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2011 August

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2011 August

Baileys Recent Adventures!.

August 31st, 2011
Baileys Recent Adventures!.

Well, as some of you know, Bailey recently escaped and was missing for a few days. Those days were the most scary and I never want to have to go through that feeling of loss and devastation ever again!! Needless to say, there is a lock firmly fixed on her cage now.

Very VERY luckily she was found by some young lads who were playing cricket at the local pitch which is only about 300 yards from my house. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have her back and know that not all stories end this way. My heart goes out to those owners, it really does. She was only away for a short while and she doesn’t appear to have suffered at all and looked in fantastic health when I picked her up. She was very quiet and indeed so quiet that I kept questioning whether it was actually Bailey. I recognised the scar across her beak, but until I could get her to speak, I couldn’t actually be sure. I need not have worried because the second I got her into her cage, she asked me ‘wanna a bag a chips, do you?’ Yep, that’s my Bailey alright! Ha Ha!!

Well since she’s been back, she’s certainly more than made up for the silence during her absence and seems to have learnt new words and phrases while she was away. Most I cannot decipher, but she has started calling for Tyler who is my youngest son. She also seems to be experimenting with different foods and before she wouldnt even try a walnut or brazil nuts, but now she loves them.

Me, well, I’m just delighted that I have my mate back again. I know I havent had her that long, infact its only 4 months, but I am so attached to her and love her so much. she has brought so much joy (and noise) and love (and mess) and absolute happiness to my days and cant remember how my life was without her. She is such a treasure and I love her dearly.

Casper Is Getting There.

August 30th, 2011
Casper Is Getting There.

Hi all. It’s been a while since I last did an update so here it goes.

Casper is now converted onto a pelleted diet, it was a battle of wills but I won in the end!!! He gets a small amount of seed in the morning with his toast and palm oil, then pellets for the rest of the day. He does eat small amounts of fresh veg, particularly cooked carrots and broccoli. He much prefers cooked rather than raw, in fact I would assume lightly steamed would be more to the fussy blighters tastes haha.

He goes out into the garden a few times a week in his travel cage. He distinctly hates the neighbour’s raucous tones as when she gets home from work, he gets more vocal usually ending up with a repeated screeching ‘stoppit’!!! He does some great bird noises and police sirens which is not so pleasant.

Whilst still been quite unpredictable, we have real progress. He used to only step up when he was been amorous or when flying to me. Now, with a bribe of a grape, he steps up pretty reliably. I am so pleased with him for starting to trust me more. He still dislikes everyone but me and evening visitors are a bit of a pain as thats when he comes out. If I can’t avoid a visit, I just alter what I am doing and he comes out earlier.

He has a new playstand and whilst he now goes on it, he doesn’t really play on it. He gets his treats on there, seeds hidden in the ropes etc but once they are gone, he returns to his homemade apple branch stand. His love is to play on the floor, shredding the Argos catalogue and playing ‘one,two, three with a rolled up ball of paper’. God that bird can launch it high!!! His favourite toys, despite my generosity are empty crisp packets and plastic water bottles. Typical eh?

Lady – Doing Well

August 29th, 2011
Lady - Doing Well

Lady is doing very well, she’s had all new toys this week, and has already destroyed one of them! I also bought a Teacher Toy for her to play with when she’s sat on my lap, she likes me to give her the rings so she can chuck them all over the floor!!

Lady will be facing a new challange very shortly, because in a few weeks she, along with the other birds, will be moved to the parrot room which is currently being decorated. I’m hoping it won’t be too stressful for her, it’s only a small room, but it will be better for all of them. They’ll be able to climb up walls and swing from ceilings, so should be a lot of fun.

Here is a picture I took today.

It’s almost time to book her into the vets for another bloodwork, and I am hoping that her liver function has improved slightly, but I’ll have to wait and see.

My Exciting Week!

August 20th, 2011
My Exciting Week!

Well, goodness me, where do I start? On friday 12th August, I made what could have been the biggest mistake of my life. I managed to fiddle about with the latch on my cage and let myself out. I thought I’d have a quick flight across the kitchen as usual, but imagine my surprise when the back door didn’t stop me going outside as it usually does!!

I gave myself such a fright that I actually poo’ed myself mid flight and that’s not like me at all. I usually have more manners and only poo on the work top in the kitchen!

Well, I soared up and up and up until I was so high up that I completely forgot which direction I’d come from! I landed in a large tree and hid myself deep inside the branches. I was terrified!! I could hear my owner calling me, but I couldn’t move, I was petrified! I know she went out looking for me until long after dark that night because I could still her calling me. I dare not call back to her because there were some huge black and white birds in the tree with me and they didn’t look that friendly to me. I said hello to them, but they didn’t answer me? I eventually fell asleep, but in the morning, I tried leaving the tree, but there was all this water pouring out of the sky. I’ve had some lovely showers in the past, but this time I got really, really wet!!!

I stayed in the tree again for the next two nights, but on monday morning, two of those black and white birds got really rowdy and were arguing over some shiny things that one of them had brought back to the tree so I decided it was time for me to leave. I could see my cage in the garden of my house, but my owners dogs were out there nearly all day barking so I daren’t go down. I flew around for a while then ended up on a large area of grass where little people were hitting a ball with a long flat stick thing. I thought it looked fun so I flew down to join in. I kept flying back and forth back to the trees and then back to this young lads shoulder. He seemed friendly because when I said ‘Hello’ he said ‘hello’ back. I’d been flying back and forth and was really enjoying the mayhem I was causing when suddenly I was grabbed and put into a brown box and taken off to a cage that was outside? There was another bird in the one next to me who must have been a bit daft because they said ‘hello’ to me so many times over and over and over again? How weird.

I was starting to get a bit hungry but all they had for me to eat was sunflowers seeds and my owner keeps telling me that they aren’t very good for me? I liked them though and ate loads of them. I miss my pellet food though. I stayed there one night and then very early the next day, my owner came for me! Yaaay!! I’m going home!! She put me back in the box again and then we went in a funny car thing. When we got indoors, she put me back in my own safe, toy filled cage and I told her I loved her very, very much and I was sorry that I’d flown away. She must have misunderstood me though because she said ‘why do you want a bag of chips Bailey?’ Funny aren’t they humans they never seem to understand what we’re saying? I’m enjoying being back home. I’ve had loads of treats and loads of cuddles too which is lovely. I don’t think I’ll venture out that far again. It was exciting, a bit scary too,

but boy its great to be home!!

Just Penny!

August 17th, 2011
Just Penny!

Penny is still pulling her feathers, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that she might never leave her feathers alone. Maybe the more we try the more we stress them out, so as long as she’s not mutilating herself, she can nip the ends off her feathers if she wants to.

Penny seems to love my partner Darryl, she lets him tickle her head and get close to her so that’s really good, he spends quite a bit of time with her talking and tickling her head. She doesn’t like me at all, but that’s ok at least she has one of us that she is learning to trust. I’ll just carry on doing the things I do, mucking out, feeding, generally keeping her clean and tidy and not getting the rewards hahaha. I can’t help but love her though, she is a fiesty little thing but she’s Penny and she’s here to stay.

She is eating pellets and chop with no bother now, she’s had no rubbish foods since she came here and although I can see an improvement in her feathers, she is still clipping the ends of them. On her right wing, there was a nice flight feather on it’s way but I noticed yesterday that it’s gone! She has loads of toys and I’ve seen her preening them today so maybe, just maybe it will give her feathers a much needed rest if she can preen toys instead.

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