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2011 June

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2011 June

Lady – It’s Been A Tough Few Weeks!

June 30th, 2011
Lady - It's Been A Tough Few Weeks!

A few weeks back, I took Lady and my other 2 birds for their annual health check. They were booked in for a full blood work.

With Lady and my Amazon both being rehomes, I knew their results were not going to give them a clean bill of health due to their previous poor diets, and exposure to all things nasty.

Having their bloods taken was traumatic enough, but the results of the tests were worrying!!

All 3 birds showed a problem with their liver! To which the Pathologist wrote on the bottom of the paperwork HAVE THESE BIRDS BEEN TESTED FOR PSITTACOSIS?!?

The answer to that was YES and they all tested NEGATIVE!!

After having a chat with my vet, and going through the possibilities of a positive result, a negative result, or the possibility that it could just be a virus of some sort, it was decided that they should be retested as a first port of call. He suggested that I combine all 3 samples together, at first I was unsure about this, as I wanted them each to have a separate test. However, after deciding that if one bird had it, they all had it, and not wanting to know which ones could test positive, and which ones may not, I decided to combine the sample and have 1 test for all 3 birds.

Due to the fact the builders were due to start work to finish the extension, I decided to wait until they had started work before collecting samples. This was to ensure that the birds were under a stressful situation when the samples were collected, because Psittacosis usually rears its ugly self when birds get stressed. I also decided that I would take the samples over a longer period of time, which was 9 days in total.

When I spoke to the vet about the possibilities and treatment, he informed me that the usual treatment via injection was imported, but were being stopped until later on in the year!! Which meant an alternative, but less effective treatment would be used.

I had prepared myself for the worst……. My babies testing positive, my babies being treated but to no avail, my babies having to be put to sleep…

The tears I have cried, and then one morning I walked into the livingroom to find Lady chewing on a toy that she’d previously refused to go anywhere near!! That was it!!! I was not giving up on my babies!!! I have worked too damn hard and have made too much progress to give up…….. I would fight this all the way!!! Later that day, the sample was ready to be sent off, and today I had the results!!!!

My biggest concern was that the disease would be lying dormant, and therefore would not give a correct test result, but speaking to the vet, and researching the tests available, the test that was done ( the PCR ) is the most accurate test available, which does not test for trace in the sample, it tests the DNA.

The result – Psittacosis NEGATIVE!!!!!!!

However, this does not mean that we are out of the woods just yet!!

My vet is on holiday until next week, but I need to discuss with him the possibility of an alternative test, ie a DNA blood test, to completely rule out any chance of Psittacosis. The vet had stated that if we get a negative result, he would like to endoscope Lady to take a biopsy of her Liver, as she had the worst results, but before I consider putting her through that, I need to be sure that the Psittacosis risk is zero!!

So, stressed doesn’t even come close to how I’ve been over the past few weeks, Lady however, has been her usual cheeky self.

New Rescue – Ben

June 27th, 2011
New Rescue - Ben

I picked Ben up on Thursday from a lovely lady and her daughter. They think Ben is around six years old, he has plucked his feathers quite badly on his wings.

Ben is settling in quite well and we now know the ringtone on their telephone and the cheery “Helloooo” way that the previous owner would answer the phone lol. It was a major struggle to get him to eat anything at all for the first couple of days because he had been used to table food which isn’t any good for birds, so I was determined that I wasn’t going to give in…unfortunately, so was Ben. It was a battle of wills, but I won, he is now eating Tidymix and a few pellets, with a good chop as well.

We took Ben to the Vets on Friday for a check up, the vet has referred us to a better equipped Avian vet because she thinks Ben has a fatty liver and feels that he is quite thin, so he is off to the Avian vet tomorrow (Tuesday) to have the works done to see what is the cause of his plucking. I will let you know the outcome of that. Trying to get Ben in a carrier is a bit of a task because he is far from tame, he lunges and tries to bite my hand every time I put my hand out for him to step up, so once again it’s a battle of wills. Once sorted and tamed, I’m sure Ben will be a lot happier and he will make a lovely companion.

Casper’s Update

June 25th, 2011
Casper's Update

Well it has been a while since I last updated Casper’s blog. He is so much part of our family now that one day just runs into another and before you know it time has flown.

He still clearly favours me although due to his moult, he is rather grumpy at the moment. He chooses when and where he has any interaction with me. He is still not keen on my daughter who is rather disappointed but she has been working hard with him, feeding him his toast and palm oil, filling up his food bowls and sitting chatting to him. He has perfected so many sounds and whistles, some of which he may have known in his previous home. I don’t think he will be a prolific talker though as he prefers to make noises and doesn’t seem to pick any words up too readily. He does like to screech ‘stoppit’ at the kids when they get too loud, and in my voice too haha. He shouts ‘get down’ at the dogs if they dare think they can have a snooze on the sofa!

He comes outside with me most afternoons and makes the most sweet bird noises. He did shout ‘stoppit’ at the neighbours a few times when they were having a raucous BBQ…ooops. I have just bought him an amazing new playstand and as soon as he dares get on it I will of course post some pictures.

Is he still stroppy??? You bet he is but I can read him a lot better now and am still yet to be bitten ( probably tempted fate there). He is rather mischievous and looks up to check you are watching him when you should be ignoring his naughtiness.

He is tentatively trying Harrison pellets now but its a long hard road to get him to have any. He still has his seed mix and loves cooked veg. Every night he gets bribed back into his cage with a slice of orange.

He is hard work and my whole routine had to change because of him. I don’t regret it for a moment though. He is such a handsome boy. Every time I walk in the room I call Hello Darling….would be nice, just one time Casper, if you could say it to me haha

I will  have pictures of his new big present in the next few weeks so call back soon

Swazi – I’m loving it!

June 20th, 2011
Swazi - I'm loving it!

It’s been a while since I did a update on Swazi well he is out of quarantine now and in with the other crazy greys of the household and boy can I say he fits in well!!

Swazi is such a funny grey, he talks non stop and says some funny stuff, he does a sort of yawn sound throughout the day and night as if he is bored, and he has a cough like a old man with a chest infection!

He has been saying, Swazi boy, Do you want it, Stop it alright, Out, Step up and a naughty word beginning with A!! He also whistles the Mc Donald’s Theme tune and also the great escape tune which he does very well.

He is not that keen on me but my oldest son can handle him really well and stroke him, Swazi is clipped but still tries to fly now and then but within time his wings will grow back fine I am sure.

He should be moving to his forever home very soon and will make someone a great pet for many years to come.

Billy – 1 week on

June 19th, 2011
Billy - 1 week on

Well it’s taken a week for Billy to start settling in properly, he was very quiet for ages, but last night he was dancing and singing along with me to ‘Town called Malice’. He is eating really well and interacting with Bella a lot more, they are constanly talking to each other. I cant wait for them to meet and hopefully gain a lifelong friendship.
Billy is managing to eat me out of house and home, i need to go shopping again for more veggies to make more bread, he loves it. He is settling at night very well too, not a peep until he is uncoverd which is fab.

So far so good, I will take some more photo’s and share them later in the week.

He has also said a few words, goodboy, mummy (well that’s what i think it is) but the dancing is fab!!

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