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2012 April

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2012 April

George’s Next Update

April 30th, 2012
George's Next Update

Well here’s for the next instalment.

George is settling down nicely. I have bought him a brand new cage and he has changed since going in. He is so much more settled and has more confidence which is lovely to see.

He is enjoying his regular daily showers and he also enjoys head tickles at bedtime and first thing in the morning from both Eve and I. He amazes me every day and he is quite a chatty little fella of an evening. He says night night, bye bye, kiss, tickle and he makes lots of different sounds and clicks. He’s started to enjoy some of his toys now and will happily munch his way through some shredder roll and he’s had a play with a pinyata from Scarletts.

He’s not done much chewing though yet, I need him to chew to try and reduce that huge beak of his! I’ve filled his new cage with perches and toys so if he decided to throw himself then he would break his fall, I don’t want him therutrt himself. He’s enjoying sitting right at the front of his cage on a new perch and he loves just looking around and watching the world go by. He does seem very happy and the shaking has really reduced which is fantastic for him. He loves treats in the way of a little White cheddar cheese, el paso nutriberries, palm oil and the odd palm nut. He’s looking great, he’s less dusty and he is coming on a treat.

He’s made our year not our day. So long as he is happy and settled and not frightened then I’m more than happy.

He’s made massive improvements from where we were two weeks ago so I’m thrilled with him.

Angus Has Spring Fever

April 28th, 2012
Angus Has Spring Fever

Angus is most definately the ‘bad boy’ of the flock. I think he must be suffering from ‘spring fever’ because he has Moments where he loves me – he tries to feed me, drops his wings and makes his baby noises then WHAM he’s trying to bite my finger off. His talking is amazing and he seems to pick new words up daily. He chats to the others now and will answer Gary with a “woof woof” when she asks him what a doggy does. He also encourages Gary to sing by telling her “opera Gary” and when she obliges he tells her “that was beautiful”

He is still arch enemies with Oscar, but they tend to ignore each other when they are out. I had to let them out separately for a while as Angus got a bit bossy and Oscar seemed scared of him, but that seems to be better now and they can all come out together again.

Despite his bossy, bitey, naughty behaviour I love him to bits and I wouldn’t be with out him.

Here are a few pics of my handsome boy.

Kato’s Story

April 28th, 2012
Kato's Story

Kato came into our family just 3 weeks ago 8th April 2012 to be exact, he joined my 1 yr old CAG Thabo who we have had from 12 weeks old, Julie and Stevie travelled down to bring us Kato I think it was about a 3.5 hour drive so big thanks to them. I am the main parront and thought it was going to be an easy job taking a rehome but my hat goes off to all the foster parronts here, Kato and I are having a few problems connecting I have new bites and had a few bloody ones too ouch!.

But steps are being made when I leave for work he shouts to me, when I take his cover off on the morning he speaks to me he will take food from my hand but I don’t forget that I have to do things his way and at the minute it is going slowly, but I am patient and hopefully the next time I write about him there will be more good news.


Coco`s Update April 2012

April 27th, 2012
Coco`s Update April 2012

Though its only been a couple weeks since i last updated i feel this past 2 weeks mine and Coco`s relationship has improved she is now letting me take her anywhere around the house via the buddy perch, so this has made simple things like a shower a lot easier for me to do instead of waiting for Karl to come and offer a hand , so just today she has been able to come in the bathroom whilst i had my soak in the bath, something the other girls do but she had been missing out on.

Every time she steps up onto the perch she offers kisses and then does her special dance she does just for me she now even gets a lot more out of cage time than she did as now i know i can get her out by myself and also return her with ease and no stress for either of us she continues to love her chewable and shredable toys and her beak now looks a normal length just like the others and just these last few days i can go into her cage to give food without her running the perches at mad speed just to come take a chunk out my flesh all in all i think we begining to become friends!

Sammi’s Forever Home.

April 26th, 2012
Sammi's Forever Home.

We have loved having Sammi come to live with us.

We adopted her back in February, though it seems like she has always been here she seemed to settle right away.

She makes us all laugh and smile so much, i love how she does her little dance and a special whistled tune each time we walk into the room,Sammi Is on Harrison pellet food and loves it she also likes toast with palm tree oil in the morning for her breakfast.

she loves having tickles so much that she has been known to fall asleep.

Sammi enjoys being out of her cage and on the floor walking around exploring and playing, She is still plucking her feathers but is no worse than when she came a few months ago, and with such a sweet nature and personality i seem to now look past her lack of feathers!

She has just had a new cage and seams to love all the extra room she has to play and stretch her wings. she is such a delight and i feel honoured to have been chosen to give her a forever home xx

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