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2012 February

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2012 February

Another New Rehome – Meet Neo!

February 28th, 2012
Another New Rehome - Meet Neo!

Neo was 10 on the 4 February from what i can make out he has plucked since about 6 months of age which is a bit strange. he is quite badly plucked no tail and only a couple of flight feathers on his wings and down feather all over he does look a little strange bless him but he seems happy.

He was rescued 6 years ago by the guy i got him from it was a neighbours who didnt look after it and he just walked out with it one day and said he isnt leaving it there … good on him, Neo is use to being out all day and night and is happy just to sit on our playstand all day and night if we let him watching the family life go by.

He seems to like men more than women, he will step up on my arm fine though but prefers tickles from Rick on his terms. I have got him eating a mix of Tidymix seed and Animalzone pellets which he has taken to OK so I am hoping now he is on the pellets he may start to grow back some feathers but will be a long

He has settled well been out on the table top stand, will step up but not so keen on tickles lol bugger is quick!

Here are a few pics –

Lady – Still As Cheeky As Ever!!!

February 28th, 2012
Lady - Still As Cheeky As Ever!!!

Lady is still doing brilliantly, she’s been a little put out as we’ve spent time doing some much needed decoration to our house, but has been absolutely fantastic through it all!! I think because she could see us through the parrot room window, she understood that something big was happening.

As soon as the decor was done and the house was back straight, I took her round for a tour. I was a little concerned on how she would react to our new lounge, as it has gone from brown to red, and Lady does not like the colour red!!!
Thankfully the red, although a big change, is not overwhelming, and she was fine with it, and was very excited to be back in the main house again, and soon went straight to work at antagonising her much beloved enemies the dog, cats, and kids :) NORMALITY!!! :)

I’ve noticed ever the last few days, that she’s been chewing her play ring which has been in her cage for quite some time, which I’m very pleased about as it has lots of different materials and textures, and is very funky looking :)

Lady is still plucking, but still has her chest feathers which she has allowed to grow. I couldn’t imagine Lady with cheek and neck feathers, and she is not the only Too that I’ve has seen that plucks her cheeks either, if she lets them grow great, if not, she’s still the same beautiful, funky Lady to me :)

Here are some recent photos I took :)

Meet New Rescue Sam!

February 26th, 2012
Meet New Rescue Sam!

Sam is a 30 yr old (at least) CAG, we picked him up sunday 12th feb from a very tearful lady she has known Sam his whole 30 yrs with her family and he had lived with her for the past 3 n half years but she felt she was no longer giving him all he needed.

He is quite a bad plucker and has been for a few years and she also seems to think he had forgotten how to talk as once was quite chatty, we have heard the odd word and a lot is said quietly under his breath
we settled him in and soon replaced his petshop seed with Tidymix and a couple brands of pellet which he is happily now eating and choosin over the seed mix.

After talkin to his previous owner and lookin at his behaviour we came to the conclusion HE is more than likely actually a SHE so Sam became Sammie.

She seems willing to except tickles through the bars from all members of our family but shows extra interest in our eldest son yet was said to hate men and actually growl at them but so far we are yet to witness this im alowed in her cage to change bowls and adjust toys without bites though she is yet to show interest in coming towards my hands to be picked up but im sure in time with patience this can be achieved.

After just over a week with Sammi i know she will make a wonderful companion bird she is pleasant and so sweet and its been a real pleasure on givin her a new chance in life xx


Angels Operation Date!

February 20th, 2012
Angels Operation Date!

Well I can hardly believe it …. Angels is going in for her 1st operation to try and make the bad leg usable tomorrow (21st February 2012).

I am so hoping that it goes well and she is given a chance to have a straighter leg and the chance to be a bit more of a normal bird and be able to use a perch…. something she has never been able to do.

Steve Smith will be doing the operation and there is some risks involved with the operation as there are with most major surgeries the operation will be very tricky and there is always that risk she might not come out of it, things can go wrong like when Steve is operating the bones may shatter but I will have everything crossed and I hope you all will too!

She has lots of you to thank for this the chance at living a much nicer life so a massive thank you to all have donated for her to have her 1st operation, all being well with this one she will need the 2nd leg done and we will be once again raising the funds for this, we already have a little head start on this so that is fantastic!

I will of course keep you updated on the topic on our forum and I will blog about it also once i have had the phone call, she will be staying over night and be home the next day all being good.

For those of you that haven’t seen Angel in the flesh here is a movie of the cheeky girl!, She really is a darling so please god let this gorgeous bird have a crack at life!!

Love Paula + Angel xx

Say Hi To Charlie!

February 20th, 2012
Say Hi To Charlie!

Charlie is a seven year old CAG, we collected him from his previous owners on Wednesday 15th February.
His previous owners loved him so much and it was a tearful goodbye, but they put his needs first and re homed him.

He is a plucker and has been plucking for roughly a year and around that time he stopped talking, he was fed on Monkey nuts, Sunflower seeds and grapes but now is in the process of being converted to pellets, we are also giving him a tiny bit of Tidymix to help him convert.
We’ve also been giving him Mash/Chop and a little bit of Palm fruit extract on toast which he’s now enjoying, he’s also getting daily essentials.

He’s a timid bird but he’s starting to come out of his shell, and has now started to talk again, he has such a cute voice.

Charlie can not fly as he was clipped as a baby, but most of his flight feathers have grown back so maybe with some practise he’ll soon be able to.

He enjoys climbing around the cage and his favourite toy seems to be his bell as he’s always ringing it…lol

He was not too keen on having a shower/misting, but is now tolerating it, I’m also misting him in the evening with Avix Soother spray to help sooth his skin with him being a plucker, he does seem to enjoy the interaction when being sprayed as I make it a “fun” game.

When out of the cage, he loves to sit on top and watch what’s going on.

I’m sure that his new forever family will be very happy with him as he loves company and attention.
He’s a real darling.


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