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2011 September

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2011 September

Lady, 2nd Blood Test Results!

September 30th, 2011
Lady, 2nd Blood Test Results!

Lady has been doing great over the past few months, her plucking has improved and she now has a chest full of feathers, she is enjoying toys, and is enjoying time out of her cage :)

This week we were back at the vets for her follow up blood test. She had her test done on Tuesday, and today whilst taking my other birds for their blood tests, I got her results……

It’s good news :)

Her liver has improved and her white blood cell count is normal :) The vet does not want to endoscope unless she falls ill.

I’m am so pleased, as I really did not want to put her through an endoscopy! So, unless their is an emergency, Lady will not be back at the vets until her next annual blood work which will be next September :)

The parrot room is almost finished, so providing my other birds blood tests results come back the same, I will be treating Lady and my Grey to new cages, or one big double cage with devider :)

I’m so proud of Lady right now, she has made amazing progress over the last few months, part of me thinks that she has realised that she is part of my family forever. I love her to bits :)

Here is Lady back in 2010

Here is Lady a few weeks ago

Penny Meets Charlie

September 28th, 2011
Penny Meets Charlie

Penny is coming along nicely, she has settled in so well that we thought it was about time we let them out together to see what happens. Well, they had a bit of a beaking session, nothing too serious and they went on their merry way, doing whatever they wanted to do. So that was good, now they come out to play together all the time and so far so good, no nastiness at all. Penny let her tail feathers grow, she had four lovely long feathers unfortunately…..they got nipped off.

She continues to nip her feathers but as I’ve said before, what will be will be, I’m not going to try and stop her because I think that will put more pressure and stress on her and as long as she doesn’t start to mutilate herself by biting her skin, then maybe one day she will give up. When that day comes and if she ever flies, I will be running for cover, she absolutely hates me with every feather on her body hahaha. It’s a good job I love her to bits otherwise I could be offended by her continually lunging at me to take a chunk out of the nearest bit of my flesh.

My partner Darryl on the other hand is a different thing all together, she loves him so much she regurgitates her food (yukky) obviously not a thing to be encouraged but it is nice to know that she trusts him so much and has someone who can actually give her head scratches. I don’t quite know what I’ve done that was so wrong for her, maybe I just exist and that’s enough hahaha.

All in all Penny is doing really well, she is eating well and using some of her toys to preen, she doesn’t play with an awful lot, but just the preening part will give her feathers a bit of a rest. She’s a little darling that’s for sure, I love her to bits and I think it’s because to me she is really fiesty and stroppy that makes her so much more appealing, she is certainly her own bird and I don’t think she will be changing in a hurry.

Meet Foul Mouthed Zulu!

September 26th, 2011
Meet Foul Mouthed Zulu!

On Friday I collected a new rescue and she is 5 years old and called Zulu… Her owners are moving to Australia in 2 weeks time and wasn’t able to take her with them so they found us and are happy that they will be able to follow Zulu’s progress through her rescue diary.

When I got there I was greeted by the lovely couple and a growl from Zulu as we think she took a dislike to my hair colour, I had not long had it dyed bright red so it was rather vibrant but by the time we was leaving she seemed to have got use to me, we made friends on the way home I think I bored her to death to be honest but she was happy enough, it was lovely and sunny when we got back so I left her out in the sunshine for half an hour while I set up her cage which she seemed to enjoy.

She was fine going in to her cage a little bit shall I … maybe i will… maybe i wont… ok i will and went in ok and straight up to her swing where she seems to love to be the best.

She loves to eat warm blueberries and palm nuts and is fed on Zupreem fruit blend pellets.

She has already started to chat away and shouting “W***er” a lot and “Wanna shower” “Good girl” and doing what sounds like hiccups, she is mumbling loads of other things just can’t quite make them out at this moment.

One thing I will say with her which we have noticed already is she is not keen on children as she never really had any contact with children in her home so I guess they seem a little odd to her! So when she is placed in her forever home it will be best she goes somewhere that there are no children.

I will add a few couple of photos up in the next few days as I wanted to let her settle in a bit more before I start to pap her!!

A More Feathered Cookie!

September 26th, 2011
A More Feathered Cookie!

Hello again from cookie,well its been a little while since i was started on this new treatment to stop me from plucking and i have to say i am getting some new feathers!!

Yes cookie is doing well and i think we may have cracked it,i found a remedy from northern parrots and thaught i would give it a try.Its called PLUCK NO MORE,NATURAL HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY-177ml it does cost £34-99 and depending on how severe the plucking is can take a few months,you put some in the drinking water and some with water in a spray bottle and spray the bird up to four times a day and let them dry naturaly,but while you are giving this treatment you dont give the bird any fresh fruit or veg.

I have just used the last of my first bottle and judging by cookies new growth i hope we will need only one more bottle,he does feel so soft and is not scratching as much as he did when he first came to me,i also give poppy and spike the odd spray and they quite like it.

It is also good for dogs would you beleive?.

I do hope this information does help any of you who are in the same situation,

Will try and add up some photos

Luv cookie and Angela.

Angus – Makes friends!

September 24th, 2011
Angus - Makes friends!

Although it’s safe to say that Angus is a bit on the bossy side, it’s safe to say that he and Miss Gary are now friends. Although there is a way to go before they can be trusted totally, it’s clear that they quite like each other.

Angus is happy to shread Garys toys for her to save her the bother, and to empty her pellets onto the floor to help her keep a trim figure, he’s such a considerate boy.

He’s also happier to spend time with my hubby now even though he still prefers me.
His talking is coming on too, hes now saying some of Garys words, unfortunately Gary is also saying some of his !!!
His favourite place in the world is on ‘his’ play stand and when he’s out he spends most of his time on there. Here are a few photographs of Angus and his ‘friend’ Gary

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > 2011 September | You are here