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Parrot Rescue Diaries

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Parrot Rescue Diaries

The latest on Archie ‘Perfect Parrot’

February 15th, 2013
The latest on Archie 'Perfect Parrot'

Its been some time since I did a quick update on my boy. Time just flies by with normal day-to-day activities, I forget how long it has been since my last check-in.

Obviously the new aviary is redundant at the moment as its just far too cold. Still, its a useful store for the bikes at the moment. Its such a shame when Archie ca’t go out as he does love the outdoors. We have to settle for trips out in the car in his travel cage for the time been. He comes with me at the weekends to the horses and I put his cage on the stable door ( rigged up a great thing to balance him on there safely).  His wild bird impersonations have always been great. When my mum called in the other day, she heard him and been a bit of a ‘twitcher’ or whatever they call bird watchers, she said he was perfect at a blackbird, thrush and yellow hammer!!!

Archie continues to be  very calm and introverted bird. His talking decreased recently and got me a little worried but its because the Christmas tree was out. He wasn’t at all fazed by the tree which was surprising but it was because I moved his cage from the window which is the only place for the tree. He was proper grumpy and did nothing but blow raspberries haha. After a few days I rearranged the furniture so he was just inside the door but not in the alcove he was in, overnight he was a happier bird. Anyway the pesky tree is back in the loft and Archie is by the window once again, shouting at

Perfect Parrot

Perfect Parrot


He has learnt to say I love you but doesn’t pronounce it properly so its more like ‘I whoo ooo’ !! He is so much more vocal when I go out of the room (as are most greys) and constantly shouting ‘y’alright and c’mon, come ‘ere!! He loses some of his words but out of the blue they come back.

Archie doesn’t play very much at all and doesn’t seem to know how to no matter what I try. I don’t have a big toy bill haha, he likes wrappers and rolled up paper. He did come with loads of toys which he just wont entertain as they are plastic or wood and all he really likes is rope type toys and leather straps type toys.

He has had a full moult now and has lost all of his previously clipped flights. He doesnt seem to want to fly, he just sits there lifting his wings like a toddler holding up he arms to be picked up!!! He has had a couple of crash landings but doesn’t make too much effort.

Everyday when I come home at lunch and end of work day, I pull up outside and he spots me and starts shouting hello!!! And every day I think to myself….I’ve got a parrot and get a really warm feeling. I am so lucky to have him and I miss him so much when he goes on his hols if I am away, almost as much as my kids. He really is such a good boy and I never tire of talking about him although other people probably do!!! Archie the Perfect Parrot!!


Ruby, Lady, & Rocky

January 17th, 2013
Ruby, Lady, & Rocky

Ruby –
RUBY CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
When Ruby arrived, she had plucked her wing so bad that she couldn’t fly, she could only fall with style. Twice in the last 2 weeks she has flown, once from the floor, and then yesterday, from one cage to the other which was a good 8-10 ft. I knew she would do it at some point, as she has always exercised her muscles and wings which has kept her a strong little birdie. She prefers to climb though, but at least she can fly if she wants which is brilliant!! :)

Lady –
Lady is still doing well. She has finally ventured onto the table top stand that I have on a shelf in front of the window which looks in from the kitchen through to the parrot room. She seems quite impressed that she can get right up to the window to see what we’re doing, if I wipe a cloth over the window she chases it and beakbutts the window and generally has a hissy fit because she can’t get it! :)
Next to the stand is a large foraging bucket which has bits and bobs of old toys, foot toys, wicker balls, and large beads etc etc etc, she has been enjoying rummaging through it to chew whatever she can, resulting in a right old mess for me to clean :)

Rocky -
There’s not much to update on Rocky really, he’s still climbing well around the trees, and likes to have a swing on the hanging spiral rope. He is preening my other Amazon more, and pines after her if she flies away from him. He still can’t fly, and if he falls, he falls like a lead balloon, but the fact that he is climbing with more confidence every day hopefully means his muscles are strengthening :)
He’s still a noisy boy, it’s my other Amazon who is the loudest though, but my word when the pair of them get going it’s deafening!!! I wouldn’t have it any other way :D

Cosmo’s Antics

January 11th, 2013
Cosmo's Antics

Been a while since I posted an update on this little guy so apologies for that!

Cosmo is doing fantastic and just seems to be getting cheekier every day.  He is such an active bird and a non-stop talker.  One of his latest tricks is when one of our other birds, Billy starts to count to 5, Cosmo joins in.  So Billy says 1 and Cosmo quickly says 2.

When he plays, well attacks his toys, he says “get it”, attacks it, laughs and then says “you’re bad, move it, you’re a bad boy”.  He is very comical and never fails to make me smile.

So here is a video of Cosmo from just a couple of days ago.  You will also hear Echo and Billy in the background.

Rocky, Ruby, & Lady

January 3rd, 2013

Rocky -
Rocky is doing great, he is still eating well and is chewing and playing with his toys. He is still a very noisy boy, and paired with my other Amazon, they scream the street down, but that’s just the way I like it. He’s going through a moult, but is still his usual self. Other than that, there’s really not much to update on him at the moment. :)

Ruby -
Ruby is still her usual chirpy happy self, still whistling away, and is full of beans, she eats like a little piggy, and her feathers on her right wing are so much better and she only has one flight feather missing which is fantastic. I’m so pleased with her. :)

Lady -
Lady is still very demanding, she goes through her toys like a hot knife through butter. She still plucks her cheek and neck feathers, but we’ve come such a long way from where she was when she first arrived over two years ago. I’m very proud of her.

I cannot put into words how much I adore these birds, and they are a massive part of my life and my family. I wouldn’t be without any of them, not for the world :)

Neo. Nov 2012

December 26th, 2012
Neo. Nov 2012

Hi all

Neo is doing great still plucking his feathers,still hate a spray bath.but loves his own night room where every morning he is on the window sill watching the world go :)

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