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2012 June

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2012 June

The Lovely Luckie’s Progress x

June 21st, 2012
The Lovely Luckie's Progress x

Well here we are 3 months in with luckie.She has settled so well into our famliy routine.When the sun is out ( which is not very often ) we put her cage in the garden where she sits with us singing and talking.

We have two places for her in our sitting room.In the daytime she is next to our patio doors and in the evening we move her to the other side of the room where she enjoys the telly with me.

Her party trick is opening my can of 7 up and also a can of beer.She counts to ten with my children and also sings the eastenders theme tune.

This weekend i have just treated her to loads of new toys for her cage which she is really enjoying.

She seems a very happy lady and we all love her dearly. X


Buster In Love!

June 18th, 2012
Buster In Love!

Well it has been a while since I have updated on Buster have had loads going on and also we had a much needed week away with the kids to Mallorca which was lovely.

So as we was going away our fab neighbour who pops in and feeds and keeps our parrots company looked after all our parrots, I was a little worried about Buster as even though our neighbours feed and look after our parrots to make sure they are happy Buster craves LOTS of attention and to be out nearly all day/evening I thought it best that I take him over to our lovely foster lady who foster’s rescue greys for us when we are full or if they need extra special attention or to be brought round from biting ect.

She is local to me and already has 2 greys of her own, Poppy an 18 month old girl grey she brought from a hand reared baby, and Cookie a rescue she rehomed from us a few years ago, as she is home all day long most days I thought Buster would be better off with her as she can have him out 24/7.

I dropped him off a week before we went away so I could keep an eye on how he is doing, he still was picking at his scabby patch causing it to bleed a little but nothing major like he use to do, it seems it clears right up then for some reason he will just pick at it make it bleed again and we start all over again, so I wanted to be sure the move didn’t upset him before I went, well I don’t know what I was worried about he bonded straight with Angela and not just her… she was able to handle him, stroke him straight away and he has been chatting away to her, I took round a fleece soft collar to hers before I went as I was planning on trying him with it as I think the patch heals then gets very itchy and that is when he picks it, I think if he cant get access to pick it then it will heal and once it is not itchy I am hoping it will break the cycle.

Well on return of my holiday Angela told me that not only does Buster love her but he is also falling in love with her female grey Poppy :) He has the collar on also and is doing well with it on.

So now we are in 2 minds what to do, as he is so happy there and in love we are thinking we don’t really want to move him again as he has settled in so well and is very happy and in Love, and Angela loves him to bits and has offered to give him a loving forever home which is great for him.

Here is a photo of him with his Warm comfy collar on

Say Hi To Hollie

June 15th, 2012
Say Hi To Hollie

Hollie is 16 years old, she is very light grey, fully feathered and absolutely gorgeous, she lets us both give her head tickles but when Stevie is home she’s all him and ignores me lol.

Hollie is not a talker, but she does have some lovely whistles and sounds.

We have been told that Hollie is a bit of a screecher, but so far we have not found this, she makes the usual noises that you expect from a Parrot and she is not any louder than my own four lol.

She came from a lovely couple who sadly need her to be re homed.
They do come on site and mentioned all my birdies by name, loved the pics I post etc which put them at ease knowing that they were doing the right thing by handing Hollie over to the AGPC.

We have converted Hollie on to AnimalZone Fruit Blend Pellets as she was on a poor diet.
She now also enjoys veg, toast with a bit of Palm Fruit Extract on and a bit of Apple, we are also trying her on other safe fruits.

They did ask if we would keep her, but we had to sadly decline.

The cage she came with is very small and is of no use, so she will need a new cage when she moves to her forever home.

Hollie also has a crop infection, after consulting my Avian Vet we got her the correct medication, and now she’s on the mend, she should be fully recovered within a week, so she will be fit and healthy and ready to move to a forever home by the end of next week, which will be great for her as she would of been with us for 3 weeks by then.

She’s covered at night and sleeps very well, she is a very happy birdie, but understandably a bit nervous, when she’s nervous she does bite her nails, but this will pass as it’s calmed down lots since she’s got used to us here.

Who ever gets her will be very lucky to have her as a companion.


Rosie’s Results

June 14th, 2012
Rosie's Results

Just a small update on Rosie, she went to the vets for a full check up and blood work done.

And we got the all clear for her.

Rosie came to us with Airsacculitis, but this has now been sorted and she’s now in great health. We as you can imagine are over the moon as this is something that can be hard to sort out due to it being in the air sacs as well as the lungs.


Rosie is still getting on well with Frodo and Bilbo, and we now have another birdie added to our Hobbit flock, we have re homed Charlee Chica (was Charlie Boy) but name change due to finding out he’s a she lol

Rosie and Charlee Chica are getting on very well, so that’s nice that the girls are happy together.




Charlie Boy Becomes Charlee Chica Baggins!

June 12th, 2012
Charlie Boy Becomes Charlee Chica Baggins!

That’s right a name change, why you may ask, well we have been waiting on the results from the blood tests that were done, one of the tests were DNA and they’ve come back as being a female, so really Charlie Boy was not what we wanted.

So Stevie and I have been sat here chatting about Charlie and have decided to change her name to keep with the Lord of The Rings theme.

So now Charlie is CharleeChica Baggins, she was the wife of Bingo Baggins and mother of Falco Chubb-Baggins.

It just had to be done as we’re very big fans of Lord of The Rings and now she really is a Hobbit :)

Also we found out that Charlee Chica is vitamin A deficient, but that is something easy to rectify as it’s down to diet and that’s something we’ve been working with her since she came.

All in all, everything is going great and she’s getting on well with our other three Hobbits, Frodo, Bilbo and Rosie.



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