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2011 February

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2011 February

Lady And Her New Toys!

February 23rd, 2011
Lady And Her New Toys!

Last week, I decided that it was time for the flock to have some more new toys, so £120 later………….. New toys were on the way!!

Saturday was the day to strip down the cages and tree, scrub them sparkly clean and put the new toys in!!
Now, as I have explained previously Lady is extremely frightened of new things, so on Saturday morning I took the toys out of the box and laid them out on the back of the sofa, for the 3 birds to have a good nose at. Lady was quite curious, so……………………

I made a judgment call…………..

Lady was going to have new toys in her cage by the end of the day!!!!!

It took 3 weeks for Lady to accept the toys that I got her for Christmas!!!!
I was prepared for a challenge!!!

In one of my previous posts, I explained that my main goal for Lady, was not to stop the plucking, but to encourage her to play with her toys, or any toys!!

Well, Lady had chewed through all of her Christmas toys, and desperately needed some more! :)

My gut instinct took over, and it felt right to put the new toys in Lady’s cage, mainly because of her reaction when the toys were laid out in front of her.

I always leave Lady on her play top whenever I clean or do anything with her cage, so Lady watched me select the toys I thought she would enjoy the most, then watched me place them around her cage. She actually climbs down to see exactly what I am doing.

Lady’s current cage is quite small, and because she is frightened of new things, I decided to place the new toys in each of the corners, then some above the main place she likes to spend the most time when in her cage. So, toys in place, then after a few hours it was birdie bed time! I thought this was going to go one of two ways…….

1, She was going to freak out and have a hissy fit!
2, She would be nervous and weary but would settle after a few days!

I got neither!!!!!!!!!!!

She was totally calm, a little cautious, but after having a good look round to see where everything was, she was totally relaxed!!!!!

RESULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

One very proud parrot mummy!!!!! :)

Here are some photos of Lady’s new toys :)

New Rescue – Meet Syd The Sweet Timneh

February 21st, 2011
New Rescue - Meet Syd The Sweet Timneh

Well it was a very busy day on Sunday we was off to go and collect a new rehome, she was a little Timneh called Syd!

We set off and I went with Ricks choice of directions to go straight through London!! I was a little concerned about this as learning from experience when we went to collect Roxy last year it turned out to be the journey from hell, but I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt after all men like to think they are always right!!

As we traveled down further on the A10 it was clear that we had made the wrong choice and all was not good, I kept thinking ” I told you so” but didn’t dare to say this :)

As you can see below I was very bored and started to take some photos of the backed up traffic and also random things we passed on the way…


We even went over London Bridge!!

And could see Tower Bridge in the distance.. this was turning into a tour!!

And we passed the Shard which is being built week by week!

A random Soup seller .. Shaky….Shaky

We was following a car that had a numberplate that would suit our moderator Pat…

By this time a good few hours had passed and we was only about half way for a journey that should have taken about a hour and a half I was getting very fed up and moody and shouting at Rick lots! Well that that’s what a marriage is about isn’t it? It took so long that even our little boy fell asleep and our girl was lost in the world of Mario!

After about another half hour and a bit and having a few giggles at some of the amazing things and people we passed we arrived at John’s and we was welcomed in and offered a nice warm cup of tea as I think he could see we had, had the journey from hell! The children made themselves at home and we had a chat about Syd and met her and discussed her likes and dislikes, she doesn’t like to step up onto hands at all and seems to favour males, she was out when we got there but quickly went away as we were strangers to her, we gathered all of her bits together while Rick and John took her cage to bits so we could get it easily into the car.

After a nice rest and toilet break for us (about 3 times for the kids) we set off with Syd who spent the whole way home on my lap in the carrier watching the traffic, which she really seemed to enjoy as she was whistling every now and then, we was making friends on the way home which again took ages as we went back through London a little aiming to hit the M25.

By the time we got home it was really late so we thought it was best to get Syd settled as soon as possible and we put her into our spare cage which she seemed to enjoy.

Here are a few photos of her, she was letting me stroke her lots and really enjoyed me tickling her head and stroking her down her back, I did try to get her to step on my hand but she really isn’t keen on that so that is something we will work on after she has been here for a week or so and settled right in.

Stretching the wings now we are back!

Enjoying a nice head scratch!

I will update the blog again in a few days once she has settled in and let you all know how she is doing, she seems fine and is a gorgeous little lady, big thanks to John her owner for the tea and lovely welcome, and also for putting your trust into the AGPC Rescue taking Syd in to get her a loving forever home, I have no doubt that you will be following this blog for a long time to come as we could tell you loved Syd dearly and you just wanted what was best for her.

Parrot Rules For Your Visitors!

February 21st, 2011
Parrot Rules For Your Visitors!

If you would like to have these Parrot Rules hanging in your house, so that visitors know what to expect when they enter your house, then please donate £1 to the fund. I will send you the original which will print off up to A4 size, it is as you see it complete with the frame, so would look good in the plain glass clip frame type thingies! Too technical for me. lol.  Thanks to Toria for creating the rules and letting me use them x

The High Five Fund Challenge!

February 20th, 2011
The High Five Fund Challenge!

Different Avatars are now available to buy at a minimum donation of 50p. All the avatars have been created from scratch by me, so if there is any particular sort of avatar you would like, or maybe one with your birds name on, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I am still creating cards as well, for any occasion, but having trouble getting the right type of card to print it on, so I have to try and sort out something that will be cost effective for you to buy.

I have said in the last two newsletters that it is a costly business rescuing birds and I make no apologies for saying it again, petrol to collect them, food to feed them, vet bills etc etc. So, I’m going to issue a challenge to everybody that is a member of this site.

It’s the High Five Fund! Everytime you get a 5p piece, put it in a jar, save it up and on 21st August, which is six months from the date of this newsletter, we will have a count up and see how much money you have saved and then you can donate the amount to the Fund.

So, search out those 5p pieces, down the side of the sofa, in the kitchen drawer, wherever you might see one, pick it up and pop it in the High Five Fund! If you are joining me in this challenge, here is an avatar for you to use if you want.

Hi-5 Fund Avatar

Sammi Steps Up!

February 8th, 2011
Sammi Steps Up!

Its Only Took 9 Months!!!

Tonight I asked Dil to give Sammi a manicure. when he was all done I thought Id be brave and give him a little stroke, now remember he usually only tolerates my tickles from in his cage!!

Eventually I got him to step up, he didn’t bite me or anything!

Here is the result…..

I’m so pleased that all my patients has paid off and he finally accepts me!! The fun will start now I can handle him properly.

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