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2010 December

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2010 December

Christmas With Lady!

December 27th, 2010
Christmas With Lady!

It was Lady’s first Christmas with us, and she, along with the other birds, was spoilt rotten!!!
She was not too impressed with her new toys, as she is frightened of most things, but I have left them where she can see them, so she can get used to them.
However, observing how Lady reacts to certain objects has been interesting!!! For example Lady is frightened of new toys, but when we had to buy a new TV and entered the living room with a huge box, she flew over and sat on the box to have a munch! She’s not frightened of the chocolate tin either!!! Sometimes the things that we think she would be frightened of, she actually likes!!! She wasn’t too keen when I was wrapping the presents, she seemed to be frightened of the rustling paper, yet she will happily chew normal coloured paper.

Lady has settled in to her new routine with me going back to work, although she still plucks, she has adapted very well and seems happy.

Overall, I’m very pleased, and very proud of her progress. It doesn’t bother me that she plucks, I love her regardless, and I don’t see the plucking as a set back anymore, it’s just something that she does, and may always do.

Here are the presents my babies got this year.

Update On Trafford

December 21st, 2010
Update On Trafford

Well Trafford is settling in really well and starting to come into his own.

First he took a liking to Zuri’s cage and decided to take up squatters rights, this caused a long and drawn out legal wrangle between the two of them :)

This is Trafford on his kitchen swing where he likes to watch what I am up to in the kitchen

At first Traff had no interest in any toys at all, but now he loves anything he can destroy, paper, cardboard, my keyboard. I discovered this when I found he had stripped the wallpaper from behind his cage :) So I am pleased that he is now accepting and playing with new toys. Here he is playing inthe kitchen.

While Traff and Zuri are still not the best of friends, Traff does seem to be accepting Zuri more these days, so that is a good sign.

Sammis New House

December 18th, 2010

Sammi has just moved into his new house!! He looks so happy in there and moved in no problem. Tweak was so eager to move into her house that she moved in before if was built!!
Here are some photos of them both

Adventures of Penny & Charlie

December 13th, 2010

1st time we have posted so here we go.

Penny the Green Winged Macaw has now settled in very well down in sunny Hampshire, she is sharing the conservatory with Charlie our Blue & Gold Macaw.

They both love being out all day, annoying our dog Misty, Charlie just skwarks at her but Penny climbs down the cage and waddles across the floor to where she sleeps just to annoy her.

Penny is eating anything and everything we put in front of her and has just started flap her wings, not very elegant but she is trying to copy Charlie.

She is still plucking but we are going to get her a body suit for Xmas and see how she gets on.

She dances, says Hello in a very posh voice and is as happy as the day is long, all in all she is a wonderful addition to our family.
Will update some photos of the noisy duo in a few days time.

Thanks for looking.

Dennis, Sam, Ashley & Sue

Update On Roxy

December 10th, 2010
Update On Roxy

Well Roxy has settled in so well shes started plucking again but not too bad we are trying to take her mind off it.

I went out other day and bought her a twirler swing she doesn’t like it one bit she keeps shouting No to it and biting at the wooden balls on the end of it.

Roxy can now shout Alfie, Bed time, Come on, Now give up!! She makes me laugh so much and the lace wouldn’t be the same without her!

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