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2011 December

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2011 December

Update On Lady The Cockatoo!

December 28th, 2011
Update On Lady The Cockatoo!

Lady is doing very well, she has met the new re-home I have, and providing that Lady gets all the attention, she’s not been bothered by the new arrival :)

Lady is coping in the parrot very well, although she’s not utilising all the space in her cage, which means she’s not exploring the rest of her toys, and as a result of that she has plucked a little more recently, but she has left her chest feathers alone :) She has plucked her lower neck and her shoulders a little, but other than that, she’s been absolutely fine.
She enjoys watching us through the parrot room window, and enjoys her night time fuss and cuddles.

Lady still likes to attack anything that might interrupt her fuss and cuddles, i.e the kids, dog, cats……
So her fuss and cuddles are limit to the evenings, when she can come into the lounge without causing havoc or inflicting pain……..
Well, most of the time…..

Here is a photo of Lady attacking one of my cats, who was trying to sleep behind my legs, and was not bothering with Lady at all….

Here is the second photo which shows a very pleased Lady after BITING the cat and giggling to herself……

The poor cat was not impressed!!!

There is never a dull moment with Lady around, she makes me laugh sooooooo much, she can be very Jekyll and Hyde at times, but my life wouldn’t be the same without her. I adore the little bones off her :)

From Poppy To Ruby!!

December 27th, 2011
From Poppy To Ruby!!

After having some difficulty with having 2 Poppy’s in the house (Poppy the parrot and Poppy the cat), we made the decision to change Poppy the parrot’s name, we decided to name her Ruby. She has adapted to her new name brilliantly and seems to like it very much, especially when we sing songs that have Ruby in the title to her, and she even recognises the songs when they come on the radio!! :)

We have had a fantastic few weeks with Ruby, her character is really starting to show!! She hasn’t bothered about the Christmas decorations, and only got a little upset when I moved one of her perches, which was soon rectified.

We had Ruby’s test results back, and she tested Negative for Psittacosis and PBFD :)

Since the test results came back clear, we have been slowly introducing her to the other birds. I started with my Amazon first, then my Cockatoo, then my Grey (the bully boy). Ruby has responded very well, and has become very confident around my Amazon, she is not so keen on the Cockatoo because she flies a lot, and Ruby gets a little frightened. When I introduced her to my Grey, she was extremely confident to the point that my Grey was petrified of her, which was so funny to watch as he picks on the other birds something rotten!! He really didn’t know what to do….. I placed him on a T stand near Ruby’s cage, and she climbed and tried to reach over to him to get a closer look, and every time she leaned over he flew away!!
Ruby really has taken it all in her stride, so much so, that I took her into the parrot room, I showed her one of the Java Trees, and without hesitation she stepped straight onto it!!! :)
She played quite happily in the parrot room for a few hours, and seemed to be very comfortable, she wasn’t bothered by the other birds being around her at all :)

It really has be an absolute joy to watch her confidence grow, she’s coming on in leaps and bounds!!
She has settled into our family as if she’s always been there, and has taken to her new diet so well, that after only dropping a small amount of weight, she has now put the weight and more back on, and now weighs in at 405g :)

I’m so proud of her, and wouldn’t be without her for the world!!!

Here is a photo of Ruby in the parrot room chewing a pine cone :)

Swazi – December 2011

December 17th, 2011
Swazi - December 2011

Well, Swazi is much more playful now than he was. He has his favourite toys, including his acrylic foraging ball. He loves to rustle with it, and pull out all of the different things I hide inside for him. After a few days of pulling, head butting and busting at the ball, he always manages to break it in two, ready or refilling! He also loves anything he can shred.
He is next to my other grey, Dave, and they chatter all day long – however, he lets us know when he as had enough, by giving a loud , drawn out yawn. Haha
I get the odd beak, or head rub – but he likes to take me by surprise, loving me and then going in for the kill – the little monkey.

He loves to sit on top of his cage, watching the world go by, as though he hasn’t a care in the World. And I think he saves his poop until he hears me turn the Hoover off, and then does his business on my lean carpet haha

He really is well behaved, and gets on well with visitors, he is really quite friendly to strangers.

He as done really well with his food, eating pellets and the like – but he loves most foods really. He also loves to dip us entire head into a fresh bowl of water, and then kick around in it, as well as being sprayed.

He s a very content grey, and I love him very much.

I will get some recent pictures up with my next blog, so that you can see how he looks

He is a lovely character, and a great companion

He has got loads and loads of new toys for Christmas, and I’m sure he will love playing with them

Have a great Christmas everyone

Update On The Lovely Angel!

December 16th, 2011
Update On The Lovely Angel!

Well it has been a while since I have done a update on Angel due to family funeral, my car blowing up followed recently by my PC blowing up! Every get the feeling things don’t like you!

Anyway Angel is fine and her normal nutty self since her last visit to see Steve the vet who is going to do her operation she has been on a pain killer Metacam to see if there was a difference in her at all while she was on that so we the could determine if and how much pain she seemed to be in. She started off quite spaced out on it but was still the same as she always was her normal chatty normal self, she ate, moved about just as much as she always had so I don’t see that it has made that much of a difference to her so she either isn’t in any/as much pain as Steve thought or she just doesn’t notice the pain! She has been on it a fair while now and I didn’t think she was in much pain just by the way she is and such a happy little grey, so you may ask why are we raising funds for her to have a operation if she is managing the way she is well she has had to manage she has been like this since she was a few weeks old and has known no difference and of course she has gone through some horrendous pain while her legs set in the awful position they were left to set in, the breeder that reared her and sold her on like this needs shooting and name and shaming, any one know of him, he had a advert in preloved selling her a few years back how he had the cheek I will never know, he is an Asian breeder and lives in the Coventry area of the country, if you read this – Shame on you!!

Angel doesn’t say much at all really I have herd Hello and I am sure a naughty word W***er! Not sure where she got that from!

Anyway we are looking to have her operation done in the new year once we have raised the funds to do so, we are around the £200 mark now so a massive thank you to all who have donated and I will put up a post with the actual figure raised in November and the total to date it we will be a massive change of her life once she has been operated on and she will be able to hopefully perch like any normal grey.

Here are some photos of the cheeky lady taking her meds –

Our First Blog about Joey ‘JoJo’.

December 16th, 2011
Our First Blog about Joey 'JoJo'.

When we had the email offering us Joey, we could not say no! Paula Brought him to us and said he was a well behaved Co-driver!, after we had a cold drink and a chat and signing of paperwork, we then let Joey see his
new home.

I put my hand into delivery cage and that was it, for me, love at first head tickle! He walked up my arm, I rubbed his head, he had a fly around and settled on his new cage.

I felt like a teenager, my legs were wobbling and I could not believe how lucky we were to have chosen to be his new mum and dad.

He is one amazing grey and we can only promise to be the best parents and make his life a lot of fun and tell you already how much he has made ours a real pleasure.

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