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2011 April

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2011 April

Lady – Update

April 29th, 2011
Lady - Update

Well, after Lady took to her last lot of new toys so well, I decided it was time to order another £120 worth :)

Unfortunately they’ve not arrived yet, but there’s going to be a bounty full of chewing and shredding delights :)

Due to Lady being a plucker, I try to select toys that she can chew or shred to keep her occupied, toys like willow chews, palm toys, shredder rolls etc, and the bigger they are, the better :)
Last time I purchased a shredder roll toy for her, I was a little concerned that she wouldn’t take to it, as the casing is acrylic, but she loves it. Whenever she is in her cage she always plays with it, and trys to shred the paper hanging down, she hasn’t master the art of pulling the paper down as yet, but I’m sure she’ll figure it out at some point.

Although Lady is still plucking, there are periods where she looks amazing with all her new feather growth. I have specifically barred people from discussing her feather growth, because every time someone comments on how amazing she looks, she goes hell for leather at her feathers again which is just sods law. It doesn’t matter to me though, she’s my little cheeky pluckatoo :)
The only time I will intervene, is if she starts to mutilate.

Lady’s been with us now for 10 months, she has settled amazingly, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She has become very confident, and VERY dominant, she’ll chase the kids, the cats, she antagonises the dog and my Grey, and I’m pretty sure she’s been taking chunks out of my poor Ammie to which we’ve had to have a move around!! Despite all that, she’s still one hell of a charactor, and never fails to make me laugh!!! :)

Here is a pic from earlier in the week :)

New Rescue – Meet Bailey!!

April 26th, 2011
New Rescue - Meet Bailey!!

Well we had a very busy bank holiday weekend lots of gardening and on the Sunday we went to collect another African Grey to go though our rescue.

Her name is Bailey and she will be 2 next month in may, and she was rehomed as she was left alone for long periods of time due to work commitments and he found her a little too noisy.

She has settled in really well and has already started to talk to us, greeting me with a “Hello” in the morning and telling us to “shut up” “Be quiet”, “what’s all the noise about!”, “wanna go to the shops”, “come on Buddy” and a few other things, she is a great talker for her age.

As it was so nice still we put Bailey out in our day flight so she can stretch her wings she is a great flier and really enjoyed getting some sunshine on her feathers.

Here are a few photos –

She will make a great friend for one of our forever homes.

More to follow on Bailey, watch this space!!

Syd Meets The Sunshine!

April 23rd, 2011
Syd Meets The Sunshine!

Well it has been a while now since I did a update on Syd, she has settled in really well she is still quite bald but this is a lot to do with being hormonal rather than through boredom.

She still really enjoys her swing and coming out and shredding a cereal box to 10, and still mumbles her words when she speaks, she is enjoying being part of the crazy gang here and as the weather has been so nice over the last few weeks she has been spending a lot of the day outside in the big day flight with the others here….

She is quite bossy when she is in there with the other greys and will go looking for the others and push them out of the way she may be small but she is BIG in character!

She still goes crazy for Cashew nuts and will do anything for one!

Here are a few photos of her enjoying the sunshine!!

Cheeky Bum?

April 21st, 2011
Cheeky Bum?

What a character Cosmo is!!!  He is fantastic and is so funny.  Cosmo picks up new words very quickly from both me and Hughie but also from Billy and Echo too.  He loves to make a farting sound so every time he does it we say “stinky bum” to him.  Within a few days he was making the sound followed by “cheeky bum”  ha ha!  It took him a few days but now he says stinky bum although sometimes he likes to mix and match  lol.

He loves to whistle the tune to pop goes the weasel but I don’t think Billy likes it  - he keeps shouting “QUIET!” at him.  But Cosmo is quick with his response of “up yours”.  Nice!!

Cosmo is still very much more for Hughie and Hughie can do pretty much anything with him.  So we got a harness to try and here is the result – 1st day we got it

As you can see he took to it really well so we are building up the length of time he has it on so he can eventually get out with it.

We also finally found a new cage for Cosmo as his original one wasn’t the greatest.  He’s been moved in a week and settled in straight away.  Here he is on the day he moved in eating his tea.  We did want something a bit bigger bit this is much better for now.

As you can see Cosmo is really beginning to explore everything around him and the other 2 are getting used to him being here.  He is also getting better with me and if Hughie’s not around he will come to me for a wee head scratch.  He loves his food and clears his bowl at tea time every night but he was trying to feed some of it to Hughie the other night.  From the look on his face I don’t think Hughie was too impressed  lol.

I’m sure there’s going to be many more tales to tell with the terrible trio  :)

Casper – I am not afraid of new toys…well not this one!!

April 20th, 2011
Casper - I am not afraid of new toys...well not this one!!


Well well well. So much for been scared of new toys…. Casper is really wary of new things like most Greys. I usually leave a new toy on the floor by his cage for a couple of days then hang it on the outside until he shows an interest in it. Then it gets put inside for him. I had been in the loft and found all the baby toys we had put aside for when we got a Grey. This particular one is a shape sorter. Every hole has a button which when pressed or the shape is put in makes a noise. Also when your hand or in his case his head goes in the top of the jar, it plays a tune.

Well I put it down on the floor as usual and he was off the top of his cage and on it like a bird posessed!!!! Ok so he hasn’t worked out the shape thing yet but loves pressing the numbers and repeating what it says……Circle hahaha, Heart I love you etc etc. He does enjoy putting all the shapes in the jar and then getting them out again. He was so tired as we put the shapes one end of the room and the jar the other. So funny to see him running back and forth haha. He did not want anyone joining in beyond that though. Its my game and I am not good at sharing yet thanks very much!!!!

He was at it for over 2 hours and not a peep from him except the incessant noise the toy makes haha. My sofa was left alone last night hahaha.

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > 2011 April | You are here