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2012 May

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2012 May

Topsy’s Update.

May 31st, 2012
Topsy's Update.

Well Topsy has been out in the garden in her cage enjoying thesun and fresh air.

She has settled in really well and becoming more vocal since she first came.

Her diet is of pellets veg fruit and pulses and she also loves a bit palm oil and toast for her breakfast.

She is not a flier but loves coming out of her cage to stretch her wings


Apologies For My Absence.

May 30th, 2012
Apologies For My Absence.

Well, thats it, Bailey has been with me for a whole year now and my how the time has really flown by. (yes yes, pun intended)
I have loved having her here in my life and haven’t ever regretted re-homing her for one second.
Bailey is an absolute delight and joy to behold and is forever entertaining with her singing, calling out, answering the phone, making animal noises etc… It seems like almost everyday she has learnt a new word, phrase or noise and I’m constantly amazed.
She answers the phone, sings the Eastenders theme,, call out for you with a cheery ‘yoooohoooo!’ asks you ‘what’s the matter with you then?’ and shouts at characters on TV.

Bailey is 3 years old and is such a happy, contented bird. She never seems to get the hump and she rarely tells me off if she doesnt want to be touched.

I’m currently having the floor of my front room tiled so that she can join us in there whenever we are there. I hate leaving her in the other room and I don’t think she likes it much either.
Although she can hear us, she puts on a little show for us in the evening as if she is ‘showing off’ or reminding us that she is still there and she’s on her own!

Yep, she is an absolute delight and has already learnt to cry like our new Grandson Billie-Jo.

Neo Update.

May 27th, 2012
Neo Update.

Hi all,

Been a while since I updated on Neo he is doing well, do you like Neo’s new playstand?

Coco May 2012

May 24th, 2012
Coco May 2012

Though my last update on coco wasn’t so long ago I just had to say how pleased I am with her!

Karl is her chosen one but she stil is a little stubborn for him when he wants her to step up out of her cage, she wont bite him but she just refuses, there’s no way no how he can get her to do it he has to wait for her to come out by herself.

So me beinG me i just had to test the “coco stick” (buddy perch) and see if i could get her out the cage as welL as put her back
and guess what ?? SHE DID IT :)

So now Coco gets loads more time out the cage as befor if i let her out whilst karl wasn`t around she would come out and run under her cage and then I couldn’t entice her out well if i wanted to keep my fingers that is!!

Coco was hatched 19yrs ago this month (may) and not knowing a exact date we have decided she can share mine and peach`s(one of my other greys) birthdays.

Coco is my little destroyer so im sure come her birthday she wil apreciate a good shredable toy , until then i wil continue amusing her and the rest with anything they can destroy with pleasure

Busby Being Helpful

May 23rd, 2012
Busby Being Helpful

Well as the weather was so nice outside yesterday I thought it would be a good time to go outside and do some weeding! Now when I say some, the whole garden has gone way overgrown after all the rain we have had.

So Busby came out to keep me company while I was weeding he loves nothing more than to sit and watch me busy out in the garden he will sit anywhere I put him he favourite spots are on the back of one of our patio chairs or he likes to sit on the Java tree we have in the garden.

I took him over to see our Blue Fronted Amazons Kerry and Jerry he was really interested in them, Only Jerry was out as Kerry was in her nest box sitting tight on some eggs which should hatch any time soon.

Here are some photos of him enjoying his time out in the garden.

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > 2012 May | You are here