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2011 October

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2011 October

Here’s Joey!! Latest Rehome!

October 31st, 2011
Here's Joey!! Latest Rehome!

Well on friday just gone i took a second drive down to collect Joey from Surrey,The first attempt i failed as my car wanted to put its foot down and tell me off for all the miles i do in it and ended up being brought home on the back of a RAC truck! Thanks car. . .Joey is from one of our members on our forum who had to rehome him due to being offer a fab job in Australlia!

Joey is coming up for 11 months old and is a great little grey, he is very friendly and gave us the odd whistle on the way home.

When we got home it was lovely and warm which was surprising for this time of the year so as he was in his travel cage i thought i would let him get some fresh air and stretch his wings in our big day flight in the garden so i got a few snaps of him for you all to see before he came in to check out his new home until we find him the perfect forever home!

Here’s Joeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

He loves his parrot mash and harrisons and his banana chips i will update again in a day or so where he was helping sort out these photos to post ;)

And Oscar Makes 3!

October 31st, 2011
And Oscar Makes 3!

Oscar came to stay with us for a little while in September and is still here. We had been looking into adding to our flock and because he immediately bonded with my hubby, and had been moved around quite a bit in a short space of time, it was decided he could stay with us.

We moved him in to the same room as the others and they chatted to each other from the get-go. We changed his cage and added new toys and Oscar is now converted onto a pellet diet. He gets chattier and chattier by the day and 6 or so weeks on we are still hearing new words. He is quite a character and swears like a trooper but his funniest trick yet was when he shouted “come in” to a visitor who knocked on the door, and we found them in our dining room looking bemused.
Oscar has a new friend in Gary. Angus is still wary of Oscar because he has met his match – but I have hopes that they will at least co exist without fighting – and they seem to be so far. Gary is quite nice to him and I think they will be friends one day soon.

Oscar has made a lovely addition to our flock. Welcome to the family Oscar

Lady – The Parrot Room

October 30th, 2011
Lady - The Parrot Room

Lady has been doing really well over the past month, and still has all her chest feathers. She is still plucking at her cheeks, neck, and shoulders but I’m very confident that she can overcome this, because she lets them grow, and it’s only when she’s having a strop she will pluck them.

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to prepare Lady for moving into the parrot room. I was placing her in the room for short periods of time so she could get used to the new surroundings. She seems to like the fact that she can see me through the kitchen window, and likes to watch what I am doing. :)

I moved Lady and my Grey into the room on Wednesday, and so far so good :)
There was some issues with fireworks last night, which were echoing into the room because of the extractor fan that had to be fitted, but that has not been taped up, and they now have an old telly in the room to drown out the noise :)

Here are some photos :)

There is still lots of things that need to be done with the room, safety plugs are still needed, and of course, toys and ropes around the room, but the major stuff is done. :)
Lady is still getting used to her new cage and all the amazing new toys she has, but overall she has settled in extremely well and I am very very proud of her :)

Angel Joins AGPC!

October 26th, 2011
Angel Joins AGPC!

Last weekend i went and collected a new rehome called Tommy from Oxford. On seeing him i believe it to be a girl and have renamed her Angel you can read on why we called her that.

When i got there to collect Angel i was quite shocked as to what i found, she was in a right state, both legs had been broken at some point in her life and her wing also looked to have had a break and has set at a funny angle poor thing she is in a right state!!

She finds it really hard to get to a comfy spot as she can’t really perch and she seems to lay on her bowl to sleep, she often falls off the bowl and hits the bottom of her cage it’s so sad!

She will be booked in to see the vets so they can see if they can do anything to help her, i can’t believe a breeder would sell a bird like this she must have been through so much pain.

Here is Angel! (Sorry if the photos upset you, i’t still does me and i am use to her now)

Zulu Has Made Herself At Home.

October 24th, 2011
Zulu Has Made Herself At Home.

Hi Everyone

On Wednesday 19th October a Parrot called Zulu came to stay at my home. She is a Great little bird and has really settled in already. She came with her cage from her old home which she is very protective of and I soon became aware of the fact that I couldn’t get her out of it. If I put my arm inside to get her to step up she would bite me (Not a good start)

I had ordered her lots of Goodies that Paula had said she could do with, All her food things that she enjoys eating and a few new Perches to condition her feet and beak among other things. Now I just had the problem of trying to get all her new things inside the Cage.

My Daughter came in from school all excited to meet Zulu, who I have been told doesn’t like Small people, she greeted Dana with the same contempt that she had been showing me as she was still in her cage having no one go near it. I opened the door and let her come out on her own accord. After about half a hour of her thinking about it she came out and I set about giving her cage a good wash and putting her new things in for her. I left her out as I couldn’t get near her to put her back in. Dana came into the room with her denim jacket on and Zulu took flight around the room and landed on Dana’s arm so she placed her back in her cage for the night.

On Thursday Zulu’s stand arrived. Try as I might to get her out of the cage to test drive the new stand I couldn’t. I left the cage door open and just went about my business around the house. Dana came in from school and we tested to see if she could get her out. On failing that Dana was off out and put her jacket on to go to her friends….. Zulu was dancing and Dana tried once again to get her out and Zulu stepped up onto Dana’s arm. Its the Denim. We can now get Zulu “step up” whenever we want as long as we have denim on your arm. She will even fly to your arm if you have a piece of denim on it. I have made a Denim sleeve from a old pair of Dana’s jeans that we can all place on our arm and Zulu quickly steps up or will even fly to it. That’s that problem solved.

Zulu loves her new Stand. Every morning I “Arm Up” with my Denim sleeve and take Zulu to her stand. She then sit there all day going up and down the ladder and fly’s around the ceiling and lands back on her stand. She is not worried about any noise going on around her like the Hoover or the phone ringing, But she had panicked a few times when I moved the table while hoovering which made that dragging noise and when she dropped her beloved Pine nut which hit the tray of her stand with a bang and she went into full panic mode flying around the room not knowing where to land but I quickly put the Denim sleeve on and she landed safely on my arm. She has got use to the routine now. Zulu know’s that I let her out every morning to come and spend the day out in the Living room with me. She only really speaks when I’m out of the room. She has asked me “Whats Wrong?” and “What do you want?” and she says “What” in a deep mans voice which has taken me by surprise a few times. Mainly she likes to whistle.

She is not happy about the new perches I placed in her cage, In fact she hasn’t been any where near them. I can see me having to make a “Denim Sleeve” for them. :)

All in all I think she is happy, she doesn’t even mind my Pomeranian who takes no notice of her. I can’t touch her yet, she will take food from my hand, will sit on my leg while I’m watching T.V. and will stay on my shoulder while I walk around the house. (I hate this as I fear she will bite my ear) I let her do it as I want her to know I’m nice and won’t let anything happen to her. She is enjoying coming out every morning at 10am and gong back to her cage at 8pm. (Her stand is in the Living room and her Cage is in my bedroom) so she always has company.

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