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2011 March

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2011 March

Lady – She’s Not A Morning Bird!!

March 30th, 2011
Lady - She's Not A Morning Bird!!

Due to the fact that I now work, the birds get cleaned, fed, and watered every morning before I go to work, and whilst cleaning them, my Grey and Lady are let out. During this time, as I start to clean each cage, I noticed that Lady was following me as I moved around and past her cage.
I immediately took this as a bad thing and decided to manouver around her cage with caution, especially because if looks could kill……….. she would have had me dead!!!
Lady started to jump at me and savage my hair, then…………….. my neck!!

After cleaning the birds, Lady is left out, while I straighten the rest of the house, then afterwards I go and put Lady in her cage. At this point she always appears to have snapped out of her evilness.

I tired to think of why Lady had suddenly become this evil little stalker like birdie in the mornings, I came up with a few reasons!
Maybe she doesn’t like the fact that she knows she has to be shut in her cage when I go off to work, or maybe she likes time to have her breakfast before I start cleaning around her……….


Maybe she’s becoming just like her paront mummy………..

Who is not a morning person at all!!!! :D

Whatever ever the reason, I have found it quite comical, it’s hard to explain unless you own a bird just like Lady :D
It just adds to her charactor :P

One Week In…..

March 26th, 2011
One Week In.....

Believe it or not Cosmo has now been here for a whole week!  It’s flown in.  In this short time Cosmo has really settled in and is now starting to try and assert himself with us.  He is more vocal every day and loves to wolf whistle.  He likes to land on our shoulders which we are trying to discourage – especially since he went for my glasses!

Cosmo loves his toast and palm oil in the morning and is very good when I go in and out for his bowls; just sitting watching.  He is eating all kinds of pellets and eats all of his mash for tea.

As Cosmo used to live with a man he is very keen on going to see Hughie, even more so if he has a cup of tea on the go!

He did however celebrate his 1 week anniversary with his very first head scratch!

He did manage a couple of nips in there but I’m sure this will stop in time.  We feel like Cosmo has always been with us and are looking forward to the good times ahead!

Syd And Her Box!

March 22nd, 2011
Syd And Her Box!

Well little Syd has settled in nicely and for such a small girl she has a massive personality and voice!

She chatters a lot more now and mumbles a conversation like a telephone call but you can’t quite understand what she is saying!! Also i have gathered that Jack her old owner and his wife liked there wine!! She does the most amazing wine cork popping noise and every day so i think they enjoyed a bottle now and then, let that be a lesson to you all be careful what you teach your parrot or do in fornt of it as they will repeat it and let others know what you get up too!

I gave Syd one of the cardboard cereal boxes and she loves chewing it to bits and using it as a den, she goes in and out of it and hides in there for ages it’s very cute!

Here are a couple of photos of her in there –

Now you see me!!


Now you don’t!!

More on Syd to follow!

Meet Casper!

March 22nd, 2011
Meet Casper!

On Saturday we made the long trip up to collect Casper from Jenny and her daughter.

Casper is about 5 years old and has been a little nippy at his home with them and not really handled much not from the want to just a little worried of being bitten which i can understand .. it hurts!, Rick seemed to have a way with his straight off and as we let him out he spent some time with him on the floor tickling his head and neck which he seemed to enjoy lots!

He has a lovely big cage and is a little worried about new things being added in to his cage as are a lot of Greys.

He is settling in lovely and he will make someone a lovely Grey when he is found his forever home, you could tell he just longed to be handled and tickled lots which i am sure he will be he is a very chilled out Grey!

More to follow on Casper soon!

Cosmo’s Fast Progress

March 20th, 2011
Cosmo's Fast Progress

Well after only 2 days of being with us Cosmo is making very fast progress!!  He had a shower this morning which he didn’t love but didn’t really hate either.  It’s already made an improvement to his feathers which were looking a little scruffy.  Cosmo is very good at trying new things and is already eating pellets.  He is not aggressive at all and will happily watch me go in and out his cage for his food and water bowls.  He especially likes the hagens and zupreem natural pellets – here’s a couple of pics

Cosmo is also becoming much more vocal.  We have heard him say “hello”, “Cosmo”, “step up” and “come on then”.  He also does a variety of beeps and whistles and imitates a terrible cough!!

Finally and probably the best progress was last night.  Cosmo was having his out of cage time and his curiosity got the better of him.  His first target was Hughie

and a short while after I got a visit too

We are so pleased that Cosmo is settling in so quickly!  I think it was definitely meant to be!

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > 2011 March | You are here