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2012 September

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2012 September

Rocky Doing Great!

September 19th, 2012
Rocky Doing Great!

Rocky is doing great, he and my other Amazon are getting on well, and they both now preen each other which is lovely to watch :)

He still hates me, but hates the hubby more so. I will get tickles, and he will step up to me (with a bit of a fight) :P
I think he is beginning to understand that I have no fear, regardless of how much he bites or strikes. It took my other Amazon about 18 months, so I’m not phased at all. It’ll take as long as it takes. He’s pretty good though, and he does make me laugh, especially when he gets all excited and charges at me, then blows me a kiss then says what??!!
Such a cheeky boy!!!

I’m really glad he gets on with my other Amazon, it really does make a difference, they have their moments, but overall they make a lovely couple :)

Oh, and he’s now over 600g in weight :D
The goal now is to try and get him up to 650g :)

Ruby – Little Madam!

September 11th, 2012
Ruby - Little Madam!

Ruby is doing great, and not a lot to update on her really :)

The other day I decided to bring her into the lounge for some TV and some cuddles, which she seemed to enjoy. She was whistling and dancing away :)

We we’re both enjoying some quality time together until she decided to do the biggest POOP all down my jeans!!!
She must have been saving that one up for me!! I had to rush off and get cleaned up while she sat watching the TV :)
The little madam!!!

Ruby has also had a cage full of new toys this month, which she seems to be enjoying.
She’s such a little sweetie :)

Izzy (Baby)

September 7th, 2012
Izzy (Baby)

Well I really don’t know where the time goes!

Izzy has really settled in well and is enjoying her new home. Izzy loves mimicking us and Ozzy our other grey and sometimes even I’m not sure which one of them is calling meI She loves chewing on her wooden toys and can’t get enough of them.

Although we haven’t had a brilliant summer I have managed to get them both out into the garden whilst having friends round and who were entertained by both of them!

Well that’s it for now, will update soon.


Lady The Destroyer!!

September 6th, 2012
Lady The Destroyer!!

Lady is doing great as usual :)

She’s had a whole load of new toys this month which she has enjoyed. In fact she’s probably enjoyed them a little too much!!!
One of the toys was a deep stainless steel foraging bowl which dangled from chains. I thought this would be great to put some chewable wooden shapes in for her to chew……
It’s now just a pot which sits on the window ledge with wooden shapes in it instead.

Last weekend I added some ceiling toys to the parrot room, which has upset Lady as expected. Hopefully she will get used to them and learn to play on them. There’s 4 ceiling toys in total at the moment, 2 spiral ropes, 1 triangular swing, and a 3 hooped hexagonal swing, and it looks great. For now Lady will keep her distance from them, but in time I hope she will enjoy them…..
Although something tells me she’s more likely to enjoy by chewing them :o

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > 2012 September | You are here