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2012 August

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2012 August

Penny Update

August 29th, 2012
Penny Update

Well we have kind of resigned ourselves to the fact that Penny is a plucker and as long as she is warm, well fed and happy then that’s all part of her.

Penny and my other grey Charlie, don’t get on at all, in fact if Charlie lands on her cage then he will be lucky to escape without a bite or two on his toes, he’s learned to move very fast off the top of her cage.

The other day though, Charlie let himself out of his cage and kindly opened the food bowl door so that Penny could come out as well!

She had more sense and stayed in her cage. All in all, she is doing well, still hates me but she has the best of friends with Darryl.

Topsy Updates Us!

August 25th, 2012
Topsy Updates Us!

Hi just to let you know that i am getting on great in my forever home.

My mum gives me a bath in the sink now and it is now a routine i am now used to, I sit beside a window in the house so alwaya see whats going on.

I get outside when the weather is good and i must say that i am looking so good. I have some new feathers coming in so thats good. I am still not able to fly but who knows when i can get through a few moults what will happen.

I have a friend and sit and chat to him thruoghout the day we do get on good but just now we are getting out seperatly but he does visit my cage and we preen and play with one another, i enjoy preening toys in my cage and my dad makes up some toys for me to play and chew.

I have plenty of human company too and always a visitor to come over and talk and admire me.

Well i am going off to chew some toys and mum has just made us a nice fruit salad.

Hope you enjoy reading about my update

Felix’s New Home!

August 22nd, 2012
Felix's New Home!

Felix has settled in now and is such a loving bird im pleased to be his new dad.

A lot of people loved both him and jack.

Being first time for felix to hear guns and cannons going off he took to it like a true pirate bless him :)


August 13th, 2012

Not much to update on Lady really, she’s still doing well, all her wing feathers have grown back, and she’s still as cheeky as ever!!!

She is not caged much at all now, and spends most days flying from try to tree. I’m hoping to get some ceiling toys up for all the birds over the next few weeks, and although Lady will be a little freaked out at first, I’m sure she will get used to them, and play with them which will be nice to watch :)

Ruby – Almost Fully Flighted

August 10th, 2012
Ruby - Almost Fully Flighted

Ruby has been moulting well over the past few weeks, and her right wing which she had chewed the flight feathers off previously, is recovering brilliantly!! She is now almost fully flighted and it will be interesting to see whether she will take flight. She’s a strong little girl, and although she hasn’t flown since she’s been here, she knows how to exercise her muscles, so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she tries to fly :)

I don’t think Ruby will become fully feathered again as she has been a plucker for too long, which has caused damaged to her feather follicles, but her neck and chest have lovely fluffy downy feathers :)

She’s out of her cage most of the time, but has to be watched as she loves to climb down the side of her cage to stretch over and chew and throw around my neatly stacked newspapers!! She thinks it’s fun, but I’m the one left to clear up her mess!! :P :D

She’s such a happy, bouncy little girl, and is very cheeky too, I adore her :D

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > 2012 August | You are here