s Old Owners

It has been several months since Paula, Rick and the children came to our house in Wallington to collect Syd.

We have had Sid for over 2 years after a good friend of ours emigrated to Portugal, and as I had had an African Grey before we were more than happy to take Syd.

Syd is a great bird, very chatty and definitely a man’s bird, we loved having Syd around, but unfortunately she was constantly plucking her feathers, and as myself and my partner were at work all day, we felt it unfair to leave her on her own all day, (even though we kept the television on all day).

So with some reluctance we decided that it would be kinder to Syd for her to go to a home where she deserved the attention 24/7 that we could not give her.

We contacted Paula, who was very keen to take her on.

Although we miss her very dearly we can see that she has gone to a very loving home, and Paula and family are taking great care of her.

They keep in touch with us about her progress, and would like to thank Paula and her family for the great job they are doing with not only Syd, but other parrots and we would really love one day to go and visit them.

We wish them all the best for the future.

Kindest regards
Jack and Eileen

Syd Meets The Sunshine!

April 23rd, 2011
Syd Meets The Sunshine!

Well it has been a while now since I did a update on Syd, she has settled in really well she is still quite bald but this is a lot to do with being hormonal rather than through boredom.

She still really enjoys her swing and coming out and shredding a cereal box to 10, and still mumbles her words when she speaks, she is enjoying being part of the crazy gang here and as the weather has been so nice over the last few weeks she has been spending a lot of the day outside in the big day flight with the others here….

She is quite bossy when she is in there with the other greys and will go looking for the others and push them out of the way she may be small but she is BIG in character!

She still goes crazy for Cashew nuts and will do anything for one!

Here are a few photos of her enjoying the sunshine!!

Syd And Her Box!

March 22nd, 2011
Syd And Her Box!

Well little Syd has settled in nicely and for such a small girl she has a massive personality and voice!

She chatters a lot more now and mumbles a conversation like a telephone call but you can’t quite understand what she is saying!! Also i have gathered that Jack her old owner and his wife liked there wine!! She does the most amazing wine cork popping noise and every day so i think they enjoyed a bottle now and then, let that be a lesson to you all be careful what you teach your parrot or do in fornt of it as they will repeat it and let others know what you get up too!

I gave Syd one of the cardboard cereal boxes and she loves chewing it to bits and using it as a den, she goes in and out of it and hides in there for ages it’s very cute!

Here are a couple of photos of her in there –

Now you see me!!


Now you don’t!!

More on Syd to follow!

Syd Settling In!

March 5th, 2011
Syd Settling In!

Syd has been with us now for nearly 2 weeks and is starting to chatter quite a lot, some of the things we can make out are ‘Night’ even at noon in the day, ‘What you doing?’, ‘Whats that’, ‘ Bye’.

She still not very keen on her fresh fruit and vegetables but i am working on that! i am still working on her to finish a bowl of my mash mix, she looks at it and walks off! I know it isn’t that bad as Mai our Grey loves it! She really enjoys a bit of wholemeal pasta which you can see below -

She loves her swing she came with and sits on it most of the time when she is in her cage she looks so cute on it, she loves Cashew nuts and is getting much more comfy with me stroking her and tickling her i can stroke her all over, still not to keen on stepping up but we will get there!

Here is Syd on her swing!

New Rescue – Meet Syd The Sweet Timneh

February 21st, 2011
New Rescue - Meet Syd The Sweet Timneh

Well it was a very busy day on Sunday we was off to go and collect a new rehome, she was a little Timneh called Syd!

We set off and I went with Ricks choice of directions to go straight through London!! I was a little concerned about this as learning from experience when we went to collect Roxy last year it turned out to be the journey from hell, but I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt after all men like to think they are always right!!

As we traveled down further on the A10 it was clear that we had made the wrong choice and all was not good, I kept thinking ” I told you so” but didn’t dare to say this :)

As you can see below I was very bored and started to take some photos of the backed up traffic and also random things we passed on the way…


We even went over London Bridge!!

And could see Tower Bridge in the distance.. this was turning into a tour!!

And we passed the Shard which is being built week by week!

A random Soup seller .. Shaky….Shaky

We was following a car that had a numberplate that would suit our moderator Pat…

By this time a good few hours had passed and we was only about half way for a journey that should have taken about a hour and a half I was getting very fed up and moody and shouting at Rick lots! Well that that’s what a marriage is about isn’t it? It took so long that even our little boy fell asleep and our girl was lost in the world of Mario!

After about another half hour and a bit and having a few giggles at some of the amazing things and people we passed we arrived at John’s and we was welcomed in and offered a nice warm cup of tea as I think he could see we had, had the journey from hell! The children made themselves at home and we had a chat about Syd and met her and discussed her likes and dislikes, she doesn’t like to step up onto hands at all and seems to favour males, she was out when we got there but quickly went away as we were strangers to her, we gathered all of her bits together while Rick and John took her cage to bits so we could get it easily into the car.

After a nice rest and toilet break for us (about 3 times for the kids) we set off with Syd who spent the whole way home on my lap in the carrier watching the traffic, which she really seemed to enjoy as she was whistling every now and then, we was making friends on the way home which again took ages as we went back through London a little aiming to hit the M25.

By the time we got home it was really late so we thought it was best to get Syd settled as soon as possible and we put her into our spare cage which she seemed to enjoy.

Here are a few photos of her, she was letting me stroke her lots and really enjoyed me tickling her head and stroking her down her back, I did try to get her to step on my hand but she really isn’t keen on that so that is something we will work on after she has been here for a week or so and settled right in.

Stretching the wings now we are back!

Enjoying a nice head scratch!

I will update the blog again in a few days once she has settled in and let you all know how she is doing, she seems fine and is a gorgeous little lady, big thanks to John her owner for the tea and lovely welcome, and also for putting your trust into the AGPC Rescue taking Syd in to get her a loving forever home, I have no doubt that you will be following this blog for a long time to come as we could tell you loved Syd dearly and you just wanted what was best for her.

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Syd | You are here