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2012 March

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2012 March

Another rescue, Meet Kato

March 31st, 2012
Another rescue, Meet Kato

Kato arrived on 26/03/12, he’s gorgeous and so far friendly (with me, he did bite Stevie )
He’s 10 years old and will be 11 in June, he talks none stop and actually looks like one of my birdies, but bigger.

It was a very sad move for him and his owners, as they’ve had him from 12-13 weeks old and love him dearly, he’s showered daily and is covered at night.
He was on a seed diet but has now been fully converted to AZ pellets.

He’s had to be re homed due to personal reasons.
There were lots and lots of tears and at one point I thought they were going to change their mind, it broke mine and Stevie’s hearts listening to their very sad story and seeing how much Kato is loved.

He has now settled very well and goes to either me or Stevie.
Who ever gets to adopt him will be very happy as he’s a wonderful birdie and a joy to have in our home.


Lady Doing Great!

March 30th, 2012
Lady Doing Great!

Lady’s still doing great, and she has now started to explore her big cage now :)
All the toys I placed round her cage have now been chewed and destroyed, which is fantastic because I had started to wonder if she would ever play with them at all!!
I’m sure she will be keen to get her beak around some new ones very soon :)
Her favourite toy is the La Tenda, which is a bit like a hanging cardboard mop. She loves tearing the the strips off and chewing them, although she never seems to chew the cardboard cubes in the middle, but hey ho she likes what she likes, and considering when I first got her nearly 2 years ago she wouldn’t play with anything I’m very happy for her to be a little fussy :)

She’s come such a long way since I first got her, and although she still plucks, she has made a massive improvement, she is so close to over coming the habit and I truly believe that one day she could become fully feathered, but she will only do it if she wants to. I however I’m happy with her just the way she is. I accepted her as a plucker, she will always be a plucker in my eyes whether she stops or not, there’s no pressure on her or me.

This weekend I am going away for the first time since having parrots, some four years ago!!!
This will be a challenge for Lady and the other birds, as I am the main carer, but it’s going to be an even bigger challenge for the hubby who is looking after them all ;)

I’m sure Lady will be fine though, I have taught her to be an independent, confident bird, so I’m sure she keep the hubby in check ;)

Another Rehome – Meet Trulli

March 29th, 2012
Another Rehome - Meet Trulli

On Monday, March 18th we went and collected Trulli, she will be six in April, she clips her feathers but saying that she’s in lovely condition, she’s huge!

She came from a lovely lady who loved her so much but no longer can keep her due to personal circumstances.
Her previous owner has had her since she was a tiny baby, she actually chose her as an egg and then was there all the way through her hand rearing, so as you can imagine they are very close and when we left to come home she was heart broken saying goodbye.

Trulli is healthy and has come with a good size cage although it did have pad locks on it as she manages to open the doors, we have now popped D-Links on to stop her from getting out!

She does seem to accept men and woman, she has a good vocabulary (she does not swear) and she does step up when asked, she loves head tickles too.
She loves her veg which is good and we’re now beginning converting her to AZ pellets.

Her owner said that she was vet checked and is healthy but she never had her DNA tested, she is closed rung.

Although she’s referred to as a she I think she’s a male.

She’s took a real shine to Stevie, she dropped her wings and started to make baby noises.

She will make a lovely addition to her forever home once one is matched for her.


JoJo pretty Boy

March 28th, 2012

Well, it is official, JoJo now says “JoJo pretty boy” and he is.

I am sure his ex owner would not recognise him, he chatters non stop, loves 60s music and makes us laugh every minute of every day!

Words cannot describe the pleasure we receive from having him with us!

Poppy 3 Months On

March 16th, 2012
Poppy 3 Months On

Hi and sorry I’ve not updated in a while, been working like mad.

Poppy is doing really well since her last update. She has moved into a double cage with Marley, the divider is still in though as he tries to dominate her. They have an ultra violet lamp above the cage which poppy loves sitting under and it’s having a good effect upon her feathers, she now has all her down feathers under her wings and she is finally starting to get feathers on her chest all be it little fluffy ones.

She had her first experience of the garden yesterday in her travel cage and seemed overawed by the goings on, I’m sure with the nicer weather arriving she won’t take long to be familiarised with things.

She has mastered plenty of new words and is a joy to have in the home. Poppy and Marley are very happy together and it’s great they both have the company of one another.

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > 2012 March | You are here