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2012 July

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2012 July

Ruby Roo

July 20th, 2012
Ruby Roo

Ruby is still doing great :)

She’s still dancing and whistling her little heart out, and is still eating like a little piggy :)

She has finally starting moulting, which I’m surprised it’s taken so long!! Ruby came to us in November, and of course we had the heating on for the winter, which usually produces a moult, but with Ruby it didn’t.
She’s a little grumpy at times, which of course is to be expected, but already she has all new feathers coming through, and some new flight feathers :)
I’m really hoping that she will leave her new flights alone, as the new flights coming through are the ones she had previously chewed off, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed but so far… So good. Overall though she’s still a happy, bouncy little girl :D

We’ve also discovered something new to keep her entertained apart from toys, which is to place paper on top of her cage, which she loves to hang upside down and shred it into a million pieces, she’s like a little bat :) She really enjoys it!!

Ruby is an absolute little bundle of joy, she really is a fun loving little girl, and I adore her!! :)

Miss Hollie!

July 17th, 2012
Miss Hollie!

We travelled to Julie and Stevies on 30th June to meet our new african grey Hollie, the first thing we noticed was her amazing colour, then her eyes she is a real beauty,

Hollie took to Russell straight away but she was wary of me. Julie and Stevie are really nice and made us feel very welcome. After a 3hour drive back it took about 20 mins for Hollie to go into her new cage fitted out with brand new toys etc.

She ate her pellets so we were happy. This is her 4th day and she has made her self at home, not afraid of mad Thabo even been into his cage.

Kato just watches as usual. Today she came out of the cage onto settee for me to scratch her so she seems to like me too YEAH! She doesn’t speak but makes lovely soft noises which melts our hearts, she can wolf whistle which she does if you leave the room, we found her bedtime is around 9.30 and she soon settles when we cover her.

Hollie is a girlie girl so petite and soft she is a loved member of our flock

Neo the hedgehog

July 9th, 2012
Neo the hedgehog

We have had Neo since feb he was a resue bird when he came to us he was in a right mess, he plucks all his chest had no tail and chews his wings off too, we didn’t think he would ever grow any new feathers but over the last two weeks he is looking like a hedgehog.

I am so pleased he even has four red pin’s as tail feathers now I will keep u posted fingers crossed he leaves them alone and finally gets a tail!!

He loves his new play stand which I had made which he will play on for hours! If anyone would like one made please leave me a comment and i can get back to you with the details.

Lady – Fully Flighted Once Again

July 6th, 2012
Lady - Fully Flighted Once Again

Lady has been with us 2 years now, and my how the time flies, her wing feather’s are now fully grown, and she is now fully flighted again, and has not plucked any other wing feathers, so hopefully that will be the last time.
She has more freedom now that the parrot room has been improved, and she has the choice of 3 trees to play on, and seems quite happy flying from tree to tree chewing the different toys.

She had a slight problem at the end of last month, and had to be taken to the vets, as she was being sick all of a sudden. The vet seemed to think she had a crop inflammation, but because she was sick a fair bit, she had also ruptured one of her air sacks. She was given some medication, and the vet advised that the ruptured air sack would heal on it’s own. Thankfully she made a full recovery after a week :)

She has the biggest character out of all the birds, and never fails to make me laugh, although she has become obsessed with shredding my hair every time she is on my shoulder :o SPLIT ENDS GALORE!!!!!!!!!!
She is also still jealous of every other living thing that moves, and still does not hesitate to attack, and stops at nothing especially when it comes to the dog!!!!

The last 2 years have been amazing through the highs and the lows, I could never be without her!!

Rocky – He’s Becoming A Chunky Monkey!!

July 4th, 2012
Rocky - He's Becoming A Chunky Monkey!!

Rocky is coming along in leaps and bounds, he’s been eating well for almost 2 months now, and has put on some much needed weight!! :)
He was first weighed shortly after his arrival, and weighed 475g, which is very low considering his such a big boy, now he weighs 550g, which is fantastic but still under a healthy weight range for his size, the aim now is to get him up to 600g or more. Hopefully this wont be too difficult as he’s eating is increasing slowly but surely :)

Rocky shares a cage with my other Amazon, and he seems to enjoy her company, they do bicker a little bit, but he adores her, and they both get noisy and loud together when they decide to kick off!! He has also realised that he has some stiff competition for her affections too……… My hubby!!!
I’ve recently had an operation which has meant that my hubby has had to become the birds main carer, and whenever my hubby is around my other Amazon, she comes alive, and is very flirty with him. Of course Rocky has clocked on to this, and now charges and tries to bite the hubby at every opportunity!! :P

Rocky seems to dislike both my hubby and I (the hubby more so), and whenever I try to get him to step-up, he will pretend to grab my finger with his foot, then STRIKE FOR A BITE!!! However, this does not phase me in the slightest, and I now make a little game of this, as soon a he attempts to step-up, with my other hand I will tickle the back of his legs, I will also offer him a toy to bite into as a distraction tactic :P
Although he gets frustrated because he can’t catch me quick enough to bite me, he does enjoy it, and as a result, I’ve been able to give a lot more tickles to him. There are times where I do actually need him to step-up, and on those occasions I simply take the bite because so far in my experience of the birds I have, there’s no bite harder or more painful than a Cockatoos!!! :P

Rocky, is now a well established member of our family and flock and I adore him, he’s so gorgeous, and I’m over the moon with his progress!! :D

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