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2010 October

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2010 October

Lady – Confident Girl

October 31st, 2010
Lady - Confident Girl

Lady’s confidence has shot up over the past few months, she’s starting to get used to different toys, and will happily travel around the house on my shoulder.

The biggest change in her confidence is with my children and other animals in the house, and it seems she has decided that she is not at the bottom of the pecking order!!!!!!

Lady will chase the kids, dog and cats off the sofa, she will also at times fly at them to attack, she has also started to chase and attack my Amazon too. Now as frightening as that seems, and as problematic as it can be, I can’t help but look upon it as a positive!!

It just shows me how confident she has become, and how well she has settled into our family by establishing her position with us.

The main reason why I’m looking at this so positively, is because in the new year, the birds will have their very own room, so they will be away from the kids and the other animals, their main interaction will be with me, and their new room and toys. Of course they will still be very much a big part of our family, and will still be very much a part of family life, as the parrot room will be adjoined to the kitchen, where I will spend most of my time, and they will also have use of the kitchen space too, on their very own play area. Contact with my children and other pets will be quite minimal, which the parrots should be happy with as they don’t like the kids.

There will be a lot of changes for Lady and my other birds over the coming months, but they will be slow and steady, and I have every faith that Lady will be able to cope with the changes because of her increased confidence.

Here is an updated photo.

Meet George + Bobby – African Greys!

October 30th, 2010
Meet George + Bobby - African Greys!

I would like you to meet Georgie and Bobby or George and Bob! They are two African Grey s that we also collect from the same couple as and they are 18 and 20 years old!!

They have both lived with the couple for there whole life and also lived with each other, George was hand reared and Bob wasn’t.

As they settle in and i learn more about them i will update you on this blog.

Here are a few photos –

Bob/Bobby – Enjoying some Palm oil on toast!


George + Bob – Enjoying the palm oil on toast!

Meet Penny – Green Wing Macaw

October 29th, 2010
Meet Penny - Green Wing Macaw

This is Penny she is a 17 year old Green Wing Macaw and she came to us on Sunday with 2 African Grey’s that i will blog about after Penny.

She didn’t have the best start in life and had a calcium deficiency when she was a baby which has caused her to have weak legs and wings and a wonky beak so has to have her beak trimmed monthly and walks everywhere as she has never learn’t to fly.

She is 17 years old and has lived with her owners for most of her life apart from moving in with another lady about 12 years ago for about 6 months where she started plucking, her old owner then brought her back and took her home and tried to correct the plucking but she has been doing it ever since the move… she is totally bald on her belly and top of her back and wings and looks quite scruffy bless her.

She loves being out and about and watching the world go by and the children playing seems to keep her really amused, good job as we have 4 here!!

She gave me a little nip of my hand when we went to collect her but i expected that as she was in her home and i was someone strange, i am sure she will come round, she was very loving with her owner having kisses and cuddles and tucking her head into the lady for a big cuddle….so sweet!

She was re homed as the lady and her husband are now in there 60′s and 70′s and they wanted to make sure she went somewhere they they know she would be well looked after for years to come.

Here you will be able to follow Penny’s progress, here are a couple of photos of her –

Trafford Had His Nails Clipped Then A Cuddle!

October 23rd, 2010
Trafford Had His Nails Clipped Then A Cuddle!

Trafford has been with us a week now and today we gave his nails a trim as they were very long and well in need to a trim and file!

So we let him come out and then Rick wrapped him in a blanket and held him while i gave him a manicure, he wasn’t overly keen but I’m sure he was most grateful after wards as it must have been much more comfy for him.

Once i had finished his nails he enjoyed a long cuddle wrapped in the blanket by Rick, he was even closing his eyes.. Bless! He is most definitely a mans bird!

Here are a few photos of him enjoying his cuddle –

Trafford 4 Days On!!

October 21st, 2010
Trafford 4 Days On!!

Well Trafford has been with us now for just over 4 days and he is settling in well, he has started to chat a lot more and feel at ease here with us, I get a ”good morning Trafford” in the morning and he also has been saying ”See you in a bit” he Cough’s and Bark’s and also shouts what sounds like ”Stephen!’ and has even done a smoke alarm which I was warned about by his last owners.

He loves his palm oil on toast in the mornings and also his bowl of fresh fruit and veg which he clears every morning.I have also started to mix pellets in with his seed and he is starting to eat them which is good.

He does a strange thing in the evening where he licks the cage bar for about half an hour sometimes longer not quite sure why he does it?

All in all he has settled in really well and loves looking out of our window watching the world go by!

We let him out tonight as he seemed so settled, he came out on his own no problem and Rick went over to see if he would step up on to his hand but don’t think he was quiet ready for that, so we just let him sit out and enjoy some time out of his cage.

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > 2010 October | You are here