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2011 July

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2011 July

Angus Moves House!

July 29th, 2011

As Angus and Gary seemed to be getting on so well, we thought we would risk buying a cage for them to share. The cage we chose has a divider, so that we could begin with them separate and work up from there. In no time at all they seemed to be getting on well, so we removed the divider for short periods while we could supervise. It went really well and they now spend most of the day together in one big space, sharing toys food and playtime. We have still to get to the stage where we can trust them together when we are out – but so far so good, we are pleased it’s gone so well.

As well as a new house he has a new name – he calls himself ‘An-goose’ we have no idea where that came from but it’s very funny and Gary calls him it too. He’s also perfected the ‘bomb’ and the coronation street theme tune, converted to pellets and almost grown his clipped feathers out.

Lady – Update

July 28th, 2011
Lady - Update

Lady is doing very well, all 3 birds will be having another blood work done at the end of September, this will check their livers to see if they have improved since the last test. I have stripped their diets right back, they now just have pellets, parrot mash, fruit and veg, and I have been giving increased doses of milk thistle, so I’m hoping to see some improvement. If not, then Lady will be x-rayed and endoscoped.

Lady has been her usual happy self, chewing and playing, wanting cuddles and fuss, she’s shown no signs of any illness or distress, well except for the plucking of course.
The reason I had their blood work done in the first place was to check for any problems, because with parrots, you never can tell!!!
I cannot stress enough the importance of an annual bloodwork and health check!!!

Benny To Penny!

July 23rd, 2011
Benny To Penny!

All the results of the blood and poop tests are in now and it’s really good news to know that all is well. One result was a bit of a surprise though, after six and a half years of being Benny, it turns out that it should have been Penny! Penny is doing well, she has learnt to follow a stick for a piece of grape, still no sign of her stepping up yet without shredding skin but that’s not a problem, I’m sure she will be fine but she will do things in her own time. Penny has a huge new cage and spends a lot of her time finding her way around it, she has loads of toys in there and this week has actually had a bit of a play with a couple so things are moving forward. She is a very good eater and because her cage is right next to Charlie’s they tend to eat together which is nice, so plenty of chop mix and I saw her eating a pellet today just the one but it’s a start. All in all she is doing really well, her feathers are growing although occasionally I see a little bit of nipped feather on the floor, since being in the big cage with more toys and things to do, she hasn’t done it quite as much. I am waiting for the day that her flight feathers grow back because she clings to the side of the cage, inside or outside and flaps like a demon, one day her feathers will be there and she will take off and that will be brilliant, it will probably frighten her lol.

Baileys Got Herself A Routine!

July 14th, 2011
Baileys Got Herself A Routine!

Every morning she comes out for a couple of hours so that can give her cage a good clean out.
I sit on a chair in front of her cage so that I’m just at the right height to reach everything and fill up her buffet ball and her food and foraging bowls. In the meatime, she hops in and out of her cage emptying the ball that has taken me ages to clean and fill up and she chooses a piece of fruit and climbs out and up onto the top of the cage to eat it.

I continue cleaning, wiping and drying all the surfaces etc while she hops in and out taking treats as she wants them.
Then as I’m finishing her cage, she comes and sits on the door literally inches from my face and says ‘Want a shower? Bailey want a shower?’ It’s really quite comical the way she almost demands her shower even though she isnt particularly keen on them.
I give her a shower and then its time for a quicky ‘dry by flying’ session and for her to go back in for the rest of the day. A monkey nut is waved temptingly in front of her face and you can see her shoulders sag. She knows that she must now go back in…..for good. (well at least until the evening anyway, but for her it must feel like an eternity!)

The monkey nut is then placed in her bowl and she eyes it suspiciously with her head pressed up against the bars until finally giving in and going in to get the much desired treat knowing full well that the door will be shut behind her.
I always have a pang of guilt that she has to be put away. I love seeing her climbing around the kitchen on the cupboards and swinging from the door frames and her being put away is as painful for me as it is dissappointing for her.
Once inside with the door shut, she starts playing with all of the toys I’ve replenished with cardboard chunks and willow sticks etc and she comes alive again and it seems that I am forgiven!!

Putting her away was once fraught and terrifying experience, but the lure of the monkey nut is too much for her and she goes inside happily now knowing there is a lovely treat waiting for her. I’m so glad we worked this routine out between us and I hope it will always work for us.

Love Jennifer and Bailey.

Ben Update!

July 9th, 2011
Ben Update!

Well, what can I say, Ben has had a clean bill of health so far, we are just waiting for one more result to come through and his DNA to establish whether he really is a boy or whether he should be Penny instead of Benny!

He’s doing ok, he’s bad tempered, bites a lot, doesn’t want to play with any of his new toys, but he’s a little darling and I’m sure that in time he will let me get within a foot of him without lunging at me hahaha. He’s on a better diet now with lots of chopped up veg, fruit and nuts. He is also eating Tidymix but I am really trying to get him onto Harrisons pellets.

His Calcium Iodise level was dangerously low, the average is 1.02 and Ben’s was at 0.46 which meant that he was in danger of having seizures, but hopefully that has risen a bit now that he has been on Calcivet liquid and powder.

All in all, it’s been a hectic time for him with moving house and owner, visiting vets, moving from upstairs to downstairs and meeting Charlie but he’s taken it all in his stride and I’m sure his feathers will be growing back soon. I think he was clipped on one wing as well, so those might take a time to grow back, but if he carries on doing his flappy exercises, then one day Ben could well be flying around the house with Charlie.

Ben’s first touch of a rope toy hanging in the kitchen.

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > 2011 July | You are here