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2011 January

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2011 January

Lady And The Nutcase

January 24th, 2011
Lady And The Nutcase

After leaving all Lady’s new Christmas toys on the back of the sofa for a few weeks, she has accepted most of them, and has been busy chewing away!

Most of her toys were willow, foraging, and shredding toys, as she accepts these the quickest.
I purchased 3 Nutcase foraging toys, so the birds could have one each, and I shredded different coloured paper and stuffed it into the Nutcase, and then showed them that I had added some treats.

So……………….. Lady decided she was going to have a go!!!!

I left the Nutcase in Lady’s cage while I was at work, and by the time I came home, the Nutcase was empty :) Result I thought…………
Unfortunately, it seems that Lady didn’t quite grasp the concept of pulling out the shredded paper to get to the treats, because all 3 treats were in the pile of shredded paper on the cage floor!!!!!
ALL THAT HARD WORK FOR NOTHING, which would explain why she hasn’t touched the Nutcase since!!! Every time I think about it, I can’t help but chuckle, and in fairness, I wouldn’t do all that hard work if didn’t think there was anything at the end of it either!!

Here are some pics

Eventually, she get her treats………. After I found them out of the pile, the silly billy :)

Update on Georgie and Bobbie

January 23rd, 2011
Update on Georgie  and Bobbie

Hi all,

Well sorry it has been a while since i updated but had loads of serious stuff going on regarding my parents who are both really poorly.

As a couple of people know Bobbie unfortunately died about a month after we got her, she was absolutely fine and had been fed the same as Lulu and Georgie, i came in from the kitchen after just seeing her sitting on her perch and when i came back a couple of minutes later noticed she was laying on the floor of the cage, she was dead but had only just died, she did have a slight sort of noisy breathing which Paula and ourselves had noticed, we wrapped her up and buried her in the garden, very worried as to how Georgie would react as they had been together in the same cage for 20 years!!!

Surprisingly Georgie has been a totally different bird since, she has come right out of her shell, she is more noisy, whistling and climbing around her cage like she never did before with Bobbie, she used to eat and regurgitate for Bobbie and just sit there on the perch not really doing much at all, just the occasional “YA WARM” and tap dripping noise, she is sooooooo vocal now and today said a different word for the first time “your Goooooorgeous”

She does funnily enough seem much happier without Bobbie!!! she is in her cage right next to Lulu so she has still had company, she is doing great and Lulu the little sod takes her off to a tee!!!

Hope that updates you all sorry it has been soooo long.


Sammi’s Progress in 2011

January 23rd, 2011
Sammi's Progress in 2011

Hi guys, I’m so pleased with Sammi today!! He was sat on top of his cage and put his beak on the bars for a scratch so I braced myself and scratched his neck! Its the first time Ive done it out of his cage!

Also he keeps following me, where ever I am he will run along his cage to be close to me. I’ve not decided yet if he wants to be by me or wants to rip my head of lol!

He had to do a house swap with Tweak cos Tweak was flying to her old house as soon as she was let out and I didn’t want any conflict over it so now Sammi has his own ‘shredding station’ which he is so happy with.

Here he is having fun making a lovely mess of some cardboard and his Christmas card toy.

Im Getting There!!!

January 10th, 2011
Im Getting There!!!

First of all Tweak and Sammi had a house swap. Tweak couldnt let her old cage go and would fly to it as soon as she was let out so I was worried she would be hostile to Sammi over it. Sammi gladly accepted his new house and it had the perfect shredding platform on top!

Just lately Sammi has seemed ‘jealous’ when Im talking to Tweak. He keeps doing kisses and making alot of noise until I go over to him. If he is out of his cage and I move to the opposite end he runs as fast as he can to get to me! Now I dont know if its him wanting to be close to me or him wanting to bite my head off!!

The other day I had my first out of cage head scratch and since then he has been different with me. He will bow his head for a scratch in his cage with no fluffing up! He still does his nervous preening under his wing but its much less.

Dil thinks he will be stepping up for me soon but I dont want to push it cos its taken awhile to gain his trust, I dont want to shatter it in an instant!

Here is a video of him enjoying tickles

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > 2011 January | You are here