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2010 November

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2010 November

Lady – Big Changes Ahead!

November 29th, 2010
Lady - Big Changes Ahead!

Last month Lady’s plucking had reduced, she had a lot of new feather growth, and didn’t look oven ready for the first time since her arrival.

Unfortunately I have returned to work, and the first two weeks were full time due to training. Lady started plucking again, and removed most of her new growth on the first day, although I tried to prepare her as much as I could beforehand, she didn’t take too well to the change.
Training has finished, and I’m now working part time from now on, hopefully Lady will settle into a new routine, and get used to me working.

There are many big changes ahead for Lady and my other birds. Our building work is well underway, and in the new year the birds will be moved into their very own room. I think Lady will be upset by the changes, but I’m hoping she will recover well, as these changes will benefit her greatly.

Trafford And Zuri Finally Meet!

November 27th, 2010
Trafford And Zuri Finally Meet!

Well, after being quarantined upstairs for three weeks Trafford has finally met up with Zuri and Ruby.

He has also passed his Thirteenth birthday (for which he got a few extra treats)

On first meeting Zuri, Traff was very nervous as hasn’t met many other birds previously as far as I’m aware and Zuri is a little ball of fire and mischief :)

Now they have been in the same room for over a week things are getting better, they are still not best friends but Traff is not as nervous now and they do sit quite close at times although Traff will soon let Zuri know when he wants a bit of solitude.

Trafford has also met Ruby (Conure) although they never come out together and they largely ignore each other, same with Storm (Dog) he is not at all phased by Storm.

Update on Sammi

November 25th, 2010
Update on Sammi

Sorry its been awhile since I posted on Sammi.
He is still his lovable self and still madly in love with Dil :0)
It was quite funny the other day, I was tickling him on the head whilst he was sat on top of his cage and usually he doesn’t like this and I can only manage to tickle him when he is inside his cage. Anyway I was being rather brave and he stuck his head down and next thing I knew he flew and landed on my arm!! I literally held my breath cos when he realized he was on my arm he instantly fluffed up so I knew sooner or later Id be feeling the sharp end of his beak!! He bit my arm but it wasn’t one of his hard bites as it was more like a pinch :0)
He has a new little trick now too, I was using Dil to get him used to me but now if I go near him when he is on Dils arm he will bite Dil as if to say ‘get her away’!!!

Sammi and Tweak are out of their cages most of the day together. Although they both have the run of the room they tend to stay in their own space and I don’t often find them together. Although saying that they will quite happily sit together now which is really nice.
They are always chatting away to each other and what one does the other usually mimics.

His favorite game is tormenting the cats. As soon as he hears them he will start mewing and he has got our cat perfect!!!
I’m still hoping to gain more trust with him and I have come an extremely long way. Dil strongly believes that he is OK with me but my body language is causing him to bite cos he puts his head down for a tickle and I keep flinching so that is something I really need to work on. I think if I could be that little bit more confident Id get that step further!!
I’m even considering buying a falconers glove so I wont be afraid of him biting me :0)

Also we are in the process of cage hunting. Think we have found one we like. Its a huge double cage where they can either live in together or it can be separated in 2 halves so cant wait til we can afford it!!

Sammi still adores his box and has chewed a huge hole in it now but he loves to get in there and have a good old relax.
I will have to get some photos and videos to update his blog further. That will be my task for tomorrow :0)

Georgie And Bobbie Have A New Forever Home!

November 19th, 2010
Georgie And Bobbie Have A New Forever Home!

I have some great news on Bobby and Georgie, after having there test results back and them both being all clear and both being female we have found a great loving forever home for them with a great member that has one African Grey called Lulu.

His name is Les and he had a baby grey from us a year or so ago and was looking at making his flock bigger and i know how well loved and cared for Lulu is so i thought that would be the perfect place for the duo!

Les came and collected them last night and i hear they are already getting on fab with Lulu and enjoying loads of time out of the cage, but i will let Les update you with the photos i have seen them and they are great, they look so happy and settled.

Thanks again to Les and his family for taking them on and giving them the perfect forever home!

Trafford’s Progress

November 13th, 2010
Trafford's Progress

Well thank you Paula :)

Trafford has now been with me for three weeks. He was very well behaved on the three and a half hour journey home after being collected from Paula and Rick, sitting quietly mostly apart from the odd whistle.

He was very nervous for the first few days and would tremble and run away when I approached him, this got better with time and after three days or so he was letting me stroke his beak through the cage bars.

Then after another day or two he started being more friendly out of the cage too and would let me stroke his head and beak. Then he started to grab my finger with his foot and would not let go :)

He is now a very friendly bird, always wants to be out of the cage and on my arm or shoulder, he pings the cage bars like a guitar string to let me know he wants to come out.

He is talking very well and says dozens of words/phrases as well as all sorts of weird and wonderful other sounds. He gives a large burp every time I open a can, always says Nite nite when I cover him and Good morning Trafford first thing in the morning.

He is also now imitating my voice as well as other sounds he has heard here.

He is eating quite well, not much in the way of pellets at the moment but he loves his fresh veg, fruit and palm oil on toast

All in all he is a lovely bird and over the next few days will be getting to know Zuri, Ruby and Storm :)

More to follow soon

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