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2011 May

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2011 May

Angus Meets Gary!

May 29th, 2011
Angus Meets Gary!

After spending a few weeks settling in, calling to Gary from the next room, we thought it was time for them to meet each other.

Gary was very confident, even though she is much smaller and Angus seemed quite nervous of her. He tried to stay out of her way, flying to the settee and the play stand but she just flew after him. They met up on the back of the settee and at first there was a bit of ‘beaking’ but no major aggression and no loss of feathers. Over the next few days we gradually let them spend more and more time out of the cage and they now seem to quite like each other.

They are obviously teaching each other the odd word or too. Angus now tells me he’s a ‘good girl’ and Gary is shouting ‘Lucy’ – a dog she has never met and in a Scottish accent too.

Angus is VERY affectionate to me, he likes a cuddle, will step up and has the longest head tickles you can imagine. He has settled in so well and we are so happy he is part of our family, but no-one is happier than Gary who sneaks into his cage when no-one is looking and pinches his seed. Conversion to pellets starts next week ! !

Testimonial From Syd’s Old Owners

May 17th, 2011
Testimonial From Syd’s Old Owners

It has been several months since Paula, Rick and the children came to our house in Wallington to collect Syd.

We have had Sid for over 2 years after a good friend of ours emigrated to Portugal, and as I had had an African Grey before we were more than happy to take Syd.

Syd is a great bird, very chatty and definitely a man’s bird, we loved having Syd around, but unfortunately she was constantly plucking her feathers, and as myself and my partner were at work all day, we felt it unfair to leave her on her own all day, (even though we kept the television on all day).

So with some reluctance we decided that it would be kinder to Syd for her to go to a home where she deserved the attention 24/7 that we could not give her.

We contacted Paula, who was very keen to take her on.

Although we miss her very dearly we can see that she has gone to a very loving home, and Paula and family are taking great care of her.

They keep in touch with us about her progress, and would like to thank Paula and her family for the great job they are doing with not only Syd, but other parrots and we would really love one day to go and visit them.

We wish them all the best for the future.

Kindest regards
Jack and Eileen

Oscar Becomes Angus And Settles In Well.

May 13th, 2011
Oscar Becomes Angus And Settles In Well.

Poor ‘Oscar’, within 24 hours he had travelled from Scotland to Durham and then to Barnsley, had a new cage and toys to get used to and a 12 yr old boy ‘talking Scottish’ to him through the bars to make him feel at home ! Then, due to personal reasons i was unable to keep his given name so confused him further by renaming him Angus (having come from Aberdeen, it was as good a name as any)

Angus had a quiet 24 hrs but soon made up for it. We got a ‘hello’ each time we came in the room and he soon came to the front of the cage for a head scratch. we opened the cage door and after 10 mins of Gary, our other grey encoraging him with ‘come on, step up’ over and over he ventured out (i think he just wanted her to shut up) we havent looked back since, he steps up for all of us, plays happily with his toys, and enjoys the odd barking competition with Gary.

He’s started to say more of his words – we’ve had ‘give us a kiss’ ‘bye bye’ and even a new word ‘thank you’ when we give him a treat (i know its new cos its in a Yorkshire accent). He says many more words but until Liz or Nikki arrive to translate them we’ll just have to guess (i dont need a translator for the burps though, i can tell what they are)
All in all he’s settled in great and is doing very well.

I know his old mummy is missing him, but i promise we are looking after him and he is happy x x

Photos Of Bailey As Promised.

May 12th, 2011
Photos Of Bailey As Promised.

Taking a drink and helping out in the office. I think she’s keeping a beady eye on my typos!!

Bailey Makes Herself At Home

May 11th, 2011
Bailey Makes Herself At Home

Well, Bailey has been with me for just over a week and already I dont know how I managed before she arrived? She has made herself well and truly at home and fits in really nicely.

She is saying more and more everyday and has me in stitches with the expressions that she is coming out with. She now barks, wolf whistles, tells herself to sssh, be quiet, calm down, are you alright, whats that noise, want to go to the shops, wont be long … so many more words and phrases too numerous to list. Shes a definate chatterbox, just her Mummy!! Mind you, the workmen next door kept giving me funny looks because they thought it was me wolf whistling at them!! Ha Ha!!

She is slowly becoming quite the poser, I’ve taken that many photographs of her so she’s definately used to the camera now.
She loves coming out of her cage and hates going back inside!

I’m on my spare laptop so I’ll upload some photos tomorrow of her playing in the kitchen. The boys all love her and have been teaching her new things. The first night she was here my sons taught her to make a ‘dripping’ sound and she does it all the time now.
Look out for the photos tomorrow. I’m so proud of her and I love her so much.

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